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    Today, 07:39 PM
    Gatto was in his last year or two when I began teaching in the city. Longest two years of my life. By 86 I was on Wall Street. Common as dirt? That depends on how one defines "genius". For some odd reason, my life has been graced with several genius or near-genius level intellects who always make me feel like the dumbest man in the room. Perhaps I am too big a snoot to accept that genius is common as Gatto claims. To me, real genius is rare as lips on chickens and usually comes with an eidetic memory. Lesser forms of genius I might call very common, but I consider those of secondary magnitude. Some of the people I have called friends are true geniuses and I can tell you that being so endowed is very much a mixed blessing. My friend Steve, for example, worked with Seymour Cray back in the bad old days of real computer science. He wrote the entire math libraries for the Crays all by himself. That, my pal, is no mean feat. My friend Dan wrote and entire screen handling library that AT&T used for years. I watched him write it in his basement from soup to nuts in about five hours one Friday evening, while stoned, I kid you not. He invented all manner of things before they became common items. My father's best friend from the old country was a fabulous intellect. His grandfather was Miksa Roth, a famous Hungarian glass artist. Zoli was a singular alcoholic whose capacities in my experience were eclipsed only by the mother of my daughters, and 88# Ukrainian woman who could put down a quart of vodka in short order and you'd never know she'd had a drop. I stayed with her as long as I did because she was so endlessly hot... and sick and twisted like me. One takes their love where it can be found. One of my collleagues and teachers at CUNY, Bob Goldman, is a genius. I used to help him do mathematical proofs in software using Aura and ITP. I'd follow him down some very arcane mathematical rabbit hole, understanding perfectly until he'd hang a sudden left or right and I was instantly lost. I'd just smile and nod as if I knew what he was talking about. He was in high orbit around Jupiter. I was sucking the poo solutino from my neighbor's septic tank. Funny thing about him though, is he'd been married to one of the supermodels of the 70s... like Cheryl Tieg or someone like that, and he'd been an army ranger. He was no typical nerd. One Friday a brother from the local environs (Harlem) decided to rob one of the nice ladies from the Bursar's Office. As he was trying to pry her handbag away, out of nowhere Bob descended upon him and put him in a condition fit for the ER, which is where he ended up, in cuffs. We were all astonished that this nice Jewish boy from Riverdale was a badass mofo. I find that far too many people conflate common creativity, which can be vastly powerful, with actual genius, which is a zebra of a very different stripe. And having eidetic memory doesn't guarantee the caliber of intellect to which I refer. I lost mine in 1992 when I contracted lyme disease and I was never even close to being a genius, sad to say. But Gatto's positions on the nature of the school system are 100% on the money. Having been fool enough to have not quit on my third day as a teacher, the moment I'd twigged to the fact that I'd balled myself in the ass with the choice, I suffered through two years of the unspeakable criminality of American public schools. My friend jake retired just last year. He endured 37 years of that crap and all I can say is that I have to hand it to him for sheer fortitude. When I decided to carry a sidearm to school with me, I knew it was time to go, and I did.
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    Today, 09:20 AM
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    Today, 08:48 AM
    Gracias. Well yes, but more broadly stated, it stems from the basically ratty nature of the mean human being. I'd not characterize it as frustration, though; more like amusement carrying that hint of head-shaking disgust. A very well chosen term, and one I almost never see employed in the way you do so here. Excellent. It carries a host of implications that paint a picture of beings capable of doing for themselves in ways Theye dread in such hands. Powerful thought in the hands of the rabble is the one thing I believe that Theye fear above all things.
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    Today, 08:20 AM
    The fact that any nation views other nations as a threat in this day and age, is all anyone needs to know to come to the correct assessment that we are a species of losers. Is it not bad enough that we have to worry about such matters with individuals and small gangs? That we have to wring our hands over the fact that people now superorganize on national levels... that is the proof that we shall not end well, no matter what happens. The problem isn't communism, or dictatorships. The problem is the human animal, and that animal never changes. I have recently wondered whether that fact is what stands behind this now very obvious push to so-called "transhumanism". It would make very strong sense that Theye would seek to change the fundamental nature of the vastly greater bulk of humanity. Change them so as to become more reliably manageable, which of course necessitates the obviation of our tendency to rebel, regardless of causes and other reasons. The only chances that remain for liberty, so far as I can see, are as follow: A non-scripted reset event occurs, knocking us back to what would essentially become the new stone age. Every nation on the planet is dissolved in terms of what we know as "state governments".
