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    Today, 01:25 AM
    As I said in my other post, the people who read your posts will know if I was lying or not about you sounding exactly like a Bernie Bro typically found on reddit's r/socialism and r/communism. The more of these Bernie tops polls or Rogan loves Bernie threads that pop up, the more you are exposing yourself. Also, Trump just nominated a big time activist pro gold sound money for FED governor. So you keep talking about how you want to vote for Bernie for the lols.
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    Today, 01:18 AM
    You know its funny we have people on this forum arguing for free trade and we also have people will also argue that free trade from westerners like USA and UK is not allowed because something something colonizer, something something empire. So WTF do you all want? In response to protectionism vs free trade. Being in the literal trade business between US and China, I can tell you all that the tariffs they put on the US were sky high way before Trump came into office. Something as simple as US beverages would be 30-50%, US cars would be 100%+. He didn't start the trade war, he responded to it, only newbs that trust MSM think that Trump initiated an aggressive trade war with poor commie China. Now if the outcome of his response is lower tariffs for both sides, was he right or wrong to retaliate? I can say that he was wrong about the trade imbalance, you don't need trade to be balanced, you only need equal access, of course if both sides agree to it. And according to the US/China phase 1 deal, both sides appear to have feel like they got a good deal and signed the dotted line. WTF else do you want?
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    Today, 01:03 AM
    The only two people I see here defending Comrade Sanders are juleswin polomertz. Hey you guys are the diehard comrades willing to do Mao's work. Honestly, I think we should be giving out the most beautiful red badges to signify those who have pledged the hardest fealty Chairman Sanders. But despite our fellow red guards pushing hard for the Bernz, Ron Paul would never in his life vote for a known communist. How out of touch do you have to be to get that one wrong? Bueller??? As for Regressive Rogan, he's not "controlled" as some here care to think. He is a meathead comedian that doesn't get deep into philosophical issues, he judges issues based on what he deems as reasonable and logical given that he doesn't have any firm principles as a foundation. He's supported Ron Paul, full throat, in the past so that means he is salvageable as long as he's presented a reasonable argument from the other side. I've seen episodes where leftists/hipsters pushed hard for UBI and its easy to say and have the feelz for poor people that need help, its another to break down the consequences of such actions and TBH, nobody cares about kicking the can down the road to do gods-work-type-things like "save the poor" and "save the environment", especially to somebody with money like Rogan who is probably making something like half a million dollars to talk 2-6 hours a day. Nobody that has been on his show has hit the counter arguments for UBI and free college/healthcare in a reasonable manner so he obviously doesn't think its an issue. Stefan Molyneux, one of the few that can articulate the positions properly has been on Rogan's show a few times in the past, but hes never tried to convince Joe of anything political, and I don't think he'll be back on in the near future.
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    Yesterday, 03:54 PM
    Sad to see the Regression of Rogan, if anybody here remembers, he was a hard Ron Paul supporter, even seeking out a Ron Paul t-shirt to wear on Jay Leno show. Rogan repeatedly supported free college and has drifted towards UBI as a good solution. Oh but he "loves" guns for hunting elk :rolleyes: To add to your list, I think Cardi B also endorsed him. He definitely has more than that.
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    Yesterday, 03:46 PM
    Bernie has a deep communist past, he can easily clean up the democommie primary (duh) but he is not general election tested. They will rip him to shreds, hitting him with questions of communist ties in every interview and debate question, not to mention how hard Trump will hit him with attacks and ads. Ol' Comrade Bernie will be left with an embarrassing legacy. I think Bernie would be an early Christmas gift to Trump.
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    01-18-2020, 10:48 PM
    No actually I always gave you the benefit of the doubt but your words in this thread today combined with your words in the past, led me to a certain conclusion. You have said you would vote for Bernie and tried to cover it up by saying it was "for the lols", in fact you doubled down on your Bernie vote masking it under a pretense that it would be more free market than the US. A vote for the bern is a vote for the bern no matter how you explain it and no matter how many "lols" it brings you. You have made LONG posts regarding the failures of social-commie nations as only due to western intervention, not due their own dysfunctional devices. Another communist talking point. You have tried to sell Bernie's communism as soft democratic socialism with a heavy welfare state offset by a marketplace freer than the US. Another social-commie talking point for the masses. On top of all that, now you're trying to convince that just because ol' Bernie possibly has not sponsored corporate takeovers by the government, that his hands are clean despite all of his affiliations. He knows very well (something you have no clue about) that coming out the closet will hurt his political career so he cloaks himself as an independent and pretends to be a soft-socialist.
