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    Yesterday, 11:15 PM
    So I just watched this, and yes it was entertaining and funny, but it seems clear to me that JS was brought back on the stage to ensure Biden gets kicked to the curb. He can corral the Dem base in the process. The court jester is the biggest propagandist at all. And JS absolutely has an agenda even if he gets things right sometimes.
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  • Working Poor's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:53 PM
    Hey man it's all show biz...
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  • Matt Collins's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:09 PM
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  • Working Poor's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:54 PM
    Yea he is trying to set an example for Biden.
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    Yesterday, 01:17 PM
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    Yesterday, 08:00 AM
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  • osan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:56 AM
    Humans are hypocritical assholes and have been forever. Anyone believing there is real freedom of the press is either low on IQ power, morally compromised, painfully naive, or some combination of these. Let us consider a quick example from an era past, when "freedom" was so patrioticallt waved like a flag by most Americans in the purported land of the free. Back in my days at military school we had a staff member, commander Duncan, who'd fought in the Pacific. He was retired navy when I knew him and always struck me as a solidly good and admirable man. I've known many veterans of that war - well enough to know that they tended to talk very little of their experiences of those days - so when one would open up about something, we tended to listen with great care. So one day several of us were hanging about by the little gymnasium where we would form up for muster during inclement weather. But this was a fine day and commander Duncan was there and we all got to talking. Viet Nam was still swinging and we were asking about going to war and what was it like, and all that sort of thing. Out of nowhere, the commander broke into a short story about a thing that happened one day late in the war. I don't recall the battle, but I think it may have been Iwo Jima. Duncan was 19 and piloting a landing craft. At some point, his boat was filled with Japanese POWs and his CO then had him raise the ramp, at which time he was ordered to stand to attention, face aft, and that whatever he heard he was not to turn around. He turned after which he told us there was a great fusillade of small arms fire. He was then ordered at ease and turned to see his boat was then filled with dead Japanese soldiers. That was an act of murder in gross violation of the Geneva Conventions; the sorts of act for which we Americans hung several hundreds of German officers with all manner of self-righteousness being waved about as if we were saintly people dispatching evil pursuant to Divine command. And yet, had a journalist been privy to that act, perhaps in possession even of photographic evidence to the fact of it and had his press published the fact, what does anyone here think would have happened? He'd have been lucky to escape being killed no only by "government", but by about ten million Americans... you know, the lovers of all that is right and decent... all the time. But more likely he would have been taken up on some sort of charges such as aiding and abetting... anything to keep him bottled up at least until the war was over, after which perhaps he would have been quietly released with the unequivocal warning that his life, much less his freedoms, now hung by a very thin thread.
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  • osan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:28 AM
    Murdered by muslim immigrants? Sweden is a ripe shit hole. Then again, so it most of the rest of the world.
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  • osan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:26 AM
    "Low info leftist" Department of Redundancy Department.
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  • osan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:25 AM
    Since when do Theye pay the least attention to their own laws when to do so proves inconvenient? I didn't follow the details of the whole wikileaks thing, but I seem to recall that Assange was given those documents. That is, he didn't do the stealing. Assuming this, how could his actions have been espionage? He pissed in Their cornflakes and now they want his head.
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  • Matt Collins's Avatar
    02-20-2024, 06:40 PM
    I would also say that politics is war by less violent means. People try to take our stuff and run our lives. It used to be that the only way to combat that was through violence. That is less true today, especially in western countries.
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  • Matt Collins's Avatar
    02-20-2024, 04:44 PM
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    02-20-2024, 04:26 PM
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  • Working Poor's Avatar
    02-20-2024, 03:37 PM
    Yea but this is not news we have known this for years.
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  • Matt Collins's Avatar
    02-18-2024, 05:24 AM
    Politics is simply how humans interact with each other. It's human nature. It's how humans decide who has power and who doesn't. It exists any time there are more than 1 human around. It can be as simple as you and the wife deciding where to eat dinner, or as complicated as Congress, and everything in-between. The reason why government should be as minimal as possible, is because they have a monopoly on the use of force and everything the government does is the result of politics.
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  • Matt Collins's Avatar
    02-18-2024, 05:21 AM
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  • Matt Collins's Avatar
    02-18-2024, 05:13 AM
    This is because of the way that cops are trained these days... which is a large result of of the war on drugs and the war on terror helping to "federalize" police training. They wind these guys up so tight that they are scared of their own shadow and make officer safety the #1 priority so that their instinct is to start shooting and ask questions later.