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    Yesterday, 02:29 PM
    Seems he Bought Twitter for just that purpose.. Also ,on an unrelated note,, He also just made his EV Charge ports available to everyone. Gave away I.P. free to all. Offered it as a National Standard. (Standardization) Good Business..
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    Yesterday, 12:58 PM
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    Yesterday, 12:57 PM
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    Yesterday, 10:49 AM
    To answer the question in the OP, I'd say the answer turns on one's specific definition of "winning". I would also point out that winning could be seen along many differing lines. As for my view on the matter, I tend to take the broades philosophical line, which leads me to the opinion that in the case of Russia v. Ukraine, nobody wins regardless of outcomes. Do the dead give the least damn who "won"? Does "winning" make good all the loss of the living, whether from the kin of the dead, those who've been maimed by the acts of madmen, or the losses of other properties, often to the economic destitution of entire families? What is all this bullshit talk of winning? I see none of that anywhere. The human animal is a rotten beast on the whole. I wish I could say we don't deserve what we're getting and stand to see in the future, but I'd be lying. Seriously now, think for a moment of the broader reality. Even the "winners" lose. They bankrupt themselves economically. They lose countless of their own. Those "in charge" become prisoners of the results for which they had such raging erections pursuant to what they thought they wanted. Consider our presidents - their lives are turned to shit in so many respects, not that I'm shedding even a single tear for any of them. Trump can't even poke Melania in the ass without his secret service agents listening in. I'd rather die in a house fire. We are a net-loser species. Every fantastic gain we contrive with our fabulous creativity is eclipsed by that much and more because of our raving stupidity and wild corruption, neither of which do sufficient numbers of us show any manifest desire to change. As I like to quip, we are our own worst enemies.
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    Yesterday, 10:45 AM
    What Meds were prescribed.?
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    11-25-2022, 06:34 PM
    Always the wrong way. I like Electric,,but don't want it Forced.. I want it to displace with grace..and win on it's own merits.. I want an eCascadia,,as an RV home.
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    11-25-2022, 04:13 PM
    +rep Good day..and Pleasant.. 35 Thanksgivings with this girl (she always Panics) and I think this was the best.
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    11-25-2022, 02:16 PM
    I was fine with Tolerance. It has gone from Tolerance to Endorsement and forced Acceptance. and that is Intolerable. They need to step back into the closets.
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    11-25-2022, 02:12 PM
    LOL Good if true,, those need to go. Did they die from Sploding Head syndrome?
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    11-25-2022, 09:43 AM
    Title says it all. Hope you are all well, ate entirely too much yesterday, and meet with good prosperity for the coming year.
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    11-25-2022, 09:38 AM
    I would note that there have been many whose works have expressed a bent to Freemen and autodiathism. What I don't understand is how it can be that people such as Joss Wheadon (Firefly/Serenity) could express such clear ideals as those of what I have labeled the "Principles of Proper Human Relations", yet in their everyday lives wax all stupid-lefty. Honest to God, it makes the least sense to me, especially considering the ways in which such people behave like spoile, tantrum-pitching toddlers in virtually every avenue of their lives. They rant on and on, as we are all too familiar, about their masturbatory fantasies of collectivist utopia, yet produce films, for example, that espouse all the virtues of real liberty, vis-à-vis the pretty slavery that most people conflate with actual freedom. Such people are so utterly intransigent in virtually everything they believe, yet will produce films and other works that run wildly against everything they claim to hold dear as values. This would make sense, were those expressions sarcastically offered with the idea that they be mocked and reviled. But that is not the case. And the expressions are not superficial; one can readily see a deep truth in what has been formulated and set forth. So how is it that given these very fine contrivances of storylines that those responsible are such utterly retarded dicks in every other aspect of life? It is so self-contradictory as to leave my mind rebelling at it. One would think that such beating, flailing sorts would never put out anything that would suggest anything like responsibility for one's actions and feelings, much less the ideas of property, rights, and all the other great virtues and costs of liberty. To my eyes, putting such work out in the ways that I have seen is precisely giving credibility to that which the authors and architects claim to hate with the most bitter venom. One would think not only that they would not produce such work, but would confine themselves to promoting through the telling of tales the great virtues of communism to the exclusion of all else. One would also expect that such infantile humans would not even have a grasp of the realities of freedom, yet some of them have demonstrated a clear grasp. Are those examples mere happenstance? How could it be? It appears statistically just this side of impossible for that many disparate elements of that which is violently hated by a man could haphazardly come in the same work, much less so with the correct structuring of elements relative to each other. So what is the story there? How would a screaming weasel like Wheadon vomit forth work that drips of the Freeman while simultaneously exposing the Weakman and Tyrant for what they are in the most non-equivocating terms? I'd ask whether I've gone insane, but we all know that that horse bolted the stable long ago.
