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  • Swordsmyth's Avatar
    Today, 01:11 PM
    It tells me that Dr. Mercola cares about the health of his customers and the low-fat doctors don't.
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  • heavenlyboy34's Avatar
    Today, 01:11 PM
    Bob Martin does and always has, AFAIK. Pretty much SOP in the medical industry, it seems.
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  • Madison320's Avatar
    Today, 12:17 PM
    My wife is from Colombia so she follows the situation in Venezuela closely. Back when Chavez instituted price controls I told her "watch, they'll have food shortages next". Then like night follows day ... food shortages.
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  • Madison320's Avatar
    Today, 12:13 PM
    So according to your theory the US wasn't meddling in Venezuela until after Chavez was elected, then right after the election the US started meddling and that caused the economy to collapse? Chavez's massive confiscation of private businesses (and all sorts of other violations of private property rights) had nothing to do with it? C'mon man. How do you know the US meddled more in those bad countries compared to good countries like Switzerland or Canada or Singapore or Hong Kong? And if US governmental meddling is SO BAD that it is THE determining factor in the health of an economy why isn't the US economy the WORST OF ALL???? After all I'm pretty sure the US government meddles a lot more in the US compared to Venezuela or North Korea.
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  • GunnyFreedom's Avatar
    Today, 11:47 AM
    lol what are you, in the third grade?
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  • donnay's Avatar
    Today, 10:18 AM
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  • Madison320's Avatar
    Today, 10:02 AM
    No it's not. I don't like US meddling but the US meddles in lots of countries and their economies don't suddenly collapse. Socialism/communism is clearly the cause.
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  • donnay's Avatar
    Today, 08:34 AM
    I meant supporting himself, in only worrying about himself.
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  • donnay's Avatar
    Today, 07:56 AM
    What a lazy piece of filth. Get off your computer--no more games, get a job and take on some responsibility! I truly doubt he was a Ron Paul supporter--he is a supporter of himself.
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  • Madison320's Avatar
    Today, 07:52 AM
    I just saw this. Too funny! Obviously Jews did not make the "approved" minority list. I wonder how much those groups get paid for the "diversity training"?
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  • donnay's Avatar
    Today, 07:27 AM
    But, but, but... antibiotics and vaccines save lives and make children healthy, so I'be been told.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 07:15 AM
    I'm not going to post all of it, because copypasta work from the Daily Fail is a nightmare. He won't get a job because he's trying to mulct and mooch court fees off the taxpayers in an unrelated case involving baby mama drama. A "liberal millennial"?
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  • donnay's Avatar
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  • donnay's Avatar
    Today, 06:42 AM
    2 Chronicles 33:15-17 (KJV) 15 And he took away the strange gods, and the idol out of the house of the Lord, and all the altars that he had built in the mount of the house of the Lord, and in Jerusalem, and cast them out of the city. 16 And he repaired the altar of the Lord, and sacrificed thereon peace offerings and thank offerings, and commanded Judah to serve the Lord God of Israel. 17 Nevertheless the people did sacrifice still in the high places, yet unto the Lord their God only.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 03:01 AM
    Still pretty stunning, but that's down from just over 50% in 2013 Four in 10 can’t cover an emergency expense of $400, Fed survey finds Published: May 22, 2018 12:36 p.m. ET Small emergency expenses still challenge many Americans after nearly a decade of economic recovery, a new survey released by the Federal Reserve on Tuesday found. The Fed’s new survey of household economics and decision-making found 41% could not cover a $400 emergency expense using cash in 2017. That’s actually a slight improvement, since 44% could not in 2016, 46% could not in 2015 and only 50% could in 2013.
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  • NorthCarolinaLiberty's Avatar
    Today, 02:13 AM
    Ilse Koch is the woman who was accused of making lampshades from human skin. The prosecution eventually dropped that charge.
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  • Anti Federalist's Avatar
    Today, 02:08 AM
    I could go for some poutine...
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  • NorthCarolinaLiberty's Avatar
    Today, 01:49 AM
    This quote looked a little dubious, so I looked it up. It's actually from a 1955 document, which claims that these words were presented in their current form in 1945. It appears that a former German major and journalist, Josef Hell, interviewed Hitler in 1922 and made some notes to this effect. It's odd that I don't find any reference to Hell actually publishing this in 1922. Wouldn't this quote alone made for a popular story? Hell discusses how Hitler was shouting when he uttered the above words. I don't see how Hell captures all of Hitler's words verbatim, especially when Hell said of Hitler, "...his explanation grew increasingly voluble until he fell into a kind of paroxysm that ended with his shouting, as if to a whole public gathering." I'm not saying that Hitler did not have this sentiment or say words to that effect. You can speculate on whether Hitler's was only discussing the hanging of leading Marxist Jews. Maybe he thought he was discussing something off the record, and hence, really felt this way personally. I wonder if it's more likely that Hell just embellished this in the style of Capote's "non-fiction novel," especially since this was over two decades after the fact and some of the history was already likely being rewritten. I think the embellishments get at the crux of what some of this was about. For example, the story about lampshades made from human skin was not demonstrated. If so much of this true, then why the embellishment? Were the allies wholly intent on taking any attention away from their own atrocities that they needed to do this? What was the reach of the UN Palestine commission pushing for Israel's creation shortly after the war? Either way, words should not be in quotes unless it is reasonably demonstrated that someone actually said those exact words.
