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    Yesterday, 07:38 PM
    This looks pretty bearable to me.
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    Yesterday, 02:13 PM
    How a real HIMARS works. The Ukrainian DIY version. I'm betting the Ukrainian version lacks accuracy. But a system like this could fix it.
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    Yesterday, 01:34 PM
    Yeah...yeah....I heard it before. So when do we get to prosecute Fauci? It's not like Fauci didn't say back in 2012 that he didn't care if there was a pandemic from his research. 6qJENrd_7WS_17oLTdf81kVyEGkKzfeD-qD6V8 Despite the risks involved, Fauci called gain-of-function experiments “important work” in his 2012 writing: In an unlikely but conceivable turn of events, what if that scientist becomes infected with the virus, which leads to an outbreak and ultimately triggers a pandemic? Many ask reasonable questions: given the possibility of such a scenario – however remote – should the initial experiments have been performed and/or published in the first place, and what were the processes involved in this decision? Scientists working in this field might say – as indeed I have said – that the benefits of such experiments and the resulting knowledge outweigh the risks. It is more likely that a pandemic would occur in nature, and the need to stay ahead of such a threat is a primary reason for performing an experiment that might appear to be risky.
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    Yesterday, 12:33 PM
    I've yet to see any solid evidence that Soros is a Zionist. Globalist? Yes. And maybe that's the real riddle? As I pointed out in another thread, during WW 2 there was a split between international Jewry of those who wanted to strangle the German economy through an international boycott and the Zionists who worked with Germany to undermine the boycott in order to facilitate Jewish immigration to Palestine. It seems that Soros came from the former group as opposed to the latter because his family was still trapped in Hungary rather than having already left for Palestine. That doesn't make the things Soros is doing now "good."
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    Yesterday, 12:11 PM
    That assumes that: 1) all of the PTB are in lock step and always agree on everything. We know that is false because Hillary really wanted to be president in 2008 but had to give way to Barack Obama and that was decided at Bilderberg. 2) things haven't at all "gotten away" from the PTB. Or as Anti Federalist pointed out, someone created a golem that has gone wild. There was absolutely a different response from Biden and the MSM to the Gaza protests as compared to the Black Lives Matter protests. BLM burned down a police station, looted and burned stores and shot people and Biden and all of his allies called them "mostly peaceful." The Gaza protests occupied some college buildings and sprayed some graffiti. Biden's double-speak response to the Gaza protests was described as his "Charlottesville Moment." Only a blind man would not be able to see that many people on the left are very unhappy with these protestors in a way nobody on the left was willing to call out BLM.
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    Yesterday, 11:42 AM
    I wonder how many times this same judge convicted people based on shell casings....yet apparently he didn't know to recover his own shell casings. Anti Federalist, yeah road rage people can get crazy. Best to let them be if you can.
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    Yesterday, 11:32 AM
    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to unknown again.
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    Yesterday, 04:19 AM
    This really doesn't tell us enough. Most tribal communities are anarchic, while some have rulers such as a king. Most have a chief, which is not the same as a ruler. A chief has no authority to order anyone to do anything. One more anecdotal datapoint demonstrating the shameful human predilection for the various corruptions this represents. Cowardice, evasion of responsibility for oneself on several levels, rank ignorance, avarice, and a willingness to bow to a king so long as one believes they are thereby safe, just to name a few. Captain Broken Record reiterates: Humans are a rotten breed of which there is little to recommend.
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    Yesterday, 03:54 AM
    They made fine work of it, too, considering the baggage the term now carries. It makes sense because anarchy is a euphemism for freedom. Each implies the other. Anarchism has become a clustercopulation, what with "ancom", "ancap", and all the other idiotic subdivisions. I'm in an anarchy group on FB and the youngins there are so woefully ignorant of the most basic sense, I don't think even a good beating with an iron bar would help them... though it might make me feel a little better. They never shut up about hierarchy and private property. They are some of the most anti-freedom sorts imaginable... the ancoms. The so-called ancaps are far more rational, but I still object to "ancap". You're either an anarchist or you are something else. There are no flavors of anarchy, just as there are no degrees of freedom, but only of servitude. The stupidity is wild-west epic. Those people leave me convinced at times that humanity is doomed to extinction for a lack of the most basic sense. Ancaps are very selective in their definitions such that it's impossible to have a rational conversation with them. I'd laugh them off, but there's a dangerous edge in their tone. Mass executions by rulers past become more understandable, given what I see on a daily basis. The stupid stand to drag everyone into the maw of hell. What does one do when rational and open-minded discourse becomes impossible due to the intransigence of stoopid people?
