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    Today, 07:22 AM
    From this alone, I was wondering what this guy is about - another strong indicator of the importance of reading further because not all writing styles indicate the real point until a mite further down the road. Just a reminder to us all. For God's sake I wish people would stop using the d-word. The proper term here would be "free". This is truly alarming. The good here, and it is marginal, is his recognition and mention of relationship. I've been pushing this notion for years to an apparently blind and deaf world. Then again, I am a nobody so why would anyone listen?
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    Yesterday, 11:16 AM
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    Yesterday, 11:15 AM
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    02-01-2023, 04:04 PM
    EPA tried to pull a stunt regarding wood fire stoves, fortunately Thomas called them out on it:
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    02-01-2023, 08:12 AM
    Thank God for Thomas Massie.
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    02-01-2023, 08:04 AM
    In 2021 I was hit by a person having a stroke he hit 2 other cars and ended hitting a guard rail. This happened shortly after the jab came out. I don't know for sure if he had ever been in an accident or had the jab or if the other people had been jabbed. It was the first time I had ever been in an accident in my life. My insurance doubled because I was hit. I saw the person going over the double yellow line and was able to get to the side of the road before he hit me. He knocked off my side view mirror and scratched my car all the way down that side. If I had not be paying attention I hate to think what would have happened to me. Fortunately not a scratch on my body but it did change my desire to drive. I replaced the mirror and rubbed out the the scratch myself. When I asked how much would my insurance would go up if I actually filed a claim to save money I did it myself. I have never had a moving violation ticket of any kind or an accident or a rebate on my insurance for being a good driver. But when someone hits me my insurance doubles. Go figure.
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    01-30-2023, 09:28 PM
    This is a very dangerous brand of bullshit sophistry, attempting to attribute alternative meanings to clearly made statements, which are by their nature complications of those statements. If we bear Occam's Ba... ern, razor in mind, the simplest answer is that fairyboi was speaking candidly, and complication of his statements requiring clear, definitive, and better than merely sufficient proof that they are the actual true and intended semantics, and not those of the more obvious sort. If a stranger on the street tells me he intends on gutting me like a fish whilst holding a knife in his hand, I'm probably going to draw my sidearm and shoot his ass because telling myself that what he said is not what he meant is patently and stupidly insane. I believe that little nutgobbler was speaking candidly. There was nothing in his body language, what he said, or perhaps more importantly in the way he said them that lead me for even the most brief of moments to wonder whether he was making shit up to look like some sort of big shot. Indeed, and quite the contrary, he seemed to be speaking very naturally and from a well of facts. I would also point out that what on planet earth would lead him to think that anyone would be impressed by such talk, rather than causing him to be viewed as a monster in his "date's" eyes? What would lead him to think that, given his position and the possibility of being received negatively, that his "date" would not turn him in based on the clearly felonious nature of those things he so clearly stated as being fact? He may be a fairy, but I doubt he rose to his position by blowing his way to the top. Therefore, he has to possess sufficient intellectual subtlety to understand that telling such insane lies makes no sense under any condition, much less to impress a first date. The explanation is absurd on its face and anyone accepting it without vast proof is a fool of the lowest order. And that bottom most reply is a hot mess of logical fallacy. An astrophycisit who is not completely and wildly insane is not likely, for example, to claim that his department is developing a city-leveling death ray that they are planning to use for the sake of boosting their holdings in the construction industry. Most likely, any stretches of truth would lie well within the lines of decency and normal propriety. "Oh yeah, we're designing a new space telescope that's going to put James Webb to shame... We're going to revolutionize humanity's knowledge of the universe." THAT is a plausible lie, not that they are going to boil entire cities so they can become rich. GTFO. The fairy princess was speaking in absolute candor, make no mistake about that. Pfizer should be dismantled, its entire board and everyone else in knowledge of or involvement with these activities imprisoned for life, no chance of parole, every asset they possess seized, their families relegated to abject poverty, but free to rebuild their lives as they may be able, and prison for anyone so much as establishing a gofundme.
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    01-30-2023, 07:43 PM
    I'm thinking that it depends largely in whether "he" goes to prison.
