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    Today, 02:40 AM
    Isaiah 40:31 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.
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    Yesterday, 08:28 PM
    THREAD: Trump Bans Bump Stocks
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    Yesterday, 08:24 PM
    You see, if the law is clear, then people might know what it is. And if people know what the law is, then they might try to get around it. So to prevent that, the law needs to be vague and inscrutable to anyone who isn't a government bureaucrat. That way, government bureaucrats will be free to decide if and when to apply it "on a case-by-case basis".
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    Yesterday, 08:13 PM They're coping and seething and seething and coping ... The Group Helping the Supreme Court Rewrite America’s Gun Laws Is Worse Than the NRA {Dahlia Lithwick & Mark Joseph Stern | 15 June 2024}
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    Yesterday, 07:50 PM
    "The opinion was written by Justice Thomas" :cool:
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    Yesterday, 07:24 PM
    Corrupt "Super Mayor" ATTACKS Children {Actual Justice Warrior | 15 June 2024} In this video I discuss the "Super Mayor" taking revenge on the Park's District that she has had a long standing dispute with. Sources: Local Segment On Auto Show: New Segment:
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    Yesterday, 06:48 PM
    Jones' willful disobedience of court orders may justify the making of a default judgement against him, but it doesn't justify the egregious degree of the damages awarded after that default judgement was rendered (especially if they end up including Jones' social media accounts - see below). And in any case, whatever the degree of damages (whether egregious or not), they are supposed to represent liability incurred for defamation, not liability incurred for disobeying the court (which liability was already accounted for in the making of the default adverse judgement). So, no - any egregiousness of the awarded damages is not warranted by Jones' disobedience, the proper remedy for which, depending on the kind and manner of disobedience, is something along the lines of "contempt of court" or, in the limit, adverse judgement by default (which is what happened in this case). If they are so concerned about recovering damages from Jones, then why are they trying to deprive Jones of his ability to "promote new business ventures"? It makes absolutely no sense to seek to recover damages by imposing conditions that are explicitly specified to be for the purpose of delimiting Jones' ability to exercise a means of earning the resources required to be able to pay those damages. Pray tell, how does deliberately impairing Jones' ability to "promote new business ventures" redound to the benefit of the plaintiffs or of their chances of recovering damages? And of what possible value are Jones' social media accounts, anyway, if they are no longer owned or controlled by Jones? I wouldn't be surprised if just the mundane and routine legal costs involved in depriving Jones of ownership and transferring it to someone else are more than the accounts are even worth without Jones behind them. Such a process appears to be aimed, not at compensating the plaintiffs for damages, but at applying a surreptitious kind of "prior restraint" by impeding or preventing the defendant's ability to publish anything at all (including things having nothing at all to do with the original defamation). It's like suing an old-fashioned newspaper for defamation, and then, after winning the suit, demanding that ownership of the newspaper be granted to the plaintiffs (or the state) in order to "deplatform" the publisher. But at least in the case of an old-fashioned newspaper, the physical plant of the newspaper would at least continue to be worth something significant even if ownership was seized and transferred. That is not the case for Jones' social media accounts, the seizure of which seems to be motivated by the desire to punitively silence him, and little or nothing more (it certainly won't serve to help make the plaintiffs whole in any significant way). And what is to happen if, after seizing Jones' social media accounts, Jones simply creates new ones (which will, of course, end up being more valuable than the seized ones, by virtue of the fact that they will be Jones')? Are such new accounts then to be seized as well, under the same justifications? If not, then what is the point of having seized his previous accounts (which would now be of little if any value)? If so (which seems must be the case, if the justifications for the previous seizures are to be accepted), then how would that not dovetail perfectly with the claim that "hey won't stop until Jones' 1st Amendment rights are taken away" (your reply to which is still a non sequitur), whether one actually believes that claim or not? Jones being held liable for defamation does not in any way obviate (and is not mutually exclusive of) a deliberate attempt to exploit that holding of liability as a means of squelching Jones (especially given the feds' self-admitted proclivity for "nudging" things in the direction they desire).
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    Yesterday, 10:41 AM
    “You must spread some Reputation around …” You struck a chord here, brother.
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    Yesterday, 02:58 AM
    Psalm 62:2 He only is my rock and my salvation; he is my defence; I shall not be greatly moved.
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    06-15-2024, 04:39 PM Full article at link. --- The only way the Decepti-crats can win is to STEAL elections by BREAKING THE FUCKING LAW.
