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    Yesterday, 11:30 PM
    via Imgflip Meme Generator
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    Yesterday, 11:30 PM
    via Imgflip Meme Generator
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    Yesterday, 10:32 PM
    It depends on the precise nature of a given analysis and the assumptions on which it is based, as well as the wording of the statute. If someone has purchased a bumpstock, which is the act of acquisition, and purchasing becomes a crime, then criminalization of purchase does in fact constitute an ex post facto edict for those who possessed their stocks prior. The same may be said for possession. Such a ban is shyte no matter how one attempts to slice the turd.
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    Yesterday, 10:08 PM
    Just because it is unconstitutional doesn't mean the courts are going to strike it down. Hell, most of the stuff that gets upheld by the courts is unconstitutional. And who cares what the Dems do? You fight this stuff, not cave to them and give them an inch. That's strategy 101.
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    Yesterday, 09:44 PM
    This little fink just replaced Michael Savage on terrestrial radio. Savage was getting too wild for the corporate overlords and they had to replace him with 'Safe' Ben. I don't think they can put back the genie in the bottle. 1075135500153970688
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    Yesterday, 06:18 PM
    " ... that nobody will want to go work in the United States anymore". lol, like that is why they come.
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    Yesterday, 05:57 PM
    As a former cop, he should know how to obtain the home address of the officer that arrested him.
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    Yesterday, 05:13 PM
    She is gonna need a lot more than a couple of weeks.
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    Yesterday, 05:12 PM
    any orifice that is bleeding.
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    Yesterday, 03:54 PM
    I must nitpick, this isn't actually an ex post facto violation. But yes, it does violate 2A and the Takings Clause.
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    Yesterday, 03:39 PM
    and the NRA.
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    Yesterday, 01:38 PM
    More gun control than Obama!
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    Yesterday, 01:28 PM
    Independence Police Department squad car. Image: KMBC Bryce dealt with the perception that he was somehow to blame on a daily basis. Trying to go back to normal meant putting himself back in the community. The only thing the public knew was what had been reported, and what had been reported was that he resisted a lawful arrest, and his car smelled like marijuana. In every interaction, whether at school or out in public, the question of what he did, what responsibility he must have for his own injury, hung over him.The Independence Police Department was hardest on him. Once Bryce learned to drive again, Independence squad cars followed him several times, sometimes even pulling up next to him so the officers could smirk or wave. On one occasion, he said, he was out bowling when two officers approached him and sarcastically asked how he was doing. Matt, Stacy, and Bryce all said that the harassment has become worse. Bryce was recently ticketed for allegedly going 80 mph in a 40 mph zone by an officer who claimed he had paced the car to determine its speed instead of using a radar gun. Bryce denied he was going anywhere near that fast. Even on the night of Runnels’ sentencing, Bryce said, he was followed by an Independence squad car for at least 3 miles. In another incident, a police cruiser blocked him in; a few nights later he was pulled over. The Independence Police Department did not respond to a request for comment. Mostly Bryce struggled because he couldn’t rely on his own memory of the incident. He wanted to prove himself, but he didn’t know any of the details. All he had was the instinct that, as the son of a cop himself, he would have made sure to be respectful. “I knew, in my heart, that I didn’t do anything wrong to him,” he said. D
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  • angelatc's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:08 PM
    Greenwald recently painted a financial picture that indicates their ideas are going back to the left, so you can celebrate that.
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    Yesterday, 10:37 AM
    You Can Get 'Emotional Support Chicken' From Popeyes To Ease Your Holiday Travel Stress Traveling is stressful in general, but traveling during the holidays is an entirely different level of stress. Between the massive crowds, long lines, and weather delays, holiday traveling can make you feel like you need emotional support, if you will. Popeyes clearly understands our woes. The chain just launched "Emotional Support Chicken", "to provide a good-hearted laugh most need to get through stressful holiday air travel," according to a press release. Beginning today, travelers going through Philadelphia International Airport will have the chance to get their very own "Emotional Support Chicken" carrier, to conveniently bring their fried chicken on board their flights. What a time to be alive, folks. I would be stuffing the "Emotional Support Chicken" carrier into a "Too Embarrassed For This" plastic bag because these things are designed like actual chickens. We're talking a beak and tail and feathers. The carriers are hilarious, though, and incredibly extra.
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    Yesterday, 09:57 AM
    Very bad. But if it is like the Governor's race and multiple establishment people get in then there is a chance for a conservative to win.
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    Yesterday, 09:37 AM
    This is an article published in 1991 on the"]discovery of Carbon60 in Popular Science. I gave some to my older dog today and she readily licked it out of my hand. She seems to be very alert more so than I have seen her be in a while. Her eyes look noticeably clearer. I hope it helps her it is a small price to pay if it will bring my girl back to a better level of health and add a couple of extra years to her life. The longest lived doberman I have ever had was 13 years most of them don't live past 12 years. My girl is 12 years old now and she has been fading pretty fast. I thought I was going to lose her this past summer she would not get up or eat. So I made her some bone broth and mixed it with cottage cheese and turmeric and spoon fed her for over a week. I still give her bone broth, turmeric and cottage cheese + her regular raw diet. Carbon 60 is not considered a supplement it has been advised that better results go along with a good clean diet. The reported best results are from athletes, older adults and, older pets. Many older cats and dogs have been documented by their vets to come back from the brink of death.
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  • Working Poor's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:18 AM
    Freedom loving is not allowed on facebook.
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    Yesterday, 12:35 AM
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    Yesterday, 12:20 AM
    That's so awesome! Congratulations on the promotion!!!
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  • heavenlyboy34's Avatar
    12-17-2018, 10:54 PM
    New developments since I first heard about this on RPFs. Yeah, this is child abuse.:mad: :down: On December 1, an 11-year-old boy dressed in drag danced on stage in a sexual manner at a gay bar in Brooklyn, NY, called 3 Dollar Bill. The child, Desmond Napoles, was dressed as a Gwen Stefani-lookalike — full drag make up, a blonde wig, and crop top included — as he bounced around onstage to No Doubt's "Like a Girl" and collected dollar bills from male adults viewing the number. The Daily Wire has reviewed and confirmed the "performance" through video and photo posts on social media but has chosen not to link to the exploitative footage. The performance, first flagged by YouTuber Yosef Ozia, was promoted on Eventbrite by 3 Dollar Bill. "Only in New York... a nightclub that makes you go WHOA!!!," reads the promotion. "FEATURING: Upcoming Legend from Television and the Runway: DESMOND IS AMAZING!!! PERFORMING LIVE! ... This stage, this dance floor, this house... is ours as long as we protect it." The promotional ad notes that 3 Dollar Bill bar is "***** owned & operated and we foster a safe space from love. We respect all human persons as long as those human persons are also respectful to the ones around them." "I left after seeing a child dance on stage for money at nighttime. This was on Saturday night and I have been feeling disturbed ever since," wrote a one-star reviewer of 3 Dollar Bill on December 3 via Yelp.
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    12-17-2018, 09:38 PM
    I like this label
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  • pcosmar's Avatar
    12-17-2018, 09:35 PM
    Usually,, I like to stay active,,, Indica is more for relaxing. (couch lock) Though I prefer the Indicas for flavor,, but that is highly subjective.
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