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    11-26-2023, 01:52 PM
    Browns have Dorian Thompson-Robinson and Joe Flacco. QB is an overrated position. With an elite defense all you need is a marginal game manager type.
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    11-24-2023, 03:07 PM
    I see the hypocrisy, but expect nothing less from those people. These are the same individuals who go whichever way the wind blows. As far as planting more more trees it is something people can do to make themselves feel good. Sure I'm against deforestation, but I'm also against people planting trees where they don't belong.
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    11-23-2023, 10:23 PM
    I may have come off a bit harsh. I forget not everyone grew up in the country. People don't know what they don't know. I mostly blame the media because they are telling people who have an empty slate what to believe. I'm expecting too much from people to know anything about prairie ecosystems even though it is basic junior high science.
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    11-23-2023, 10:12 PM
    Fair enough. I must admit my bias I just don't like the Broncos I think they are a bad football team that need a total rebuild. I mean stats don't lie they have the worst defense in the NFL.
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    11-23-2023, 04:59 PM
    There are more trees today in the US than there were 100 years ago. Most people have no idea about the natural environment. It is a battle every single year to prevent trees from taking over pastures. Unless you burn or mow the pasture a least once a year trees take over. Eastern Red Cedars will take over pastures quickly. To see native prairie grasses a person has to go to state or federally protected lands. It would be nice for people that have no connection with the land and who have never worked land a day in their life to keep their mouths shut and stay in their lane.
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    11-22-2023, 06:26 PM
    Am I in some alternative universe right now? I'm the only person who took the Browns over the Broncos? A lot of my picks I guess or pick out of like or dislike, but on this one I looked at the stats. The moneyline is even questionable the Browns are +115 and the Broncos are -135. Here are some stats that jump out at me: Total Offense ranking Browns #19. Broncos #23 Passing Browns #26. Broncos #24 Rushing Browns #3. Broncos#14 Scoring. Browns#14. Broncos#15 Now for defense where the gaps get crazy. Total Defense ranking. Browns#1. Broncos#32
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    11-22-2023, 09:59 AM
    Yeah I pretty much figured as much. They basically want the teachers to dictate to the kids what to believe is the truth. Of course this doesn't surprise me. I can only imagine the indoctrination in larger cities. I went to a rural High School in Nebraska back in the 1990's and we had some teachers preaching leftist talking points. One guy was really bad he would literally scream leftist rhetoric inside the classroom even as a kid I wonder how this guy had a job.
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    11-22-2023, 02:46 AM
    Kids should be given the tools to spot disinformation. How many high schools actually offer any type of Logic Courses? Maybe things have changed, but back in the day the idea of fostering any type of critical thinking was unheard of. All we were given was busy work. Looking back K-12 is nothing more than daycare.
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    11-22-2023, 02:12 AM
    I completed a one week fast (168 hours) where I only drank water a couple of weeks ago. I did it for the mental challenge aspect. When I was younger I completed in a weight class sport so I knew once the week was over I would gain all the weight back. I started out at 182.2 lbs and ended up at 169 lbs. Surprisingly during the challenge I was only hungry once. My body was in pain until I got my electrolytes straight. A lot of people on YouTube talk about how during a fast they have super clear thinking and so forth. I did not experiences a hightened mental state. People also talk a lot about autography. I've been practicing intermittent fasting pretty consistently since 2018 mostly because I don't like eating three times a day. I'm convinced prolonged fasting is nothing more than a flex and should not be used specifically for people trying to lose weight.
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    11-05-2023, 01:14 AM
    Matt Walsh turned this story into some anti family narrative. He then created a straw man argument about creating an obnoxious people surcharge. Next he resorted to calling the owner a name. Mr Walsh also talked down to the owners business. Mr. Walsh not everything is about attacking the family unit. I know that is your whole Modus operandi.
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    11-05-2023, 12:41 AM
    mtr1979 replied to a thread Back in the wind. in Open Discussion
    No I live in the country about 15 minutes from a metro area of 100k people. Even in the country on county roads and state highways people drive like maniacs. No one goes the speed limit drunk driving is rampant. The road I live on the ditches are littered with beers cans .I'm always picking up beer cans from the ditch by my house.
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    11-03-2023, 04:37 PM
    mtr1979 replied to a thread Back in the wind. in Open Discussion
    Does anyone else ever have those moments when they feel like riding a motorcycle isn't worth it? I had a couple of those moments today inside of a minute. First thing that happened some lady needed to be in my lane so she cut me off no turn signal was used I just laughed and was like whatever. Less than a minute later I pull up to a 4 way stop. Wait my turn and go as I'm almost through the turn some guy does a rolling stop and has to brake he then looks at me and puts his hands up. I then flip the guy off. I'm mad at myself on how I reacted to this situation I've almost been hit by careless drivers numerous times this is the only time I've reacted. By me flipping the guy of I give riders all a bad name even if I'm only reacting. Riding a motorcycle is fun, but everyone is on their phone or not paying attention. I don't speed or do stupid stuff when I'm on public roads by the way. I were a helmet and wear reflective clothing. I look like a total nerd when I'm riding.
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    11-03-2023, 12:55 AM
    When I see this guy here are some thoughts that come to mind: misunderstood genius, renaissance man, a man for all seasons. If us Plebeians were just a little smarter we could appreciate this guy and see he is just trying to do his best to elevate us. All joking aside in real life I was talking to some friends and they made the point that this guy sounds like everything he is saying is being written by chat gpt.
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