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    I was hoping I would see you!! Awesome to be back! I missed ya!
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    Also, if you neg rep people and then don't post in the thread, how can they neg rep you back without finding some random post and doing it? Try participating in threads if you insist on neg repping opinions you disagree with, or stop whining when they do it back to some random post.

    I'll stop doing it if you do.
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    Neg repping someone because you disagree with their opinion is childish. I never neg rep anyone who doesn't do it to me first. I used to not retaliate, but then the same people kept doing it to all of my posts, so I realized they actually valued rep here for some reason, so i hit them where it hurt, and it stopped. I personally don't care about rep, but spreading negativity is not cool over opinions. I mean, if someone came in and called you a mfer, N-word, or something, I'd neg rep that. I never really see that though. But that's not an's just useless insults of the most vulgar sort.

    Notice in the OP I suggested NOT neg repping people. I even said why. It's futile to engage in such neg rep wars. Been there, done that. Can do it all damn day.
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    At first we lived with one of the butchers, later we rented our own home just down the street from them. Bought a horse and helped out at the ranch, finally bringing home the horse to the U.S.

    My dad had health problems so he spent a great deal of time down there where the weather was warm. I learned a lot about the meat business. LOL
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    I am going to Las Vegas next month. The hotel I manage won a national award so I get to accept it there.
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    That's great. I've kind of been landlocked in the midwest. I've only traveled for business.
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    Did Paul go to the synagogues and to the Greek philosophers and never "debate" them? That is nuts. He most certainly did. Did Jesus debate the Pharisees? Of course He did.
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    I'm not sure why you are piling on like the rest of the board in saying that the threads get "hijacked". The only way the people on this board will ever hear the gospel of Jesus Christ is if a thread gets hijaked.
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