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    Today, 02:30 AM
    Get the Sheep to attack each other, then and only then are the Tyrants safe from those they crush under their boot heels.
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    Yesterday, 10:38 PM
    MSM Begs For Trust After Buzzfeed Debacle Following what the Washington Post has described as “the highest-profile misstep yet for a news organization during a period of heightened and intense scrutiny of the press,” mass media representatives are now flailing desperately for an argument as to why people should continue to place their trust in mainstream news outlets. … the print New York Times covered the Buzzfeed report on its front page when the story broke, but the report on Mueller’s correction the next day was shoved back to page 11. This appalling journalistic malpractice makes it very funny that NYT’s Wajahat Ali had the gall to tweet, “Unlike the Trump administration, journalists are fact checking and willing to correct the record if the Buzzfeed story is found inaccurate. Not really the actions of a deep state and enemy of the people, right?” This is the behavior of a media class that is interested in selling narratives, not reporting truth. And yet the mass media talking heads are all telling us today that we must continue to trust them. … “The larger message that a lot of people are going to take from this story is that the news media are a bunch of leftist liars who are dying to get the president, and they’re willing to lie to do it, …” said Jeffrey Toobin on a CNN panel, … “It does reinforce bad stereotypes about the news media,” said Brian Stelter on the same CNN panel. …
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:09 PM
    Half the problem is how much they charge just for replacement razors too. I know its slightly off topic, but who the hell in their right mind isnt gonna switch to another brand when they jack up the prices from like $2 per razor to $40 bucks?
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  • AZJoe's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:55 PM
    CNN/MSNBC's grossly negligent smear campaign and NPV mob incitement resulted in Covington High School cancelling school today for safety reason.
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  • Suzanimal's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:50 PM
    Don't screw up - I almost lost an eye.
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  • AZJoe's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:50 PM
    Another great job done by Tucker Carlson:
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  • Suzanimal's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:47 PM
    camel toe
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    Yesterday, 09:08 PM
    Shocked that Zippy didn't post this!
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    Yesterday, 08:50 PM
    5G, Huawei and Us — The U.S. Hates Competition - TOM LUONGO The Trump administration is preparing an executive order that could significantly restrict Chinese state-owned telecom companies from operating in the U.S. over national security concerns, according to people familiar with the matter. … As always with statements in stories planted in major U.S. media houses like these what isn’t said is more important than what is said. There are two major bones of contention with Huawei from the U.S. government’s perspective. First is that Huawei is way ahead of everyone else in 5G technology. They have the only end-to-end technology stack in the industry. Turnkey 5G networks from antennas and chips to the power stations needed to operate them. Simply peruse their website … All across the “Five Eyes” countries we have seen announcement after announcement of their banning Huawei 5G equipment from their networks. This is as much economic protectionism as it is about ‘national security.’
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  • AZJoe's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:26 PM
    This month marks 28 years of continuous Washington aggression against Iraq.
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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:23 PM
    Sadly, "need" has nothing to do with it. Lawmakers gonna make laws. That is their raison d'être. Once the (relatively very few) laws that are actually needed have been "made", things can only go downhill from there ... You can't have both liberty and a legislature. They simply do not mix.
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    Yesterday, 08:11 PM
    AZJoe replied to a thread Target: Gaza in World News & Affairs
    Israeli Election Ad Brags of Bombing Gaza Concentration Zone into the Stone Age.
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  • AZJoe's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:03 PM
    Mexico sets new homicide record for 2018.
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  • AZJoe's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:27 PM
    Pretty good explanation. The self-proclaimed "Black Hebrew Israelites" showed themselves as insane, semi-retarded lunatics.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:40 PM
    Both sides of this are being manipulated. We are aware that the Image of Traditional Men is under attack. It causes Feminists to attack ANY man, not just those that show Traditional Male behavior. The Ad in and of itself is only representative of "Triggering" the males to have just as much disdain toward women, because that is useful to the elite. Take a group of honest traditional men. They have families, homes, work, and love what they have. If those same men are reduced to breeding machines then turn their own families and homes against them, they will abandon an abusive exploitative manipulative home than a man that has a loving home and a purpose in life. Basically, its a continued effort of the destruction of the WHOLE FAMILY, not just Men or Women, traditional or otherwise. They WANT violence, and they WANT abandonment. Isolated people are much easier to manipulate and control than those without. The Ad itself is a reflection of the persons mind that created the video, not the true nature of Traditional Masculinity, but rather how the person that produced the ad feels about Traditional Masculinity, if that makes any sense...
