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    10-11-2018, 10:02 AM
    It's been killing me watching the varying MSM coverage of all the emerging market volatility and currency crashes around the world. Mainly because they'll talk about it showing the strength of the dollar and how it's a good sign for the US economy. But they never talk what that means for the US financial system, because all those nations have a lot of their debt in US dollars so as the dollar strengthens and rates rise it takes more and more of their currency to service that debt (I can't recall the global figure, but off of memory I think it was around $12 trillion total all EM debt to US financial groups). If people remember, the actual match that lit the gasoline pile in 2008/09 was Lehman Brothers going bankrupt. So if a few of those EMs default on their debt we'll either see more bailouts or several US financial groups go bankrupt which I don't the bubbles (housing. automobile, ect) taking. We all get so focused on our own economy and bubble here in the US sometimes we forget the massive global debt bubble and how it ties to the US. And the global debt bubble is showing it's initial signs of about to blow in our faces.
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    10-11-2018, 09:38 AM
    No dude....it's a blame game. I am sure we all agree rising rates are what's causing the volatility and wild swings, but the Fed raising those rates 25 basis points every few months in what is supposed to be this booming economy is not what's causing the jumps in those rates. What's causing it is China is doing the "You want to see how it can be, Trump?" move to show Trump they don't need to be able to match Trump in tariff for tariff and are dumping bonds. Now....in all honesty there is a limit as to how much China can do that as to dump all their holdings would be done at a loss to China so unless something happened to make China say screw it and go scorched earth that scenario won't play out. Not to mention that China doesn't want to see our economy completely tank like that would cause. At least for now....because not many people are really talking about how freaking busy China has been in places like South Africa regarding establishing manufacturing facilities. And if people thought labor was cheap in China (which technically their labor costs have been rising over the years as their middle class has grown) they have no way to grasp the kind of cheap labor force China is building in South Africa.
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    10-09-2018, 05:54 PM
    I think maybe that you're doing like I did when I first read the blurbs in the OP. She isn't being detained as in "you are our prisoner". She's being detained because she was denied entrance to the country when she arrived based on her ties/support to the boycott groups, and she is appealing the decision to deny her entrance into Israel and has no plans to leave. So the judge ordered her detain at the airport while the appeal process is ran since she can't go anywhere else until it's done with the exception of America. She's there to attend the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and is already registered. Some of her soon to be professors are also helping to expedite the appeal barring her entry.
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    10-01-2018, 08:47 AM
    Of course the US goonerment goonsquad wants the war to remain. Can't keep the military industrial complex running without a war to keep those profits up...
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