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    Today, 07:37 AM
    People who are dead before 2024 can't vote in 2024 unless they are democrats. Then what are you babbling about? I've said repeatedly I don't give a flip about DeSantis. I'm just glad people are getting access to the treatment they need. This ain't about "red flock shepherds" and being "alpha." Where the hell is your sense of compassion? Anti Federalist pointed out that this treatment is saving his life. A governor of a state seeking treatment for the people of his state is not a violation of conservatism. Trump banning bump stocks by executive order is a violation of conservatism. If you're bitching about "federal money", Ron Paul brought a boatload of federal money back to his district as a congressmen so I guess you'd throw him out too. But again, if you're such a purist then put your money where your mouth is. That's something that neither you nor PAF seem willing to do. The answer to "The taxpayers shouldn't fund this" is to fund it your own damn self.
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    Today, 07:28 AM
    The man responsible for vaccines uber alles.
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    Today, 07:27 AM
    Yes. You are clearly insane. I get it. But I was asking for a solution to saving lives. Your thread on "Ron DeSantis On The Record" has nothing in it about saving lives. Question. Are you a nihilist? Do you just want people to die? It seems like it. Same for acptulsa.
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    Today, 07:19 AM
    Actually that's not true. The ulitmate reason Rand Paul gave for support for the CRA is that the Jim Crow laws created an environment that needed correcting. Yes he flip flopped on the issue. But his final position is correct. The Jim Crow system had a government and a pseudo government part. Ten years after Brown v Board of Education outlawed segregation you still had state mandated and terrorist mandated (KKK) segregation. And ultimately the goal is individual freedom.
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    Today, 07:00 AM
    Anyone who drinks ought not use tylenol because of the damage it could cause to your liver when combined with alcohol. So if drinking is your religion take heed.
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    Yesterday, 04:57 PM
    What are you missing? How about the fact that Trump was absolutely in on the COVID scam from the get go and it could not have happened without his aiding and abetting? GOF research stopped under Obama. It restarted when Trump was president. And no. I do not "regret not voting for Trump." Why? Because I actually understand the constitution and can count. There was no way Trump would lose my state with our without my vote. The GOP primary was a mere formality so I voted Tulsi Gabbard. That was also a protest vote. I voted Jorgensen in the general. No regrets. I have no problem with those who voted for Trump either. That just wasn't me.
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    Yesterday, 04:39 PM
    I'm having trouble following your logic. What I think your concern is that not that what Desantis is doing is actually wrong, but that you're concerned he'll get too much credit for it? This is about 2024 for you? I do not care! What is your proposal to getting monoclonal antibodies to the patients in states where Biden is throttling that? If you don't have an answer for that, then you don't really have a valid argument. Slavery itself is a crime against humanity. Getting treatment for the people in your state is not a crime against humanity. And you have not even given a rational explanation as to how Desantis move "hurts" other states. Quite the contrary. The "free market" of supply and demand dictates that manufacturing increases based on increased demand. If Desantis gamble pays off, and early results shows that it is paying off, then other states are likely to go directly to the manufacture. Guess what the manufacturer will do at that point? Increase the supply! Really, this isn't that complicated.
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    Yesterday, 04:07 PM
    It's worse than just "imperfect." It's absurd. There was nothing at all humanitarian about maintaining slavery. And I have yet to see you or anyone else in this thread say anything that moves us an closer to "cutting out the cancer."
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    Yesterday, 03:33 PM
    You're sounding a bit collectivist here. Desantis can't help his own state because it might hurt other states? Emphasis on might. What's more likely is that other states will follow Desantis example and make the own direct deals circumventing the feds. And as actual descendant of slaves I fail to see the equivalence between states having the right to let people own other people and states having the right to look after the interests of their own people.
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    Yesterday, 03:31 PM
    Still waiting for your solution.
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    Yesterday, 03:20 PM
    Not at all. Swordsmyth supports Trump. I don't support Desantis. I simply support the power of the states to check the power of the feds. It's called federalism.
