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    Today, 08:55 PM
    Oh, it is coming, but I will be dead by then. I suspect we will see single pilot cockpits in cargo first.
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    Today, 08:53 PM
    Lol. so what would be the response to a passengers concerns that they bought a ( cheaper) ticket guaranteeing there is a human pilot aboard? Open the door during boarding? I have never seen a cockpit crew not allowing someone to come to the cockpit during boarding. I often let them sit in my seat and take a picture with their camera if they wish. Usually parents with their children and some aviation geeks, but younger women get expedited handling.
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    Today, 08:37 PM
    Not quiite that accurate yet. But do you appreciate the costs? We are not talking about ballistic missles with some later stage guidance. We fly many times that amount on a daily basis in a much more dynamic environment.
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    Today, 07:46 PM
    In the case of aviation, it will be a huge cost to try to automate getting an aircraft to be loaded and safely airborne to fly to its destination and the unloaded and serviced, etc. The infrastructure will be in enormous and very costly. All a competing airline has to do is advertised that they have a pilot or two on board for their passenger safety. That airline will not have to spend the huge amount of capital to retrofit their aircraft and supporting systems for the small cost of having a human on board. How do you think the passengers and the market will choose/respond?
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    Today, 07:19 PM
    Interesting fact. When I fly over the pole and enter Russian airspace, it is very difficult to understand their English on the radio. When I enter Mongolia it is almost like they are native American English speakers. Then I enter Chinese airspace and again the air traffic controllers are as hard to understand as the Russians speaking English. HB, why is that? Mongolia has only around 2,700,000 people today but is a large nation, 18th in land mass. And at one time they ruled over 20% of the earth. The Chinese even built a Great Wall to try to stop those savages. Was that Oyarde's tribe which finally give up and moved to America to take advantage of the indigenous people here before they were eventually conquered by the Vikings?
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    Today, 07:12 PM
    I had my lucky Injun foot in my hotel room safe.
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    Today, 07:09 PM
    That was the catalyst that spurred Jules to become a nurse, and me not to trust indigenous tribes.
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    Today, 07:08 PM
    I've heard that before. :cool: I'll give it a try when I'm done with my chant scholarship.
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    Today, 07:06 PM
    Yeah, but most people are concerned about safety wrt to robocars. Not your typical Ludditism, IMO...
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    Today, 04:41 PM
    Right. Interstates don't have a lot of variables most of the year. The surface and side streets that people use the vast majority of the time though, aren't like that.
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    Today, 03:52 PM
    Danke replied to a thread Don't say "Tranny" in Open Discussion
    Which birth certificate are you using?
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    Today, 03:28 PM
    I don't see this working outside areas where all the variables are extremely well controlled. Some nasty weather or a downed tree or 2 and your robocar is useless.
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    Today, 02:53 PM
    Holy Crap. I'm getting to the point with all these waifs coming forward umpteen years later wondering if they weren't just pissed off because some of these guys were rather persistent in their attempts to get a date with them.
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    Today, 01:37 PM
    osan replied to a thread Don't say "Tranny" in Open Discussion
    Depressing, innit?
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    Today, 01:17 PM
    osan replied to a thread Don't say "Tranny" in Open Discussion
    What he wrote. Thrice. Good grief, now the überfags are whining, moaning, and shrieking about their precious special "pronouns". I hope for everyone's sake on of those never gets in my face with the loud noises and demands because they stand to end up in the ICU and me possibly in jail. Their stridence is really almost something at which to marvel. The utter lack of any personal grace is quite singular, not to mention the pinpoint tunnel-vision where all they can see is their own slagging, lagging, less-than selves. Part of me wishes someone could freeze-dry me today so that in 100 years (being optimistic there) I could be reconstituted just so I could see how the descendants of the great faerie-hordes have fared... IF they fared at all.
