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    07-03-2020, 11:07 PM
    Right now. Easily Democrats. The "woke" leftist lunatics are driving moderates and "blue dog" democrats away towards Trump and the GOP. The GOP still tries to pretend that they're the party of conservatism, pro-liberty values, and upholding the constitution. The Dems don't even care.
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    06-30-2020, 05:31 AM
    The first police department in the United States was formed in Boston in 1838. Nearly 50 years after the US Constitution was ratified. Who were the first police officers hired? Ex cons. 20th-21st century Criminology 101 courses weren't being taught at universities or colleges at the time. The city needed a solution to a problem, and former criminals had the inside knowledge to develop solutions that worked. You don't "drain the swamp" with soccer moms. Is Manafort shady? Absolutely. So is John Bolton and other creeps Trump has surrounded himself with. If they were clean, they wouldn't be useful.
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    06-23-2020, 04:23 PM
    Here are the two previous Weathermen videos. These are brainstormers that may require multiple viewings to completely digest.
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    06-23-2020, 12:42 AM
    When the opposition party knows they're going to lose an election they cannot afford to lose, what do they do? Do whatever they can to contest the results?
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    06-21-2020, 08:39 AM
    1274469511043973121 1274444434252455937
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    06-21-2020, 06:29 AM
    The Tulsa mayor and the Oklahoma governor are both GOP. Even if they're RINO's, I doubt they are affiliated with the far left. If the "protestors" can disrupt a Trump rally so effectively in Tulsa, then the campaign needs to go back to the war room and come up with solutions. They are somewhat safe now with Biden as the nominee. But they can't assume that Biden will be the one the DNC chooses in August. They need to have their A-game on in two months. The good news is that so many people watched the rally online and on TV. Build on it, but make improvements when they do the next rally in Alabama.
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    06-21-2020, 01:27 AM
    True, but Brad Parscale still has some 'splainin' to do. He overpromised and underdelivered. There are reports that organized leftists swarmed the campaign's website asking for tickets, and obviously didn't show up. Even if that's the case, Brad has to explain what happened and what he intends to do to stop it from happening in the future.
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    06-19-2020, 11:13 PM
    I believe VDARE should skip the lawsuit, and focus on moving to a new site host. A good path to follow is the path 8kun took. They are now accessible on clearnet, and have excellent DDOS mitigation as well. Sometimes the best way to fight unfair treatment is to use the free market rather than the courts. Give that money to market innovators and entrepreneurs rather than lawyers.
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    06-19-2020, 11:06 PM
    So far, I'm not impressed with the arguments the cops are making. Being unlicensed, not wearing a uniform, and not having a registered handgun are poor excuses for killing someone. They say he ran, but I have to see bodycam or security cam evidence first before I believe their story.
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    06-18-2020, 07:25 AM
    I agree. But that's up to congress. The money has already been appropriated. Trump is just prioritizing where it goes.
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    06-16-2020, 06:13 PM So Trump supports defunding the police if they don't reform. Interesting.
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    06-15-2020, 11:22 AM
    I don't see it. The argument brought before the court by the attorneys was whether discriminating against LGBT employees violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. From what I've read, no attorney for either side argued if the Civil Rights Act or Title VII is constitutional. The job of a judge is to interpret the law and rule on the arguments brought by plaintiffs and defendants. If the plaintiffs or defendants don't challenge constitutionality, then it's not within a judge's purview to rule on it.
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    06-15-2020, 10:29 AM
    1272236602752937985 In the article, the Canadian government attempts to backtrack and claim that sending these viruses to other nations is "routine".
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    06-14-2020, 01:22 PM
    Here's the problem. If the cops call an Uber for the guy, and he gets into trouble after getting out of the Uber, can the police department be held accountable in a lawsuit for letting him go?
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    06-09-2020, 04:32 AM
    Police departments started because people were tired of having to form a posse to help the sheriff. Each time they did so, it took time away from work and family duties. It's the same issue we have today with jury duty. Unlike jury duty, which can be fulfilled by retirees, police or posse's need to be staffed by younger people who can meet the physical requirements of law enforcement. Paid sheriff deputies, police departments, or private security will always be in play, especially in towns and cities where the economy is thriving. There are multiple problems with modern police officers/sheriff deputies. Police unions. Quotas, both secret and official. Oath of office. Unions have negotiated contracts that make it almost impossible to fire bad cops. In some states/cities, you can't even sue the individual police officer for his/her egregious actions. You can only sue the city itself. Many cities move bad cops to lower income neighborhoods to avoid being sued, since those neighborhoods are less likely to have the financial resources to hire an attorney. Some officers simply are not equipped for the job. Officers need to be physically fit, strong, quick on their feet, responsive, and even tempered under pressure. Too many are overweight. Too many became police officers because they enjoy having power over others. Female officers are not physically equipped to handle criminals who are overwhelmingly male. If you bring up this simple fact, you'll be labeled a misogynist. Female officers often have to resort to tasers or guns to take down male suspects, leading to more successful lawsuits against the city and it's taxpayers. Many police departments operate less like law enforcement and more like revenue collectors. Former police officers have revealed that many departments have secret quotas that they'll deny using in public but absolutely will use in private. The police chief's tell the officer that it's about measuring performance, but they know it's BS since they're keeping the quotas private. This is likely why Jacob Fry issued stand-down orders during the riots, but wouldn't commit to defunding the police when under pressure from activists. He simply doesn't care about enforcing law. It's about revenue collecting.
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