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  • osan's Avatar
    02-18-2024, 04:41 AM
    As Dr. Paul quipped, this should not be surprising.
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  • osan's Avatar
    02-16-2024, 11:22 AM
    This is what I call "pretty slavery". To wit: Pretty Slavery: What It Is And How To Identify And Expose The Fraud Several years ago I coined the term "pretty slavery" and have used it many times in my communications with others to convey the notion of the gilt cage. In a past article, I set forth the notion that freedom is an all or nothing deal. There are no "degrees" where freedom is concerned. One is either free or is not. There is nothing between the two. Degrees only present themselves under conditions of oppression and slavery where the master or tyrant decides what shall be allowed and what shall not. This is by necessity an arbitrary position regardless of how well intended the tyrant may be, for no matter how benevolent one's master, you are always subject to that over which you have no control. There is nothing in principle that constrains the master's hand; nothing to prevent his presumably reasonable base of principles from wandering into whim and caprice. All that aside, there is nothing in credibly derived principle that endows one man to act as the master of another. The Canon Of Individual Sovereignty makes this quite solidly plain. Therefore, no matter how one attempts to slice the pie, he will find it quite impossible to concoct a logically valid basis for one subset of a population dominating another. Dominion over others cannot occur except as a felonious action where those dominated have not given their consent. This may seem intuitively obvious when one looks to the histories of personalities such as Stalin and Mao, whose colorless brutality made obvious to the world that they were monsters needing little more than tail, horns, and a pitchfork to complete the image. Somewhat less obvious are the examples epitomized by men such as Hitler whose personal charisma and charm drew in millions of Germans who thereby fell for his lies and helped usher forth the destruction of most of the European continent and tens of millions of lives.
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  • osan's Avatar
    02-16-2024, 10:21 AM
    How boringly predictable are these sorts. Weak, brittle, lost while thinking they have someone or something by its balls. I also find it amusing to note that such people are so weak of ego, so not in possession of themselves, and so needy of being "heard", that they throw all caution and self control to the wind such that, rather than sitting back and watching to see how it all unfolds, they make these dire predictions, wild accusations, and engage in second-grader name-calling for the sake of salving and soothing the collapsed train wrecks those egos represent as they lie to themselves about... well, everything.
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  • osan's Avatar
    02-16-2024, 09:47 AM
    This might besaid to be astonishing, but for me the astonishing bit is that we the people are not pushing back, really hard. Like it or not, admit it or not, we are at war.
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  • osan's Avatar
    02-16-2024, 09:30 AM
    It is a good essay, so far as it goes, but could have gone farther. Perhaps there were space constraints. I wrote on this very subject back in 2009, but addressed the issue in somewhat greater detail here. I've posted the essay here before, but some things bear repetition. Let's do a blow by blow. Language is everything, much unbeknownst to nearly all people.
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  • osan's Avatar
    02-16-2024, 04:25 AM
    I'd like to start a thread of books worthy of reading. They don't have to be necessarily liberty-oriented; nobody here heeds such circumscriptions anyway, so why waste one's breath trynig to impose them? Indeed, my first offering is not, strictly speaking, centered on a liberty theme... or at least not seemingly so, though I will say unequivocally that in its deeper layers, it is precisely so oriented. I first came across this tome at Tam's or the USC bookstore when I was 18 an din in my first year of engineering at SC. The volumes were laying in a large pile and the title caught my attention. I've read the book cover to cover at least half a dozen times, always gaining some new insight from it's conceptually-dense pages. The book is titled "Etidorhpa; of The End of Earth" by John Uro Lloyd, published in 1895. For me it is a fantastic work that put those of H. G. Wells to some shame and embarrassment. It is written in a very Voctorian style, a feature that may turn some readers off, but which delighted me for reasons I will not expound upon here. I will say no more, give no spoilers, but will leave a Gutenberg link where you can either download it or read online. As to this thread, I tried to look to see whether one recommending books was already extant, but was unwilling to wade through 1559 threads at 5 AM. So if I have created a redundancy, do forgive me and feel free, ye admins, to place this post wherever you deem it most appropriate. Etidorhpa can be read free at: Enjoy it if you please, and best wishes to all.
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  • osan's Avatar
    02-15-2024, 07:56 AM
    154 +/-
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  • Matt Collins's Avatar
    02-14-2024, 11:06 PM
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    02-14-2024, 11:05 PM
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    02-14-2024, 11:05 PM
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    02-14-2024, 10:14 AM
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    02-13-2024, 11:27 PM
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