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    Today, 05:16 PM
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    Today, 06:43 AM
    While The Matrix was a shit film, it was based on a small set of fine notions, supreme among them being the nearly indestructible nature of ideas. Note "nearly". Consider the notion of liberty. It is being destroyed piecemeal through forced metamorphosis. Between the various social influences, it has morphed in the minds of tens of millions of Americans from that which most of us here know, to holding the right to stick your willie inside anyone you want. IOW, it is being systematically narrowed in scope to the point that Big Bro is now wagging his willie right in your face with impunity. They could have done SO much more with Matrix, which started out well enough, rapidly degenerating into nothing more than yet another mindless action flick. And the acting... woof. The director should have been shot and tossed into the LaBrea Tar Pits... not necessarily in that order.
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    Today, 06:35 AM
    Clearly this one is likely to be pro-abortion, so why didn't she coat-hanger the result of her whoring with the blak? Because she was "in love". Then Lorshakkakumattstiddy decided he ain't wanna be no daddy and poofed into the aether, never to be seen or heard from again... that or dear Kirsten here caught him with someone else and suddenly but only momentarily decided to show a shred of self-respect, however minuscule. The only one I see here worthy of any sympathy is that poor child. No father, a dullard whore of a mother unable to scratch up the least self-respect on a consistent basis, and being of "mixed race", the problems related to which I bore first-hand witness during my agonizing stint as a NYC teacher. His life stands to be filled with all manner of handicaps due to the dolorous circumstances his apparently good-for-nothing-beyond-a-lukewarm-fuck mother has foisted upon him. I have also found it of interest to note all this talk of "diversity" where interbreeding is concerned. These people whine and holler about diversity, yet fail to comprehend that continued interbreeding will result in a blasé uniformity, which is what the progressives want. I also see these dim-bulbs' advocacy of "diversity" as their path to eliminating the white race by breeding them out of existence. Granted, this would take a long time yet, but the longer it goes on, the more inevitable it becomes. I suspect the thinking in many is that if they can't be white, then the white race has to go. After all, do white people by their very existence not shame all non-white? They can deny this all day and twice on Sundays, but I've seen this mentality manifested deeply in the "colored" psyche, however tacitly. It is nothing they'd ever admit publicly, and perhaps even to themselves, but it is there for anyone with eyes to see. Black and other non-white populations were taught by the left to be bitterly envious of whites, and they learned it so well and took that cancer to heart and made it the centerpiece of the altars of their lives. It's some mighty sad and pathetic stuff, but here we are and the non-white representations to the world are now waging campaigns of open warfare on white people. In uch the same way the global tyrant is forcing everyone into a corner, so are we being forced into the choice of fighting or folding along racial lines. Unless we get our collective head out of our collective sphincter, it seems we may very well be faced with a race war one day. That should be loads of fun.
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    Today, 06:11 AM
    Unless something has changed, WV is nearly 97% white, the only significant black populations being in Charleston's rotten west side, Huntington - a city I despise - and Mount Hope, down in Raleigh county.
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    Today, 06:09 AM
    I remember a day not too long ago when everything "black" was judged by skin hue. It looks like that hasn't changed, only that it's reversing. When I was teaching in NYC I had two black girls in my tenth period class get into tongue warring... stop me if I've told you this one before... Finally the darker of the two said "I look better than you", to which the lighter them rammed back with, "I look better than yo' blak, burned-up ass", thereby silencing the other by dropping the BigOne on her: she was lighter, therefore superior in every way. She knew it, the darker girl knew it, and everyone else in the room knew it. Game. Over. If I'm to take the above post as reflective of today's reality, it would appear the worm has indeed turned.
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    Today, 05:54 AM
    Part of me wants to laugh... maniacally at this display of zero-IQ. Part of me feels this has to be a put-on. Another part of me, namely that thing I call a "brain", simply wishes to explode.
