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    I've been on the internet every bit as as long as you have, and I know a sanctimonious jerk when I see one.
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    Not sure who the hell you think you are to invite people leave RPFs. but I can assure you that won't happen because a bunch of scientifically retarded bullies are ganging up instead of actually providing any facts.

    Actually, looking at the page below, it would appear that I may not be the one who should leave RPFs. Again, if you wish to debate with me, either provide links that point to facts that contribute to the discussion, or gracefully bow out. Here's a hint: If you have to use the word "You" in your posts, you're probably not actually making a point.
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    I never said you are a brainwashed *insert insult*
    I stated "you obviously are brainwashed." Which are two completely
    different statements. Not insulting and focused on the idea presented.
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    Another childish outburst, you sure showed me.

    My advise to you is to grow up and stop making assumptions. You're labeling me a "GJ loyalist". Haha! Look at my join date. I really don't have the time to waste on individuals like you with so much invested in their forum reputation or online status. "Neg" reputation me all you want, I won't lose any sleep over it.
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    Don't fool yourself, you get your +reps for being part of the echo chamber. You deserve a thousand times the negative reps I could ever give you.
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    I was hasty with the negative rep- if Greece goes down things could get a lot worse very quickly. But as things stand today it is not as bad as the Great Depression. And the odds of it becoming the worst in history is extremely unlikely even if the EU does collapse.
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    All have the right to state an opinion on the law, however, when that opinion is not based on any actual legal foundation--or, in your case has been proven to be inaccurate and wrong time-and-time again in the nation's highest court--it deserves to be criticized by those with the truth and facts on their side. I may also express my opinion regarding your ill-made and unfounded assertions about the Constitution and the law just as you may express your ill-made and unfounded assertions. My advice still holds true--if you're going to spew asinine garbage, you should leave it up to the lawyers and those that have actually taken the time to review and research the issues in their entirety.
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    No, I believe that your evaluation of the law is neither based on the Constitution nor is it based on any rule of law (such as your interpretation of the requirements to be president/vp) or any long-standing traditional concept of law recognized at the time the Constitution was written. Your arguments are based on flawed--if not entirely disingenuous--understanding of Constitutional principles and I disagree wholeheartedly with your patently incorrect assertions of law that have no basis in reality. If, on the other hand, you were making cogent, accurate statements and arguments I'd have no problem with your statements. The fact of the matter is, you make assertions that have no basis in the black-letter text of the Constitution and have nothing but puffery and opinion to rest your argument upon.
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    lolz! What can I say? I can be combative/confrontational. I don't -rep ya have to really get under my skin to get one from me. The -rep message you gave me said "stop making up things that you don't know about... I will keep trading neg rep until we're both red, you are factually wrong and don't have the expertise to evaluate the data". That kind of thing really irks me. I notice now that you made a mistake and corrected it. Sorry 'bout the whole crazy affair.
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