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    01-30-2023, 05:59 PM
    The perpetrators of this travesty leave me wanting to tie them to a post and drill holes in their skulls, through to their brain stems, sans anesthesia. Note how the bar is once again being lowered such that any retard with zero work ethic can now get a "master's" degree in a year for next to no money, and next to no work. Fuck's sake... Theye are wilding to destroy every facet of western culture, and we're letting them do it. I have a master's in comp. sci. and my MBA from a top-20 school. Getting those degrees kicked my ass because they were difficult. Imagine at 47 using the calculus you last used in engineering school at 22. It wasn't easy, and it wasn't supposed to be. My master's degrees cost me maybe $150K and they were supposed to distinguish me from the riff-raff, not that I give a damn about credentials, mind you, but having earned them is (was?) supposed to mean something significant, and good. Now, any half-wit can get a master's in jacking a load in his boyfriend's hair for next to nothing, in a year, and probably get away with answering all questions put to him based on his "feelings". I'm not bitching here because I feel slighted, BTW, but because something that was once good and of great value on the whole, is now being discounted and disparaged just as was once done with the high school diploma, presumably all pursuant to the intention of wrecking everything of value that the western world brought to the human race, elevating us from the depths of medieval miseries to a standard of living men had not known in all our written history. God in heaven forbid the world enjoy even a shred of petty joy.
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    01-30-2023, 02:30 PM
    I could be mistaken, but I'm thinking that the quality of señor Gaypunk's buttsex is about to take a turn for the worse.
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    01-30-2023, 10:32 AM
    Open bomb bay doors...
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    01-29-2023, 09:35 AM
    Were you a self-hating white man whose core impetus to that strongest of emotions was based on your whiteness, then by all means yes. There are countless examples, this being a juicy one illustrating the point well: Indeed it is, but it is not necessarily the sole factor. I would add that the left embarked upon a mad, rampaging campaign to sow self-hatred in the American black man. A fine example of this is one black calling another "n i g g g e r". I grew up in some shit 'hoods, at least one of them predominantly black. Back in the mid-60s if a kneegrow called another kneegrow "n i g g g e r", there was soon to ensue an energetic fight. Then all of a sudden, everyone is doing it with impunity, black on black.
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  • Matt Collins's Avatar
    01-28-2023, 06:19 PM
    Who knows if there is any validity to this...
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  • osan's Avatar
    01-28-2023, 03:04 PM
    I remain to be convinced of this. On what do you base your claim? I would submit that no man susceptible to such emotions while on a job of this nature should ever be allowed within ten thousand light years of a gun, badge, and the imprimatur of the "state". Since every man on the planet is incapable of proving such immunity, it would follow that the very concept of "police" is, at best, the product of thinking so errant as to qualify as being demented. They clearly had him under physical control. They murdered him, should be convicted, and I would have no problem seeing them hang until deceased.
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  • Working Poor's Avatar
    01-28-2023, 09:04 AM
    My son was friends with a boy who worked at one of the local food markets. One day market called the police about something I can't remember what now but, the boy was working and when he saw the police he ran away from them and the police tazed him and he died right there in the store BOOM dead. He boy was small for his age and the police looked very large tazing the crap out of him. The family won a big lawsuit and life went on. They had it all on tape the kid did look scared when he saw the police on that day scared looked like guilty....
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  • osan's Avatar
    01-26-2023, 10:55 PM
    But... but... butt... RAYcis. Thankyouverymuch.
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  • Working Poor's Avatar
    01-26-2023, 09:18 PM
    We would not have to escape we could change everything. I hope you will learn how to do this. Go visit yourself in another time or place and ask their advise. I hate to ask but did you watch the video? I learned how to do this when I was a young child I would go visit myself in another time line. I did not call it quantum mechanics but, my grandfather was a physicist and he was almost magical in how he could fix things. He knew Nicola Tesla and he also worked for the government on secret projects. He was always turning one thing into something else. In looking back on him I almost could believe he was quantum jumping into my life.
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  • Working Poor's Avatar
    01-26-2023, 07:28 PM
    I am a sub atomic particle.
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  • Working Poor's Avatar
    01-26-2023, 09:02 AM
    This is actually how I live my life...
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  • osan's Avatar
    01-25-2023, 05:15 PM
    One would think that this sort of thing would expose the fedgov to suits for libel, etc. But no, it doesn't. Our "government" makes the devil look like a boy scout.
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  • osan's Avatar
    01-25-2023, 05:06 PM
    And yet here we are, suffering.
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  • Todd's Avatar
    01-25-2023, 06:56 AM
    I'm now following this guy on Twitter. Need more of this.
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  • Matt Collins's Avatar
    01-24-2023, 05:09 PM
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    01-24-2023, 08:16 AM
    Todd replied to a thread Jeff Beck died in Open Discussion
    Truth was a good album from the 60's. But what I remember most about Beck was how modern he could sound and fit in with the 80's and with Roger Waters Pink Floyd style music.
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  • Matt Collins's Avatar
    01-23-2023, 08:18 PM
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