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    Today, 05:49 AM
    This is the same brand of nonsense as were those idiotic films from a year or two ago, depicting what I take to have been (and correct me if I'm wrong) pre-white-arrival bleeyack-African civilizations where instead of grass skirts, murderous raid by one village against another, and perhaps cannibalism, they had aircraft and all manner of tech to put our current state-of-the-art to shame. I found it most embarrassing. Were I of that vintage, I'd want to hide and never again go into public for the burning embarrassment I'd feel at being in any way associated with such raving idiocy... that, or just go shoot up a predominantly white neighborhood. But seriously, this is an attempt to paint a picture of an equivalency that doesn't hold. It is a purely Orwellian deal that founds upon the belief that if you repeat the lie long enough, it becomes truth. That, of course, is one of the biggest lies ever told. Repetition tends to achieve acceptance and at times belief. Belief, however, has nothing perforce to do with truth. People used to believe in burning witches in the hope of saving their souls from eternal damnation. Curiously, it didn't seem to work out very well for the witches. In the case above, the girl is indeed killing it, but only ironically so. Killing credibility and maybe even the car. Oops...
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    Today, 01:45 AM
    I believe you may be on to the truth. Theye have painted us into a very nasty corner. The apparent strategy is simplicity itself: fuck with us in such manners and degrees that one of two things happen. We either blow a nationwide fuse and go into full war-dance, or we fold like cheap suits and finally capitulate utterly to the Tyrant. Either way, Theye see themselves as winners. If we war, Theye send in an international army full of fellows not just willing to genocide the American breed, but eager to do so. So complete a war has been waged against the American animal these past 150 years, the full-bore measure of it coming to bear against us in the past thirty or forty years, that the world has fallen utterly for the steaming pile of lies of how we live and why everything we do and that for which we stand is naught but the most essential evil imaginable. It has been a psywar operation to put all others to shame. The Chinese army will relish setting boots on American soil, as will those of several other nations, and the more we fight in defense, the more resolute will they become to wipe us out, and you can rest assured there will be no speak of Geneva Conventions and all that rot. It will be the largest and most outright bloodbath since WW II and much of the world will find itself masturbating with wild abandon at the thought that we Americans are to extinguished as such. If we surrender, then we are still extinguished as Americans, though perhaps we retain what will then have proven to be nothing better than our most wretched existences. This, of course, is the far worse fate as they physically go door to door to disarm us and reduce us to a status even Muslims would lack the stomach to foist. The degradation will be utter and continuous as the world gets to witness the end of humanity's last hope. At that point, the human world will be ready for the fork. You poor sot... landing in the same boat in which I've been floating for fifty years. Well, I suppose we can spend time telling one another dirty jokes.
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    Today, 01:06 AM
    Oh my threshold was crossed the day I, at age 10, was forced at gunpoint (not a real gun but I didn't know then) to watch Gerard J., 7, beaten until all he could do was drool and bleed on himself, then to be gang-banged by six other students. I was lucky they hadn't turned on me. I was unlucky that I had to witness such a thing, being a weak and stupid child to begin with. Unlike normal people, I was unable to get past it... or perhaps I was just unwilling. That was in September of 1968 and it was not my only glimpse into hell. It is why when I talk of the rottenness of the average man, I know of what I speak. It is why when people protest that opinion with the generally truthful assertion that most people are "nice", I school them without equivocation about how nice counts for just this side of nothing at all. I will take ugly truth worthy of my trust over "nice", any day, all day long, and twice on Sunday.
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    Yesterday, 01:23 PM
    Thanks for posting this Brian4Liberty
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    Yesterday, 01:21 PM
    A good video about Sealand:
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    11-26-2023, 06:53 PM
    read more:
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    11-25-2023, 09:36 PM
    And that brings us sort of full-circle: human beings are eminently corruptible. Once corrupted, returning to virtue becomes just this side of impossible, unless there occurs some event or some condition arises that presents them with a clear, immediate, stark, and unequivocally grim choice. The only time I am likely to see corrupted people move away from whatever it is that has its hook in them is when they can no longer get way with it. Even then, there are are many who will continue on their present course, to wit, the alcoholic and drug addicts. Cigarette smokers. We as a species are all about pushing boundaries, and there is nothing wrong with that so long as we all bear in mind the metes and bounds. Pushing things is how we advance our capabilities. But some things are sacrosanct. Screwing children is off-limits at all times, under all circumstances, even if to refrain means death to one. No exceptions ever, and death to all who violate. Because some choose what I will dare call "evil", the rest of us are forced into the choice of whether to fight or fold, and that because the enemies of liberty offer no other choices. Even we who purport to love liberty betray ourselves as liars in that so many of us categorically reject so much as a hint that we ought to kill those who would not hesitate to kill us. The enemies of freedom have done their jobs extremely well, and it is revealed with every phony baloney excuse or reason we give as to why we must not destroy the enemies of liberty. We are become our own worst enemies.
