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    Today, 11:15 AM
    You didn't spoil anything. The Sephardim and Ashkenazi are both tied together by Judaism, which is why they've produced a successful country together. A shared culture with an emphasis on education significantly higher than that found in the surrounding countries. They're also not stupid enough to invite social discord by importing ingrates. Common religious beliefs are also why Protestant colonists to the USA from various ethnicities were able to get along with more harmony than could reasonably be expected of different ethnicities otherwise. You could just as well have used the USA as an attempt to destroy my "racialist narrative" (correct term: culture narrative) given the much wider inclusion of ethnicities (British, Irish, Scots-Irish, German, and so on) than the Jews achieved, and with the notable distinction that Protestants ended up absorbing Catholics in the case of the former. Jews managed to have less diversity than the Catholic to Protestant divide, making the integration less difficult, but at least the USA managed along under the heading of Christianity. You didn't say anything of which I wasn't already aware, and your counterargument, unsurprisingly, lacks any merit as a result.
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    06-18-2017, 07:43 PM
    There are plenty of Asians that have roots going well beyond first and second generation in this country, and they consistently perform at a high level too. This is not a mistake, it is a result of their cultural integrity. They tend to be overly educated because their culture is better than many of the alternatives. Their cultures typically value education. It is no surprise at all that they consistently outperform whites on IQ tests, and why they can integrate themselves into western civilization successfully. They demonstrate the behaviors that successfully build civilizations, and no surprise! - Asians have consistently established very successful countries. And then you have South America, Africa, and the Middle East. In the Middle East you have the Jews, the only group consistently performing higher than Asians in IQ tests, and unsurprisingly they possess the only country that can be considered successful in that part of the world. Better people create better cultures, and better cultures result in successful civilizations. Successful civilizations possess cultures that routinely produce individuals of higher quality than the alternatives. People are only equal in a purely negative sense.
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    06-18-2017, 07:26 PM
    Amen. I think they are already taking their victory lap, and whether that is premature or not is another matter entirely. They presume white men no longer have the vitality to oppose the designs of others to reduce them to irrelevancy. Between the useful idiots (white men supporting the undermining of white men) and apathetic (what does it matter if whites fall from power in the countries where they constitute the majority?) their rhetoric may never be punished. The decadence currently present in western civilization is already playing a heavy role in the demographic decline of whites in general, and my opinion is the bloodletting from WWI and WWII is largely responsible. Masculine men died in extreme numbers and left the effete remains to carry on the future. Western civilization, as it exists now in those countries most affected by those two wars, is hopelessly feminine and therefore suicidal.* *Exceptions include Poland, Russia, and other countries that are not endorsing policies that debase their existing populations. How utterly bizarre that history may be repeating itself. The Western Roman Empire collapsed, but was succeeded by the Eastern Roman Empire carrying the banner of civilization for awhile. What I cannot explain is why Russia, which was affected by both WWI and WWII has managed to maintain the masculine spirit necessary to not debase themselves by inviting their displacement. Perhaps because they never enjoyed the prosperity western countries did, and as such decadence never had the opportunity to corrupt their culture. Any white man that isn't alarmed by the rise of rhetoric invoking "white guilt", "white privilege", and the demonization of white men is an abject idiot. If white men should fall from power, then you can be sure the minorities adhering to the venomous ideology will be looking to mete out punishment for the perceived wrongs they have suffered.
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