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  • Swordsmyth's Avatar
    Today, 01:14 AM
    Russia's parliament on Tuesday adopted a wide-ranging bill that could freeze crucial exports to the United States and imports to Russia from the U.S. and other countries. The bill, drafted by leading lawmakers at the State Duma in response to the latest round of U.S. sanctions, lays out a wide range of restrictions for U.S. businesses in Russia and for cooperation with the U.S. Among other things, the bill allows the Russian president to "ban or suspend cooperation with a hostile state" and ban imports of goods from unnamed countries. The original bill proposed specific restrictions to U.S. imports including drugs as well as banning crucial exports, such as titanium, to the U.S. But lawmakers toned it down to get rid of references to specific restrictions before adopting the bill. Many lawmakers who backed the bill on Tuesday portrayed it as a warning to the West against further sanctions on Russia. "Everyone who wants to impose these restrictions on our rights and on our citizens needs to understand that Russia will respond to this," lawmaker Andrei Isayev said speaking of Western sanctions. More at:
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  • GunnyFreedom's Avatar
    Today, 12:38 AM
    Thanks to the anti food zealot screeching in, I will now add half a pack of bacon to my morning eggs.
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  • Swordsmyth's Avatar
    Today, 12:00 AM
    Haspel is Not the Problem. The CIA is the Problem. written by ron paul - monday may 21, 2018
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  • Swordsmyth's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:48 PM
    While the US-China trade talks have dominated headlines in the financial press this week, the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday published details from the Trump administration's ongoing trade negotiations with the European Union, which increasingly look like they, too, have arrived at an impasse. According to WSJ, Trump is pushing the EU to reduce steel and aluminum exports to the US by about 10%, according to several high-ranking EU officials who have apparently chafed at the administration's demands. Officials have gone so far as to declare the measures illegal under World Trade Organization rules. Negotiations are unfolding rapidly as the EU seeks to extend its temporary exemption from steel and aluminum tariffs that the Trump administration has said will expire June 1. The Trump proposal has offered two avenues for arriving at the US's desired result. One is a quota fixed at 90% of US imports from the EU in 2017. The other would impose tariffs on a certain quota of imports with the aim of achieving the same 10% reduction, according to Poland’s Entrepreneurship and Technology Minister Jadwiga Emilewicz, who added that EU governments discussed the matter on Tuesday. However, the exact scope and details of the quotas have not yet been made clear. "We are under the impression that somehow they want to limit steel imports to the U.S.," European Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said of continuing negotiations with Washington before briefing EU governments. "Aluminum as well," she said, without providing details. European Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom has reportedly been in regular contact with Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross ever since the US surprised the world by announcing its steel and aluminum tariffs back in March. Still, despite their close cooperation, Malmstrom said that deciphering Trump's wants and needs has been by far the most frustrating aspect of the negotiations. * * *
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  • Swordsmyth's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:31 PM
    As a general rule, when Dick Cheney favors a foreign policy position it’s best to be on the opposite side if you value liberty over war and authoritarianism. The former vice president’s enthusiastic endorsement of not only Gina Haspel as CIA director but of the torture program she oversaw should tell us all we need to know about Haspel. Saying that Haspel would make a great CIA director, Cheney dismissed concerns over the CIA’s torture program. Asked in a television interview last week about the program, Cheney said, “if it were my call, I’d do it again.” Sadly, the majority of the US Senate agreed with Cheney that putting a torturer in charge of the CIA was a good idea. Only two Republicans – Senators Paul and Flake – voted against Haspel. And just to confirm that there really is only one political party in Washington, it was the “yes” vote of crossover Democrats that provided the margin of victory. Americans should really be ashamed of those sent to Washington to represent us. Just this month, the New York Times featured an article written by a woman who was kidnapped and send to the secret CIA facility in Thailand that Haspel was said to have overseen. The woman was pregnant at the time and she recounted in the article how her CIA torturers would repeatedly punch her in the stomach. She was not convicted or even accused of a crime. She was innocent. But she was tortured on Haspel’s watch. Is this really what we are as a country? Do we really want to elevate such people to the highest levels of government where they can do more damage to the United States at home and overseas?
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  • Swordsmyth's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:22 PM
    None of which changes the fact that communism is the primary factor responsible for the current state of Venezuela.
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  • heavenlyboy34's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:21 PM
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