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    Yesterday, 03:19 PM
    The priorities put in the declaration of independence are LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They are put in that order for a reason. Biden's actions are a direct assault on the LIFE priority. I don't give a crap if Desantis becomes the GOP nominee or not. In fact I would much rather that be Rand Paul. If it is Desantis I may not even vote. But I support moves made to give people more options to save their LIFE.
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    Yesterday, 03:16 PM
    Yeah. That's nice. That's not what I mean by end the fed. And even if it was, Desantis isn't a fed. Somebody should be doing something to circumvent Biden's boycott. You worried about federal money being used? Then start a moneybomb. I'll be happy to donate.
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    Yesterday, 03:14 PM
    I have not at all "lost my senses." So...when the real feds come to take your guns and the local sheriff opposes them using one of the MRAPS the feds gave him years ago, are you going to be all "muh principles?" And again, this has nothing to do with "end the fed". You're misusing the term. Sorry, you just are.
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    Yesterday, 02:44 PM
    Are you even paying attention? The doctors, clinics and hospitals do not have the power to compete with the Federal government. Biden is targetting southern states for retribution. This was like the situation with PPE early on. I sold N95 masks to doctors and clinics that couldn't get them, but I could. The normal supply chain was screwed up. I bought off Craigslist and when that supply dried up I bought off Alibaba. I had to be careful not to buy too many because there were stories about the Feds confiscating PPE supplies people were buying in bulk. If you haven't tried to fulfil a hospital supply chain, even on a small scale like I did, you need to do that first before trying to comment on what doctors and hospitals should be doing for themselves. I haven't seen the article you are talking about regarding the health card policy. I'll take your word for it that such a policy is bad. But this ain't that. FFS! The free market has already been overturned by Biden!
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    Yesterday, 02:36 PM
    You're welcome and hope you make a full recovery!'re not making sense. "End The Fed", a chant that first became known to me when I joined this movement in 2007, had/has a particular meaning. It's always meant the Federal Reserve Bank. End the Fed never was associated, by this movement, with ending all government. It didn't even mean "end the federal government." It meant "End The Federal Reserve Bank." This country existed many years without a central bank. I had to explain this to my mother in law (ex mother in law now?) when she gave me grief over my "end the fed" bumper sticker. So no. Accepting help from a non federal government official that is not connected to the central bank is not nullification of "End The Fed." So...quit saying that. Please. Now to the practical side of this. We are literally in the fight for our very lives. What Biden is doing by limiting the supply of monoclonal antibodies to be compared to boycotts our country has done against "terrorist" nations. Ron Paul has in the past justly called that an act of war. I do not say this lightly. Anti Federalist knows I'm the last person to be talking like this. As I type this I know this forum is being watch. I am probably more identifiable than most because I don't use some pseudonym here. But if we don't pull our heads out of our collective asses as see what's going on, well then whatever happens next is our own damn fault. When liberals were pushing for more gun control and constitutional sheriffs were like "Nope. We're not going to let you enforce those laws in our jurisdictions", and they were applauded, did you freak out then and say "Wait a minute. That's the end of 'End The Fed'?" Because....I missed that if you did. If you didn't, what's the difference? Yes, in a perfect government free world sheriffs wouldn't exist and the self organized militia would protect us from enemies foreign and domestic. But that perfect world does not exist! Yes, the Bundy's held of the feds for a bit on the grazing issue...then they fell of the front page, then the feds arrested them when they tried to help someone else. If a governor or state legislature decides to act to help you have more medical choices, there is no downside to that action. And if you've got a solution on how to get monoclonal antibodies or ivermectin or whatever else to the people that want it and can't get it, GREAT! We're all ears. And for the record I'm all for natural over the counter stuff like zinc and melatonin and other natural remedies like exercise and sunlight and hydrotherapy. I'm putting together a pamphlet on just that to share in my community. This is a full court press. Let's start working on solutions. We don't have the time or manpower to waste knocking down each others ideas on nothing principal grounds.