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    Yesterday, 03:12 AM
    So basically Russia has won. I never thought I'd side with Russia on anything, given what those bastards did to my family, but here I am. Not really siding with them, I suppose, but certainly seeing things from their perspective. That the western Euros went for the nonsense doled by USA tells us something. I'm not sure they can be so bottomlessly stupid as to willingly go for this crap, given the last two disastrous wars. That leaves coercion in the form of "you will kowtow or we pull every penny for NATO and take our nukes and other materiel home. What's it gonna be?" An end to US NATO funding would spell the end of the EU as a neo-communist bloc, unless of course they were to choose not to maintain a military deterrent against Russia, in which case they either suck Putin's willie to evade his aggression, or Vlad marches in and takes it all, which I'm not convinced he'd do. One would hope Russia learned the lessons of their wild traipse into wholesale, ham-fisted stupidity during the soviet era. OTOH, one can never really be sure about such things where humans and political power come into question, so I suppose it's really all just a great big crap shoot.
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    05-19-2024, 07:37 PM
    Yeah, and if he doesn't live through it then Kamela becomes not only President but the nominee
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    05-19-2024, 05:52 PM
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    05-19-2024, 05:52 PM
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    05-19-2024, 04:51 PM
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    05-19-2024, 11:51 AM
    As often, I have no idea what you're talking about.
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    05-19-2024, 10:20 AM "When once a republic is corrupted, there is no possibility of remedying any of the growing evils but by removing the corruption and restoring its lost principles; every other correction is either useless or a new evil" -Thomas Jefferson For better than thirty years I have been telling this to people, at times with nodding heads in response, at others with glazed stares. On far more occasions than I care to recall, people of a certain bent would launch into a diatribe at me about how violence is never the solution, even though I never mention the dreaded "v-word". That's not to say I feel that violence is a universal evil as some do, because I don't. As with all things, violence has its place. However, it must also be noted that as with hatred, a little goes a very long way, but let me not digress so early on. The American republic has problems. Some will say our troubles root in the faults of our architecture. This is certainly a valid point, for our Constitution carries with it the DNA for the death of the republic for which it stands as blueprint. The power to tax is perhaps the greatest of these faults of design, but such flaws cannot bear the full measure of blame for the ways in which we have devolved as a people over the past two hundred years. By far the great proportion of culpability lies with we, the glorious people.
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    05-19-2024, 06:39 AM
    All you have to do is go to a grocery store to see that America has an obesity problem. I have seen 5 year old children that weigh more than I do. The reason this is happening is because of refined sugars and carbs, artificial sweeteners and, plant oils being added to food products. Why don't we do something about this? It is killing off the children and adults. It is terrifying to look at what people riding in the wheel char electric carts provided by all grocery stores are buying. I have family members riding in these carts. It kills me to see this. happening. I have been writing letters to big agra companies for years begging them to please use less of these ingredients in their products. I can't understand how this can be allowed. The companies that respond to my pleading always saying that they are complying with fda regulations. I can't believe that the fda has not been gutted and burned for requiring that food manufactures be forced to do some of the things that they do. It goes against all logic for health and I can't understand how it is allowed. I have been writing about this for years and trying to educate the people in m circle.
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    05-17-2024, 07:00 PM
    Dr. Paul, Rep. Finstad Introduce Resolution to Repeal Harmful FDA Rule Limiting Access to Laboratory Developed Tests WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Wednesday, U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) introduced a resolution under the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to repeal Medical Devices: Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs), a rule that was recently finalized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The final rule, published May 6th, seeks to impose burdensome regulations on the creation and implementation of laboratory developed tests (LDTs), limiting patients’ access to critical diagnostic testing. Additionally, these tests are already regulated by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and Congress has never given the FDA the authority to regulate lab tests. U.S. Congressman Brad Finstad (MN-01) introduced the resolution in the U.S. House of Representatives today. Lab tests are often the only or most reliable option available within the U.S. healthcare system that provide timely results to patients with rare diseases and conditions. Specifically, implementation of FDA’s rule would: Hinder the development and deployment of new and improved lab-developed tests.