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    Today, 01:09 PM
    osan replied to a thread Don't say "Tranny" in Open Discussion
    Well there's the reason. Minnesota is one of the lousiest, most painfully miserable states in the union. It easily rivals MA, CA, NY, and NJ for sheer tyranny and incalculably vicious stupidity. It's a different era, I can tell you that. The shit I used to say on air would probably get me a visit by a SWAT team today, judging by this. Hell, I used to open my slot with "Fuck You" by DOA. Station manager used to have lots of heartburn over it, but he let me go ahead... 1A and all that. :) I got bounced out of a VOLUNTEER station here in Charleston, WTSQ, in 2015 because I made a reference to how messed up a drummer was, physically. The guy was pure wreckage - couldn't walk, hold drum sticks, and so forth. Yet he was magically musical on the kit. Station manager took an over-reactive shit and a week later I was out. The board was concerned I might offend someone. They were such unterfags, stating with much drama-queenery how the station had "dodged a bullet". What assholes. That's the way it is these days.
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    Today, 01:03 PM
    Police State much? Anti Federalist In total, the Department Of Justice is giving out more than $98 million through its Community Oriented Policing Services or COPS Hiring Program. The DOJ said departments will use the money to hire 802 new police officers for three years. Tucson and Sahuarita were the only police departments in Arizona to receive funding for a total of four new officers.
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    Today, 01:01 PM
    May I take it you have not been paying attention to the little dance Trump has been doing with the GOP?
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    Today, 12:59 PM
    Is this a serious question? When musing over such issues, one must perforce and at all times bear in the center of his consciousness the statistical reality of humanity taken as a whole. It is precisely this reality that has given us the world as we know it. It is the utter corruptibility of the average man that you have to take into account when talking about political parties and so forth. The reason the "left" has been so completely successful, whereas the "liberty" movement remains a sad little shit-stain of a joke on the seat of the world's underpants is that the former hold every advantage of human weakness working for them, whereas the latter has everything working against them. What do lefties do? They appeal to emotion, whereas liberty people talk to reason. Lefties promise free shit. The only thing liberty people talk is freeDOM. Now bear in mind that their idea of freedom holds only the most superficial connection to that held by those who run to the left. Proper human freedom scares the leftist überfag sheetwhite. He wants NOTHING to do with it because it demands things he is not willing to give. Personal responsibility, for one, not to mention integrity, a love of reason, and so on down the standard line.
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    Today, 12:25 PM
    This raises questions for me about Trump... you know, the whole "drain the swamp" thing and all that. $700B is a chunk of change, even by today's grossly depreciated standards. Trump is clearly no idiot, contrary to what the überfags like to endlessly shriek. What, then, explains his presumed jump on the bandwagon? Is he ignorant? Corrupt? Eville? Is he just being pragmatic, going along to get as much "good" out of what may for him be a clearly fucked national situation? Has he been read the riot act, replete with substantive threats leveled at his family? Any opinions on it?
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    Today, 09:41 AM
    Danke replied to a thread #metoo in Open Discussion
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    Today, 07:37 AM
    There seem to be two basic issues here. Come on boys and girls, and lets take a look: OK, so there's the first issue. Lying. I'm not even going to strain myself trying to be "fair" by positing the possibility that this is all just fumbling and bumbling. That bit is used by some to either seem charitable (they MIGHT not be criminals), or to make them look like idiots. In the latter case, those at the top don't give a rat's patootie what you think, so even were it the case, public opinion would count for nothing in practicable terms... which is to say that it would change nothing. Perhaps, but this touches upon the second issue: there exist those who are not us that would bring us harm. Some will call this paranoid delusion, but I must disagree. Consider the supposedly now-defunct Soviet Union. It's stated raison d'être was to spread "communism" to the far-flung corners of the world. While the now so-called "Russian Federation" may not hold quite the same goal, it cannot be assumed by people in the position of the Meaner (in terms of knowledge) that they no longer pose a threat. The same may be said of China, perhaps trebly so.
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    Today, 07:29 AM
    Bundy admitted to doing the things he did plus he said he should be executed. It should not cost more to execute than to imprison for life that is ridicules. I am against the death penalty generally though. Many people have refused to plead guilty and have been executed only to find out later that they were indeed innocent. To me that is very tragic and should not happen. Most serial murderers like Bundy admit to it and even lead police to more bodies. Nobody should have to deal with them even prison guards.
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