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    Yesterday, 12:38 PM
    pcosmar replied to a thread Not a good week... in Open Discussion
    I hate that shit. Rest,Reflect..Recover.
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    Yesterday, 12:12 PM
    Sunday, Oliver (border collie) had a stroke. Same day, my friend Bob had a major stroke. Monday, Ollie died. Tuesday, I rolled a tractor. Naturally, it landed on me. I'm a bit broken at the moment. This was not a good week. My parts hurt. A lot. And I miss my boy.
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  • jmdrake's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:57 AM
    Consider what Rand is doing now the same as the jab in boxing. The jab usually doesn't knock anyone out but it sets up the knockout strikes. The chance for accountability comes in 2022. If it's a referendum on Biden's performance then the Dems may lose the House and Senate. If it becomes another referendum on Trump, who knows.
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    Yesterday, 10:08 AM
    I think the left is going to regret throwing Megan Kelly under the bus over the blackface fiasco.
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    Yesterday, 06:24 AM
    Good to see someone on the left taking on this issue as well.
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    Yesterday, 06:05 AM
    To do that I'd have to actually start watching TV again. But it's a good idea for those who do. The best argument against gun control right now is Australia. There's no what what's going on right now "down under" could happen if the population hadn't been disarmed first. But the frustrating thing is how many Americans support that garbage. "Look at how great Australia is doing keeping the numbers down!" They conveniently forget that Australia is an island and they've also been very strict on who they let in their country post COVID. Most of the pro gun control/pro lockdown crowd in the U.S. are also open border which makes no sense to anybody but them. Also the story of increased gun sales when it looks like gun control is being pushed on a national level is covered by the anti-gunners in the media as a reason to do something about the "problem." And whenever there's a mass shooting there's coverage of how many guns the shooter owned, even though typically no more then 2 guns are ever used. Here's really the only way to win. One on one talking to people who are on the fence on the issue. Don't waste time with hard core anti gunners. But the "quasi anti gunners" as Colin Noir puts it may be open to a different point of view. Take your kid to work day? How about take your quasi anti gun friend to the gun range day?
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  • jmdrake's Avatar
    09-16-2021, 08:56 PM
    I think you and jkr are missing the big picture. People are clinging to the sides of C130s and then falling to their deaths because of "natural rights." They're doing that because we screwed up their country and they were dumb enough to ally themselves with us while we screwed up their country. This goes back before the Taliban to Jimmy Carter funding the mujahadeen and then lying about it in order to draw the Soviet Union into their own Vietnam. And then we have this "extended withdrawal" where there are, supposedly, 100 to 200 Americans still there. Meanwhile we've airlifted out over 100,000 with the vast majority not being Americans? How about we stop breaking countries around the world and creating refugee crises? Is that too much to ask?
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    09-16-2021, 08:45 PM
    Okay. But wouldn't that only apply to people who have been vaccinated?
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    09-16-2021, 06:47 PM
    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to TheTexan again.
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    09-16-2021, 06:44 PM
    In a perfect world the free market would solve everything. But the world ain't perfect. It doesn't matter how much you and your doctor might want to choose monoclonal antibodies or ivermectin or fill-in-the-blank. If it's unavailable it's unavailable. And regardless of what role someone thinks the government should play in medicine, it is quite telling that they are only pushing "solutions" that lead to greater tyranny. So I support governors making more options available. And I also support free-marketters putting their heads together to come up with ways to make more options available.
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    09-16-2021, 01:21 PM
    NO Debate. It has been settled.
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    09-16-2021, 11:15 AM
    LOL There have been a few odd posts and posters lately.. Look at "who is online". They can be useful and entertaining,, in that "There are no Trolls here" kind of way.
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    09-16-2021, 09:21 AM
    What you are is Reported for SPAM.
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