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    05-16-2024, 10:28 PM
    Rep. Massie Introduces Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act to "End the Fed" WASHINGTON, D.C.- Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) announces the introduction of H.R. 8421, the Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act. Rep. Massie's legislation abolishes the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve and the Federal Reserve banks. It also repeals the Federal Reserve Act, the 1913 law that created the Federal Reserve System. "Americans are suffering under crippling inflation, and the Federal Reserve is to blame," said Rep. Massie. "During COVID, the Federal Reserve created trillions of dollars out of thin air and loaned it to the Treasury Department to enable unprecedented deficit spending. By monetizing the debt, the Federal Reserve devalued the dollar and enabled free money policies that caused the high inflation we see today."
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    05-16-2024, 05:53 PM
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    05-16-2024, 05:41 PM
    Yep. The bill expands on the definition of what "discriminating against Jews" is and outsources that to a private entity.
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    05-16-2024, 04:57 PM
    NPR was going on about how Fico is the Slovak counterpart of Trump and that the gunman "acted alone", all this just hours after the fact. That NPR crystal ball must really be something.
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    05-16-2024, 12:33 PM
    True story. So when I first met my now ex-wife and her family back in 1998, I thought they were really homophobic. Like they would talk about the "gay agenda" and how Disney secretly pushing gay and sexual messages in their movies and all of that. I was pretty liberal then. I supported ending the ban on sodomy laws because I don't want to know what other people are doing in their bedroom. (Seems like these days certain people want everybody to know what they are doing in their bedroom.) I was okay with ending the ban on gays in the military because I had no intention of joining the military. When it came to gay marriage, I was okay with that until I went to law school and had to read the IRS vs Bob Jones University case. That's the case where BJU lost it's tax except status for having a ban on interracial dating. The holding was since SCOTUS had struck down separate but equal, congress had passed the CRA and President Truman had desegregated the military, all 3 branches of government had decided segregation was against public policy. (After they lost they just banned all dating on campus period). That case greatly concerned me because the SDA church operates a lot of colleges and universities and they all follow the traditional view on sexuality and marriage. About that time Obama had repealed don't ask don't tell. (Branch 1) Sometime later SCOTUS struck down DOMA. (Branch 2). And there was language barring discrimination against transgenders in medicine in Obamacare. (Branch 3). Back to my former in-laws. Four years ago when we were all together for my sons graduating college I overheard them talking to each other about how "terrible" it is that Trump was trying to take away transgender rights to healthcare. This was the first I heard of that and I wasn't sure what that meant. But I bet they thought it was about whether or not a transgender having a heart attack would be turned away form the hospital. I didn't argue with them, but I was thinking "I bet there's more to it than that." Sure enough, within a year I heard of a case of a "transman" suing a Catholic hospital for not doing a hysterectomy because the hospital said it didn't want to be involved in any gender affirming surgeries. I've never asked my ex or her family what they thought about that. At that same graduation event a pastor who is married to one of my exes sisters wanted to talk to me about politics because I guess he wanted to "set me straight" about being a "republican" and a "Trump supporter." I am neither but I get accused of that all of the time because in some circles if you aren't lining up to kiss the donkey's ass and/or if you don't totally despise Trump (and despite what some here think, I don't hate the man), then you must be a Trump supporter. Finally I asked the pastor "You have a daycare with your church right? How would you feel if the feds told you that you have to hire an openly gay teacher?" Boom! i had him! He hadn't thought about that. (Actually religious schools are allowed to discriminate in hiring of teachers because they are the same as hiring clergy and that falls under the same "ecclesiastical exception" that excempts churches form the CRA when dealing with clergy.) Anyhow, I have transgender relatives. If any of the were having a heart attack I'd want them to be able to go to any hospital and have treatment. But that is not what Obama was pushing or is being pushed now. /long rant
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    05-16-2024, 12:09 PM
    What...the actual....hell? Like what? That man has to be possessed.
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    05-16-2024, 09:38 AM
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    05-16-2024, 09:13 AM
    :rolleyes: If I was not correct then they wouldn't be offering this amendment! Yes there have been CRA cases based on antisemitism such as calling someone "Jew boy" but this is an escalation. Part of proving discrimination is showing animus against the protected class. The definition that this bill brings in by proxy includes saying you don't support the state of Israel as evidence of such animus. That is the problem. Read the case I linked to above before responding so we can have an intelligent conversation.
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    05-16-2024, 08:36 AM
    Yes. Exactly. Full stop. This is a hypothetical question. But it's based on advances that are actually being developed. Okay. And yet there are exceptions that you mentioned where you would allow it. And that's why "the government is part of the question." There's nothing "casual" about evictionism. We know that abortion will continue to happen. Ban it in one state, it will happen in another state. Women might even travel to Canada at some point.. Harm reduction is not casual. That's a disingenuous argument.
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