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    11-25-2023, 06:38 PM
    Don't worry the pole shift will make everyone believe in something...
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    11-24-2023, 02:09 PM
    A WIRED analysis of leaked police documents verifies that a secretive government program is allowing federal, state, and local law enforcement to access phone records of Americans who are not suspected of a crime:
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    11-24-2023, 02:08 PM
    What you expose is the other great problem that barring a civil war, there is not much to be done about the "left." They refuse to accept sense. They hate the rest with great venom and want them forced to their demented ideals. The major divisions are radically and mutually and implacably incompatible. Barring an actual miracle, there is really only one solution, other than capitulation to the left: open, hot warfare. I wish things were otherwise, but thus far I see no other viable options.
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    11-24-2023, 02:07 PM
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    11-24-2023, 12:24 PM
    This is only partial truth. The rest of it, and the far more salient factor, is their moral depravity, which is the true basis underpinning the willful lack of common sense and scientific knowledge. Therefore, labeling them "moron" as a pejorative in pursuit of venting, while understandable, isn't quite accurate. Were they actual morons, we would not be able to hold them to the same standard of accountability as those who would be intellectually intact. But we can hold them accountable precisely because they are not morons, but only pretending to be in order to evade accountability. These people may not be smart, but their basic faculties are, in fact, intact. This leaves them fully liable for that which they do. Therefore, the real culprits in all this is, once again, us. We fail to take these vermin and end their lives in compensation for the vast damages they foist upon us. It is OUR moral insufficiency that enables their depravity, so who then is really the worse? I say it is we, the glorious people who are so utterly corrupted by the various temptations and FAILures, we sit idly as Theye give our collective sphincter a vigorously athletic exercising enough to drive the stock price of Preparation-H to the stars. I'm aure everyone is sick of hearing me beat this horse as repeatedly as I do. But until someone shoots my carcass out from under my hat, I will continue to pound home the message that we are the real problem, not the so-called "politicians". Once again I remind everyone that blaming politicians for being the scurrilous vermin they tend, is even more stupid than blaming a sidewinder for biting you when you try to get all cutesy and chummy with it. They are what they are and being vermin not to be trusted to the door, they will make every attempt to get away with whatever they are able. It is up to us to keep them on terminally-short leashes; at times by voting - though I find very limited value there; at times by stopping them via arrest, charging, convicting, sentencing, and then giving them a very quiet and ignominious hanging, thereafter reducing their families to utter destitution for not a minute under three full generations. Such people understand nothing better.
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    11-23-2023, 11:52 AM
    This is the saddest stuff I have ever seen. How could they allow this to happen to innocent children?
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    11-23-2023, 11:04 AM
    "I have Generational trauma" LOL Me too, I'll use that next time I get pulled over:upsidedown:
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    11-22-2023, 10:18 AM
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  • osan's Avatar
    11-21-2023, 05:03 PM
    I think it's a great idea, only I'd make it mandatory for pistols at ten paces. Let those bastards clean their own corner of the gene pool. God knows we won't do it. Caplocks, single shot, muzzle loading, .750" bores, smokeless.
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  • osan's Avatar
    11-20-2023, 04:57 PM
    This is hilarious. The Stupid is strong and very entertaining here... watching an embarrassingly stupid black woman attempt to goad white people by calling them "fragile". Funnier still is that she probably believes her own bullshit. Funniest of all, other open their wallets and buy this crap. But OK, I say we let them have their wish. We buy one-way tickets to Africa for all who wish to go, replete with $1000 in cash to get them settled in whatever third-world black shit-hole they choose. But they travel on a special passport good only for 24 hours and with which they cannot reenter America. Their citizenship is revoked the moment they accept the deal, no backing out for any reason, and even a plane returns immediately due to emergency, they are right away regarded as illegal aliens. Let them go. Let them have their paradise of color. Anyone that fucking stupid deserves the vast miseries in store for them. My only regret would be the absence of videos where I could sate my need for comic relief, watching those bone-headed nitwits killed and oh so ironically, yet ever so deservedly, sold into slavery, to be held by the very black masters they thought were their brethren. You can't make up stupid like this. It's pure gold. I guess as I get older my sense of schadenfreude appreciation comes into its own as my inclination to say "fuck all stoopid people" blossoms.
