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    Yesterday, 11:15 PM
    Moving a church from buffalo to georgia sounds crazy . Almost like govt spending other peoples money .LOL
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    Yesterday, 11:09 PM
    That did not stop the Democrats from burning women and children at Waco .
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    Yesterday, 10:54 PM
    lulz :D I'm a #fitnessnerd and #athlete...can't help it, bro. ~hugs~
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    Yesterday, 09:58 PM
    Agree with his asessment of the BT diet, but his vegan bias shows in the second half. Real nutrition science has long dispelled with the myths he's perpetuating about fats and specific foods.
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    Yesterday, 09:38 PM
    That is an interesting take . Even greater reason to remove govt from such things .
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    Yesterday, 09:32 PM
    Looks like a pretty good deal for the price .
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    Yesterday, 09:25 PM
    Classic Fred on evolution Republicanguy Fredwin On Evolution Very Long, Will Bore Hell Out Of Most People, But I Felt Like Doing It March 7, 2005 I was about fifteen when I began to think about evolution. I was then just discovering the sciences systematically, and took them as what they offered themselves to be, a realm of reason and dispassionate regard for truth. There was a hard-edged clarity to them that I liked. You got real answers. Since evolution depended on such sciences as chemistry, I regarded it as also being a science. The question of the origin of life interested me. The evolutionary explanations that I encountered in textbooks of biology seemed a trifle weak, however. They ran to, “In primeval seas, evaporation concentrated dissolved compounds in a pore in a rock, a skim formed a membrane, and life began its immense journey.” I saw no reason to doubt this. If it hadn’t been true, scientists would not have said that it was. Remember, I was fifteen. In those days I read Scientific American and New Scientist, the latter then still being thoughtfully written in good English. I noticed that not infrequently they offered differing speculations as to the origin of life. The belief in the instrumentality of chemical accident was constant, but the nature of the primeval soup changed to fit varying attempts at explanation. For a while, life was thought to have come about on clay in shallow water in seas of a particular composition, later in tidal pools with another chemical solution, then in the open ocean in another solution. This continues. Recently, geothermal vents have been offered as the home of the first life. Today (Feb 24, 2005) on the BBC website, I learn that life evolved below the oceanic floor. (“There is evidence that life evolved in the deep sediments," co-author John Parkes, of Cardiff University, UK, told the BBC News website.”) The frequent shifting of ground bothered me. If we knew how life began, why did we have so many prospective mechanisms, none of which really worked? Evolution began to look like a theory in search of a soup. Forty-five years later, it still does.
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    Yesterday, 09:22 PM
    Crank theories of science, politics, and philosophy. By itself, it doesn't necessarily. In conjunction Leninism it does. Secularism in Murica begot an ultra-violent, bankrupt miltaristic empire and police state.
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    Yesterday, 09:18 PM
    “The question of whether there exists a Creator and Ruler of the Universe has been answered in the affirmative by some of the highest intellects that have ever existed.” –Charles Darwin, the founder of evolutionary biology, as cited in his book Descent of Man. “A scientific discovery is also a religious discovery. There is no conflict between science and religion. Our knowledge of God is made larger with every discovery we make about the world.” –Joseph H. Taylor, Jr., who received the 1993 Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery of the first known binary pulsar, and for his work which supported the Big Bang theory of the creation of the universe. . “The more I study science, the more I believe in God.” –Albert Einstein
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    Yesterday, 09:14 PM
    Looking at Price / Earnings a correction is due anytime which is not good news .
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    Yesterday, 09:09 PM
    Why are 19th and early 20th century myths better than Bronze Age myths?
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    Yesterday, 09:07 PM
    Someone forgot to take a basic Western Civilization class before spouting off. :D
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    Yesterday, 08:20 PM
    I try and keep it clean here .
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    Yesterday, 05:46 PM
    3 years. 3 FUCKING years it took for the system to finally drop charges against this man and not because he was innocent. No justice. Elderly Deaf Man Beaten by Cops for 7 Minutes for Not Responding to Their Yelling http://thefreethoughtproject.com/elderly-deaf-man-beaten-charges-dropped/
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    Yesterday, 05:36 PM
    Well , all deficits are huge . What if it was still just the same or slightly better ? In 2015 I think it was nearly a half TRILLION ( 440 Billion ) . This is where you get to start as Pres elect .
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