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    06-15-2024, 09:58 AM
    Who said there was? :confused: Such statements do nothing to substantively rebut the claim that "they won't stop until Jones' 1st Amendment rights are taken away". On the contrary, the fact that they are seeking to seize Jones' social media accounts - despite and in addition to the fact that Jones has already been adjudicated liable for defamation (and egregiously so, at that) - indicates that they indeed "won't stop won't stop until Jones' 1st Amendment rights are taken away". That the article referenced in the OP explicitly states that "the families on Wednesday asked a U.S. bankruptcy judge in Houston, Texas, to additionally take control of Jones' account and prevent Jones from using it to promote new business ventures" (bold emphasis added) only serves to reinforce that indication (especially given that Jones is unlikely ever to discharge even a significant fraction of his adjudicated liability if his ability to "promote new business ventures" is impaired).
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    06-15-2024, 09:34 AM
    If he didn't make the difference and they were going to win anyway, then what do they owe him a favor for?
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    06-15-2024, 02:38 AM
    Psalm 31:1 In thee, O Lord, do I put my trust; let me never be ashamed: deliver me in thy righteousness.
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    06-15-2024, 12:40 AM
    THREAD: Rand condems Trump conviction in letter to Garland
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    06-15-2024, 12:38 AM
    THREAD: Massie Discusses Trump Trial and Congressional Hush Money
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    06-15-2024, 12:34 AM
    Another genius Chicago Democrat presents another way to "tackle violent crime" - just don't tell anyone when violent crimes happen:
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    06-15-2024, 12:31 AM
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    06-15-2024, 12:31 AM
    Ana Kasparian DESTROYS Democrat For Hiding Crime {Actual Justice Warrior | 13 June 2024} In this video I discuss a recent TYT segment where Ana Kasparian calls out a Chicago Alderwoman for deciding to cover up increasing crime rather than address the problems in her ward. Sources: Original TYT Video: Brutalist Architecture Problems:
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    06-15-2024, 12:22 AM
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    06-15-2024, 12:22 AM
    Democrats Make Disrespecting Pride A FELONY {Actual Justice Warrior | 14 June 2024} In this video I explain how vandals are doing minor bits of damage to symbols of gay pride across the nation & that is leading to major felony charges & law changes like we didn't see during the BLM riots. Sources: Florida Segment 1: Florida Segment 2:
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    06-15-2024, 12:14 AM
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    06-15-2024, 12:14 AM
    Chicago Mayor CAUGHT Misusing Campaign Funds {Actual Justice Warrior | 14 June 2024} In this video I discuss the recent reports that Brandon Johnson has spent well over $30,000 on hair & makeup in a little of a year as a candidate for & mayor of Chicago. All of which was expensed to the campaign. By contrast Lori Lightfoot only spent $8,000 on hair & makeup in 4+ years as a candidate & as mayor. Sources: Brandon Johnson Plays Race Card: Local News Segment:
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    06-14-2024, 11:56 PM
    The school finally gets justice {Decoy Voice | 14 June 2024} UCLA has been taken over by protestors for the third or forth time, it's hard to keep track of it. But it appears Campus PD, LAPD, and CHP have finally been able to take back the school. But will it make a difference this time?
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    06-14-2024, 11:43 PM
    CLIP from SYSTEM UPDATE #283: Right-Wing TikTok Star John McEntee on TikTok Ban, the Trump Administration, and More {Glenn Greenwald | 14 June 2024} v4za9u6
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    06-14-2024, 11:43 PM
    CLIP from SYSTEM UPDATE #283: Russian Warships in Cuba as U.S. Funds Azov Brigade & War Escalates: Author Lev Golinkin Explains {Glenn Greenwald | 14 June 2024} v4z9fw1 CLIP from SYSTEM UPDATE #282:
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    06-14-2024, 11:25 PM
    Angela McArdle on the Future of the LP I TWS #2504 The Tom Woods Show: Episode 2504 {TomWoodsTV | 13 June 2024} With much frustration over the 2024 Libertarian Party nominee, where does the Libertarian Party go from here? Chair Angela McArdle joins us. Guest's Website: Libertarian Party Guest's Patreon:
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    06-14-2024, 11:22 PM
    Vivek Ramaswamy on the Stakes in 2024 I TWS #2505 The Tom Woods Show: Episode 2505 {TomWoodsTV | 14 June 2024} Vivek returns to the show to discuss his plan for a floundering BuzzFeed as well as the urgency of fending off the left in 2024. @TomWoodsTV:e/vivek-ramaswamy-on-the-stakes-in-2024-i:d
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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    06-14-2024, 11:10 PM
    It also affords them the opportunity to say, "See? We prosecuted and convicted Hunter Biden for some stuff - now shut about him and move along. There's nothing more to see here!"
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