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  • osan's Avatar
    11-20-2023, 04:41 PM
    Don't conflate the quasi-philosophical point with the practical. I was speaking to the former. As to the latter, it may be that we are simply hosed. Mr. Rock, meet Mr. Hardplace. This is the precise quandary in which the Israelis find themselves. Not all Arab Muslims are bad, but how can they not bring the innocent to harm when the guilty embed themselves among them? The practical reality is that we are mostly incapable of separating wheat and chaff. Therefore, when we set the taper to the chaff, our wheat also burns. This is a terrible thing, but the only alternative, and here I speak broadly, is to allow the enemy to destroy us. That's a hard "NO!" And so the general circumstance of human existence leads us to the necessity of making the choice between destroying innocents and being destroyed by our enemies. Since we are a predator species, it may simply be the case that our fundamental assumption that the destruction of innocents as being a horror, is plainly wrong. If we go to war, we war for effect, and if that means the utter elimination of an entire people, so what? I do, in fact, advocate that all war should be all-out endeavors to do just this: the utter annihilation of every man, woman, and child of one's opposing tribe. Kill them all. Make war such an abject horror that nobody with a shred of sense will so much as even consider an attack, for fear of the existential threat that would ensue. Make that the boilerplate and you would see how rapidly people would come to better sense regarding life among their neighbors. All this "international rules of war" is utter bullshit designed to leave the war-makers a hatch through which they can escape culpability and the gallows for the things they do in this regard. Give them no out such that when they decide to war, they do so because they know it is necessary and reasonable, and not because some scumbag at War Machine Inc. greased his palms. Sanitizing war serves Theire agenda, not yours. Hunt Themme and kill the tree whence they issued. This is the only way because such people neither understand nor respect anything else.
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  • osan's Avatar
    11-20-2023, 04:23 PM
    The problem here is that we humans were engineered for tribal life as hunter/gatherers. We are not engineered for civilized life, yet that is where we find ourselves. So-called "primitive" men survived by their wits. Our brains are wired to extrapolate to generalization. I large yellow predatory cat with vertical stripes eats one of your crew. You'd never seen one before. Your midbrain is wired such that it is now going to sound the alarm when any large cat is sighted, regardless of color or even if its stripes are horizontal. That is how we survive. That is why so-called "racism", an admittedly stupid word what any intelligent man finds despicable, lives on. We are wired to "us and them". It's the most natural thing in the world, but it is not compatible with the unnatural circumstance of living the civilized life. We are predators living in a predatory world. Everyone is attempting to eat everyone else because that is how God engineered things. You may not like it. I may not like it. Too bad. We either deal with it, or die with ulcers and an eaten-up heart. Civilization is false collectivism. Though it provides seemingly manifold benefits, the cost of living in a way so contrary to our human architecture is extraordinarily high, most particularly because the "ideals" we have served unto ourselves and our posterity, with respect to how we must live among our fellows, are not in harmony with our predator nature. Going so utterly against the grain of our humanity in so many ways is bound to give rise to serious problems. And so it has been borne out. The world of humans is up to its eyeballs in the septic tank, and is about to step into the end that has the diving board. Endless generations of bred-in cultural bullshit has doubtlessly effected our basic wiring such that we are no longer willing to mind our own business. And so we stick our noses into the business of others, at many times understandably so because so many people have turned their back to the most basic instincts of being a fundamentally decent human being. Fucking your own children and leaving your dog to rot on a chain tied to a tree are all acts of the most rank evil imaginable, yet so many of us - far too many - insist on doing things of such caliber. We are a destroyed species, on the average, and if God is really out there and watching, his hair must have long ago burst into wildfire, having witnessed not just the things some men do, but that which the rest of us tolerate. If he's there and if he's coming to straighten this shit out, I don't think he is going to look very kindly on the vast majority of us who have stood idly as the tyrant bent the world over the wood to give its sphincter a mighty exercising. Rather than accepting people for what they are where it makes sense, and adopting positions of stern and woe-dealing intolerance of the intolerable, we have chosen either to embrace raging evil, or at the very least to accept it in blasé stride as Theye run wildly about, raping children and waging wars the world over, all the while laughing at we, the supposedly "free" men of the world who sit, cow-eyed, watching as our children are consumed, too corrupt and rotten ourselves to raise the least finger to stop Themme. We should be hunting and dispatching Themme and their entire families, snuffing out their genetic lines. Instead, we effectively suck Theire dicks.
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