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    10-05-2021, 12:48 PM
    afwjam replied to a thread Coalition in Grassroots Central
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    10-04-2021, 11:30 AM
    afwjam replied to a thread Coalition in Grassroots Central
    Our coalition ranges from libertarians/paleo conservatives all the way to crystal wearing hippies now. I believe they all have to come over to the MAGA GOP to find a home. The authoritarian neocon/democrat regime has declared war on a majority of the population and people can see that and understand what is at stake. I believe the Ron Paul people have a lot to offer on the ground, they already are taking advantage in places like NH. Time for us to infiltrate the GOP again with our MAGA friends and take the party back. The MAGA guys are doing it with or without us. We can figure out borders and trade later. Right now itís a battle of the old school freedom of the 90ís 😂 vs 1984.
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    09-29-2021, 11:30 AM
    afwjam replied to a thread Coalition in Grassroots Central
    The thing I was wrong about was Trump, not necessarily the man himself, although Iíve come to appreciate him on a couple issues. Whatís happened though is his supporters are a lot closer to the Ron Paul position then any mainstream political candidate before and I mean a lot close and a lot of supporters. In fact his supporters love Dr. Paul and his ideas the way they love their grandfathers who fought in the war and their ideas. In this way I think Trump has helped to accomplish what Dr. Paul started with taking over the GOP from the inside. Itís still in process and their are a lot of issues in general that donít jive but even I am starting to see the compromises that need to be made in order to have our coalition for the coming battle. I know itís coming, I know this is the most important fight in generations and I think we need to start working out the details for how our wing of the Liberty movement fits into this big picture. Itís going to be messy, but that is human nature and history.
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    09-25-2021, 01:30 PM
    afwjam started a thread Coalition in Grassroots Central
    Are you guys open to growing our Coalition? It seems to me we have a lot of allies these days. As groups grow they become more generalized, broader in nature and a little messy. Iíve learned this is human nature and history. I wish we could change this country with a pure Liberty coalition but thatís not possible, when has something similar ever happened in human history? It seems to me that we are facing a much larger global battle at this point between freedom and authoritarian control of everything. In this battle we need allies and I think in this country we have them, in fact I believe this coalition is the majority. Iíve got more but wanted to get the conversation going and get you guys thoughts and input.
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    09-24-2021, 10:11 PM
    Absolutely. He started the coalition that has grown beyond imagination. Grandfather of the tea party as they say. The trump people love Dr. Paul. The perfect libertarian ideal as a political takeover was never going to happen, thatís human nature and history. Change is messy and thereís a lot ahead of us, but he planted the seed. People are tuning out of tv, Hollywood, news, sports, itís all dying as people check back into reality. This vaccine push has pulled together a coalition I never thought possible. The fight is yet to come but itís coming and we are the majority. God bless Dr Paul I give him credit for waking me up and reminding me what it means to be a Patriot and love ďAmericaĒ
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    09-24-2021, 08:46 PM
    Funny I watched the presentation in the Arizona senate and just now was watching for my wife on the local news. They ran a piece from CBS on the audit and it was straight propaganda, exact opposite of what the audit presented. I was dumbfounded and reminded why I donít watch the news but even more terrified that people trust them. Clearly Trump won Arizona and the audit found lots and lots of fraud including capturing a video of the guy logging into the voting computers and deleting evidence the day before the audit.
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    09-24-2021, 07:31 PM
    Ps there are more Ron Paul supporters on the .wins then here and they clearly understand that the democrats and republicans are our enemy and working together. Check it out.
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    09-24-2021, 07:22 PM
    I was no big trump fan though I supported him when he said and did the right things. I appreciated his outspoken nature and ability to piss off all the right people. Maybe itís a trap. However he clearly won, the democrats and Republican establishment perpetrated the fraud and continue to cover for it. This issue along with the vaccine issue is creating a Coalition Dr Paul could have only dreamed of, even nicki Minaj is questioning the government now. I get the anarchy/libertarian fuck it all perspective, but this idealism and purity got us nowhere before. We are going places now with our new coalition, something is happening and people are starting to question the government. Somehow trump furthered our cause and I certainly would be happier with him in the whitehouse now instead of Biden who is far worse, but maybe this was necessary for us to make the gains we have. I support the audits, transparency is a good thing. It can only help us.
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