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    01-18-2020, 06:46 PM
    Only a true Bernie Bro believer would continue to dissect minutiae like this after I've already given you proof of Bernie's Communist past. Yet you just keep trying to find a way to weasel out of it. Look, - You've already stated you would vote for Bernie - Also tried to sell Bernie's positions as Scandinavia's version of cute small town socialism. - You're well known on RPF to praise Venezuela, Cuba and other social-commie nations that their systems work but don't only due to US intervention.
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    01-18-2020, 06:39 PM
    Lol people here still think Bernie is just an innocent Scandinavian democratic socialist? You just uninformed of his entire history painted in red? His exposed followers only continue to confirm that Bernie is a commie *says every Bernie Bro*
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    01-18-2020, 03:22 PM
    In 2017 I made a thread about Judy Shelton being an ally to some economic ideas Ron Paul stood for, she came up on my radar after hearing about her position as economic advisor for Trump. Now she has been nominated to be a FED Governor, a FED skeptic and big on sound money and market forces, I hope she uses her position well, if confirmed by the senate, and I suppose now is the time Rand can cash in some chips with McConnell. More from Shelton Shelton on Trump policies and Gold Standard
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    01-17-2020, 09:37 PM
    Here is a lesson on how to respond to somebody you just quoted. My points were so meaningless but you found it necessary to quote me, twice? Well that sure says a lot about how much you value yourself. You are more than welcome to rebut any statements that I made. Here is your chance to shine.... "And given Trump's tweet today, this thread has not aged well."
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    01-17-2020, 09:22 PM
    Isn't it interesting how these Trump/Epstein relation threads/posts always have the group picture but always fail to mention that Trump banned Epstein from his properties. E_D and Zip will ignore this and continue to paint the "guilt by association" picture even though this entire forum shot down the guilt by association narrative originating from photos of Ron Paul with a known racist.
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  • eleganz's Avatar
    01-17-2020, 09:14 PM
    I suppose you don't comprehend things that you quote. Since you want to get into the details, this thread did not age well as it was posted 1/15 at 7pm and he tweeted 1/17 at 2pm. Run along and modify your original post with the tweet. Next.
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  • eleganz's Avatar
    01-17-2020, 09:07 PM
    Democrats set the sanctuary city trend, now they have to eat it for 2A. If only they weren't such shameless hypocrites...
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  • eleganz's Avatar
    01-17-2020, 08:59 PM
    To start, I won't be donating to VA. They voted for the gun grabbers and got gun grabbing policy. If they want it to stop, they will have to vote themselves out of it. The post you quoted literally said nothing about heroes, it said a lot about the fact that voting has consequences. Comprende? And given Trump's tweet today, this thread has not aged well.
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  • eleganz's Avatar
    01-17-2020, 01:37 AM
    To be honest, Virginians put dems in power so they voted for this entire mess. But the good news is that all this overreach might make VA go almost all red for 2020 senate/house elections. As Americans, sometimes we need to be reminded that votes have consequences. Maybe a particular election they didn't have the time to look up the candidates, or maybe wanted a certain program, well next time they know better.
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  • eleganz's Avatar
    01-17-2020, 01:21 AM
    No lack of henpecking liBROtarians in here I see. It doesn't need to be explained too many times here that Rand is a Republican, hes not a part-time Republican where any armchair quarterback can tell the GOP to screw off when you feel like it. Its no secret that Rand, has a lot of juggling to do to appease both sides, his staff probably wastes a lot of time figuring out ways not to piss off the other side when he needs to take a stand on something or sit down when the time is right. Some of you don't like it and thats why you will never get to see any of your purist ideologies come to fruition. If you consider yourself a Libertarian, where is your LP Senator putting out Libertarian votes? Oh there aren't any...because the LP is so purist that they can't get a coalition of supporters to win any relevant election. Rand didn't have to run and keep this going, he had a fine practice and lived a good life with a good family. I support Rand 100%, he has a good heart to continue the work that literally nobody else will do or is even capable of doing, and he carries the movement on his shoulders. All that he gets is a bunch of thankless henpecking from "libertarians" that would like to see Bernie Sanders in the white house for the lolz, and "libertarians" that think Ron Paul is a grotesque embarrassment.