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:32 PM
    Then you would go to jail. I'd support your actions, but schools are preparation for a life of servitude, which is why they are mandatory. BELIEF MONEY VIOLENCE Schools are the first step toward managing the Belief system of entire population, another reason why they are mandatory. If you dont comply with their demands, and the very idea THEY own your kids, then you will either be fined (MONEY), or they will send their Brute Squads and imprison you, which is nothing short of VIOLENCE. The Laws are written to uphold that paradigm. Schools also teach that kind of behavior. Teachers bully the students, then students bully other students. Then they act all surprised when the kids do only what they have been taught. Schools destroy intelligence, so you would be absolutely right to pull / keep your kid(s) out of them.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:28 PM
    No Taxation without Representation! Well, so much for that. It doesnt matter the subject, about 30% of the bills are passed, regardless if either 0% or 100% of the people support or do not support the bill. That is until, wait for it, the top 0.1% speak their voices. Congress only votes the way the Rich Thieves tell them to vote. Now it stands to reason the way the rich got rich was by stealing from the poor. So they benefit from the existence of the Federal Reserve Bank which steals for them on their behalf, from us.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:58 PM
    If the phone rings, dont answer the Clothing Iron.
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  • DamianTV's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:53 PM
    If people really valued Freedom, they would ALL come to the defense of anyone who is trying to express their opinion in a non violent and respectful way. But they dont, and those same people do not actually value Freedom. They are almost all taught that the only solution is to Cookie Cutter everyone, and fear hate and despite anyone who is not exactly like them. The more different people are from each other, the stronger they feel about rejecting that person. A Real Libertarian would defend the thing said they do not agree with, because that person has a Right to say it. What is happening on both sides is basically a Schism. Its taken on Religious proportions. "If you are not just like me, then you are the enemy". Thus, its no longer cumulative major differences that cause fights, its the little ones, and Politics is Little. We have zero choice of who our parents are. We had zero choice to be taught to think in school, or to be taught to worship govt like a God. What we do have a choice in is the way we treat others, and what we think. Do we support the expression of different opinions, or do we not? Do we make every effort to hold the High Criminals accountable for their crimes, or do we not? That same statement applies to the people in Law Enforcement as well. Will we forgive the kid for being out 5 minutes after curfew or do we not? Do we make efforts to remove the Thieves in office from power or do we let them stay in power and invite more of their criminal friends to steal whats left from the 99%?
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  • Suzanimal's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:18 PM
    See ya on the other side.
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  • Dr.3D's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:31 PM
    Yes, even my own son thinks a MAGA hat is a label for 'racist.' I think its one of the symptoms of TDS.
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  • luctor-et-emergo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:54 PM
    Since it's the government I actually wouldn't mind such a policy.
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  • AZJoe's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:21 PM
    Hilarious Updated narrative for Gillette's Ad.
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  • AZJoe's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:20 PM
    I think Gillette's epic marketing failure is that Gillette equated objectification, bullying and aggressive violence as masculinity - that masculinity is "toxic". The normal concept of masculinity is the opposite - provider, protector, father, reliable, hard worker, rationale, maturity, loyalty, family, etc. Of course it would backfire. The Gillette folks were complete idiots. Imagine if they a company did an ad campaign that said beware toxic feminity and equated femininity with gossiping, mean girls, clicks, obsessing over makeup, bad driving, obsessed with finding rich Mr. Alpha, gold digging, compulsive shopping, spending hours in the bathroom, etc. - Gillette would be buried alive in days with such a reciprocal ad campaign.
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  • AZJoe's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:42 PM
    Peter Schiff has a great podcast on the event and the Media's intentional agenda drive smear campaign:
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  • Suzanimal's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:42 PM
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  • Dr.3D's Avatar
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  • Dr.3D's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:16 PM
    Well, I'm still trying to figure out how or freedoms got over there in the first place.
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  • Danke's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:50 PM
    Make government workers even lazier? Impossible.
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