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    08-08-2018, 02:12 PM
    You're preaching to the choir, brother. I made my living for several years in robotic automation in conjunction with LEAN manufacturing implementation and later automation consulting and offered Ladder Logic work via the net from home. I had something of a "religious moment" one day and realized some of my pitch points about being able to eliminate labor premium as well as production cost per piece all the while boosting productivity was me just doing a good car salesmen tactic of using fancy words to say, "I make my living by fucking people out of theirs'". That doesn't mean I judge other people who do the same line of work, nor that I oppose technology and free markets. It just means I had reached the point where I couldn't do it anymore. And it's kind of funny that you describe the advances as a jail cell of our own choosing, because you're probably a lot more right than you intended. Unless some crazy breakthrough happens we'll never see it in our lifetime but with the way they are integrating advances over several fields it's only a matter of time before we'll have the ability to copy our brains digitally as to allow for people to upload themselves digitally. The first time I had that scenario explained to me was back in 2009 while I was in Germany attending a technician school through HESSAP. When I said I couldn't see someone actually choosing to die to facilitate becoming a digital being, and that's when he started pointing around at the people in the park and everyone of them had their face in a device. It's freaky to think about, and worse it's sad when you realize that people will line up around the block for it when it comes. Digital immortality, with all senses being just as real as they are to you and I right now. And the ability to live whatever or whenever you want. The Star Wars universe, Star Trek, Conan the Barbarian, your childhood, old wife, ect. Able to download to a robotic form to interact with physical worlds if wanted/needed. Kids are literal drug addicts now with a game console....so imagine how the generation will be that is born in that tech being the norm. I honestly take solace in the fact I won't be around to see man willingly discard our own humanity and call it "evolving to a higher form of life"
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    08-08-2018, 01:01 AM
    Actually, they are already working with fully automated restaraunts....to include cooking This one does pizza (a few hundred per hour):
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    08-06-2018, 11:25 PM
    Bear in mind I skimmed some posts of this thread catching up (I've been on an "internet break" and doing some traveling with my family for several weeks), so if I say something that someone else already addressed pardon me. The one thing that Trump has against him in this whole thing is when he returned from Beijing in May after they had put together a deal and had a "gentleman's handshake" sealing it, only to renege on it after some political pressure from the GOP. While it wasn't malicious or something akin to him lying to them, I saw a panel discussion (it's around 30 minutes, but I'll find it and link it if you care to see it) talking about this. One of the panel members was a guy named Victor Gao who has more titles than you'd believe. But to list a few, he's Chairman of China Energy Security Institute, VP for Center for China and Globalization, the director of the China National Association of International Studies, as well as an international relations analyst for the government. But he made a few comments that has me wondering if Trump can do what it will take to facilitate the talks. The thing he (Gao) kept going back to was Trump changing his mind on what they understood to be an agreed upon deal. Basically, they took it as an insult. And more than once he made the statement that if it meant both the Chinese and the US economies crashing then so be it. Actually, I'll go ahead and link the panel under this because it's interesting (and I'll admit kind of funny) watching him talk. Because the more he goes on the more pissed he gets. I mean he's talking about forcing American companies out of China (he lists Ford, GM and Apple by name) as well as blocking any and all American access to the Chinese market citing how they are on track to be the dominant global market in the next 10 to 15 years. LOL....he's talking some real scorched earth stuff. That's why I'm curious if Trump will do the simple thing required to salve their butt hurt and simply apologize to President Xi. Because I'm concerned Trump would react to that with the obvious, "Apologize for what? Nothing was signed yet, we were in the middle of talks". And while he'd be right, that has nothing to do with those little bastards feeling insulted. If you've ever been to Asia you understand what I'm talking about. If you haven't....lol, ask someone you know who has. It's hard for westerners who've never been to an Asian nation to fully grasp, but insulting them (even done inadvertently) gets the same reaction from them that you'd experience if someone walked up and slapped your wife and spit in your child's face in front of you....haha. It's definitely interesting watching both China and the US move their pieces around the board. One of the things that is really giving Trump's tariffs some sting is the fact that production costs in China are probably higher than most people think due to the rise of China's middle class which is also causing a rise in salaries. China is working to counter this with investments in Africa. They're basically buying UN votes by investing in those nations (which I know that's the same thing the US does), but those investments give them a twofold return as they are using that African labor for a cheap resource much as we did to China.
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    07-18-2018, 09:35 PM
    50% goes to Russia and 10% goes to "programs"... No mention of where the other 40% goes... (finder's keepers??)
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    07-18-2018, 09:33 PM
    Hell yeah...
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