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  • eleganz's Avatar
    01-17-2020, 12:45 AM
    lol RPF is funny @Originalist, let's just say you are right and Trump doesn't want to jump into the VA gun fight. And? What does your RPF thread on Trump do to help with the matter? How does that help the end goal? Unless your end goal is just to be another one of the several thousand orange man bad threads here. You had a choice to start a thread that promoted ways to help or donate to the necessary causes but you decided to do this, which is just completely useless for Virginians.
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  • eleganz's Avatar
    01-15-2020, 04:26 PM
    People also thought Mao would make his promises come true. Let's just stop with the "Communists can be nice too" delusions.
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  • eleganz's Avatar
    01-13-2020, 10:18 PM
    LP only nominates the best.
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  • afwjam's Avatar
    01-12-2020, 06:45 PM
    Great interview
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  • eleganz's Avatar
    01-11-2020, 04:06 PM
    Looks like now Iran and US are 1 for 1 in the downing of active commercial airplanes. Yet I still keep seeing that Iran is the poor victim. Seems like they are just as evil as our MIC.
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  • eleganz's Avatar
    01-11-2020, 04:00 PM
    I see Trump also received $500M from the South Koreans for the US forces stationed there. Did he sell them those troops too? Maybe troop selling is the next impeachable offense, how about that fellas?
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  • eleganz's Avatar
    01-11-2020, 01:43 AM
    Its not the anti-war part that people like, its the anti-Trump part. And all the free sht. Free sht that helps too.
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  • afwjam's Avatar
    01-10-2020, 09:16 AM
    Hillary for prison! Trumps just waiting till 2027 to do it.
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  • afwjam's Avatar
    01-10-2020, 09:14 AM
    Low energy
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  • afwjam's Avatar
    01-09-2020, 09:30 PM
    afwjam replied to a thread WTF happened? in Ron Paul Forum
    He wants the fed to lower interest rates more, has expanded spending endlessly, thrives off the media, protectionist tariffs for shitty companies that can’t compete, expanded military spending and endless authoritarian cheerleading.... you were saying? looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, is a duck.
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  • afwjam's Avatar
    01-09-2020, 09:10 PM
    afwjam replied to a thread WTF happened? in Ron Paul Forum
    I love you Texan.... but people actually believe Trump is for Liberty!? I enjoy the mans willingness to say whatever and appreciate the show with the liberals, I’m sick of their shit too.... We are coming up on an epic economic downturn and seem to be involved in more conflicts then ever, it’s just so sad our Ron Paul community has devolved the way it has. What happened to ending the Fed? How about we bring them all home? Cut spending? Eliminate department of education, income tax, TSA.... oh well ��
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  • afwjam's Avatar
    01-09-2020, 09:03 PM
    afwjam replied to a thread WTF happened? in Ron Paul Forum
    lol how pathetic, if you are ignoring someone then ignore them. Lord knows why you need to ignore me, but whatever if you need a safe space.
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  • afwjam's Avatar
    01-09-2020, 07:36 PM
    afwjam started a thread WTF happened? in Ron Paul Forum
    I actually had hope, the apathy is back, :toady: the forum is so sad and depressing. I know I shouldn’t make a big deal out of it, all is well but damn. :cry:
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  • eleganz's Avatar
    01-08-2020, 01:07 PM
    A lot of the 'WW3 IS COMING' crowd is awfully quiet this morning.
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Quote Originally Posted by juleswin View Post
Bernie will bring about a more free market in the US than Trump. Hence the reason I wouldn't mind having him as my next president.

Rand Paul : Ultimately, if someone's going to accuse you of something that's going to bring down a presidency, I think we deserve to know who that person is.
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What a grotesque embarrassment Rand has become
Ron Paul : If you're accused of a crime, you have the right to face your accuser.
R3v 3.0, calling RP a grotesque embarrassment gets u a DERP DERP.


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