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    I'm sorry for coming off as a dick I think we both feel very strongly about this but I'm still proud to call you an ally. We don't agree here but I got carried away and I'm sorry. I hope you are right that trump could do some good, I just can't personally get on board with all I've seen from him but I still respect your views and I will try to keep that in mind going forward
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    IDK how I can violate boundaries that don't exist outside thoughtomator's imagination, but whatever. I hope we can chat in other forums. I think you're a generally interesting guy.
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    I follow thread and forum guidelines. If the OP/admin/thread starter desires a ban on certain types of art, I'll respect that. Comparing posting iconography and religious paintings to homosexual propaganda...srsly? SMH. This is a fallacy known as the False Comparison. I am disappoint in you. I'm sure there are some people who try to use art to push dogma, but I don't. For the non-Orthodox, it's just to be considered art. Like all the Hopi Indian art that's popular in this neck of the woods. You can see it in street murals, along the highways, all over the place. It has profound religious meaning to people who practice certain religions, but to the rest of us it's just interesting and rather cool looking. Take a step back and learn to appreciate aesthetics of artwork that is "foreign" to you. It will make you a more enlightened, thoughtful person. *hugs*
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    It's possible to appreciate religious art from a secular POV, you know. If you attend an art school, for example, you will be required to take at least one classical art history class in which most images are religious (primarily Catholic, such as The Last Supper). I don't mind if people post images from other religious traditions. I find them interesting. My (very amateur) art collection includes near and far Eastern religious and and secular works along with the Western stuff. Frankly, (no offense) if you can't view religious art without feeling generally offended or proslelytized, you're probably too immature to be viewing RPFs. BTW, I'm pretty sure RPFs has a function that allows you to ignore specific posts that offend you. Use it. *hugs*
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    Per your -rep"Thread: Bestest picture thread evaar! (The trilogy)
    do us a favor and keep the religion specific material off the funny thread thanks" FYI, that thread is about any kind of picture/image(within forum guidlines), as Roxi wrote in part 1's OP. Just FYI. *hugs*
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    I've been on the internet every bit as as long as you have, and I know a sanctimonious jerk when I see one.
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    Not sure who the hell you think you are to invite people leave RPFs. but I can assure you that won't happen because a bunch of scientifically retarded bullies are ganging up instead of actually providing any facts.

    Actually, looking at the page below, it would appear that I may not be the one who should leave RPFs. Again, if you wish to debate with me, either provide links that point to facts that contribute to the discussion, or gracefully bow out. Here's a hint: If you have to use the word "You" in your posts, you're probably not actually making a point.
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    I never said you are a brainwashed *insert insult*
    I stated "you obviously are brainwashed." Which are two completely
    different statements. Not insulting and focused on the idea presented.
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    Another childish outburst, you sure showed me.

    My advise to you is to grow up and stop making assumptions. You're labeling me a "GJ loyalist". Haha! Look at my join date. I really don't have the time to waste on individuals like you with so much invested in their forum reputation or online status. "Neg" reputation me all you want, I won't lose any sleep over it.
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    Don't fool yourself, you get your +reps for being part of the echo chamber. You deserve a thousand times the negative reps I could ever give you.
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