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    11-24-2022, 06:05 PM
    Does anyone ever watch Live Feeds when the Media reports stuff? Some Power may be out,,but not everywhere.
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    11-23-2022, 08:40 PM
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    11-23-2022, 06:36 PM
    Provocateurs Action,,turn down sound. The steadfast Flag waver is Lilly.. Chinese Christian immigrant. Has been there every day,,usually brings snacks/Treats.
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    11-23-2022, 06:00 PM
    Still haven't seen Ballistics yet.. Most were shot by the Police.
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    11-23-2022, 05:59 PM
    Do elaborate.
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    11-23-2022, 05:31 PM
    One observation: at one point it is asserted that the overarching goal is to reduce population, which may be so. However, if you look carefully at the screen, you will see displayed some electronic document that clearly refers to population growth. Population and population growth, while related, are not the same things. This would seem to me either a very careless error, or indicative of a bill of goods being peddled. Devil is often in the details.
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    11-23-2022, 03:48 PM
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    11-23-2022, 06:52 AM
    Not likely. Human morality, as lead by the "west" at Nürnberg, is mostly gone now. Humanity has. been the target of the greatest bait and switch scam of all time, to date. What was it? Glad you asked. This bullshit began long ago, the moment certain elements of basic morality game up for debate. There is nothing wrong with questioning for the purposes of confirmation, reconfirmation, and learning by new generations that which the old took as givens. But that was not the purpose of the introduction in this case. We were being mentally primed for a quantum alteration of well established moral principles. Here I do not refer to Christian-specific minutiae such as the grotesque and IMO functionally evil restrictions of the sexual urge, for example, which if we are to be kindest, were the products of people who had nothing creatively better by which to curb the known hazards of being sexually freed in a world where some men took liberties with the livestock. Here I speak of the broadest principles that only Christianity brought to the civilized world, which has been most sufficiently and correctly summarized in the Golden Rule: Live, let live... which at it's deepest level tells us not to be hypocrites, the single worst element of human corruption and the central pillar of all criminality. Rightly or wrongly, the notions of Malthus took root in the minds of some in power, prompting them to begin the push toward what today we call "globalism". This is observably true not only historically, but through the admission of the globalists who now freely identify as such and who openly forward their beliefs that the world is overpopulated, which perhaps may even be true. Where they may have failed, and this turns wholly upon the basic assumptions one accepts as essential in the matter in question, is the choice to engage in a cull of their own kind, having convinced themselves of their own moral superiority; their fitness to survive; that the rest of us are indeed nothing better than Kissinger's "useless eaters". During the 1950s was when the campaign began in earnest, having structured American sub/urban life in such a way as to leave open the door for gross alterations in the basic moral world views of the upcoming generation, the so-called "baby boomers". Consider, for example, the utterly vapid nature of the American "high school" environment. High school in America is perhaps the single most utterly ridiculous institution imaginable, after those of the manifold professional sports. The idiocy of it should stagger the mind of anyone taking the time and meager effort to consider it in sufficiently noiseless terms. It is simply mind-numbing when stripped naked as a buck before the mind's eye.
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    11-23-2022, 03:04 AM
    Could They All Be Lying? If not, this is all very dark and dangerous.
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    11-22-2022, 05:24 PM
    Water, Wind, and Steam powered the Industrial Revolution.. Old and New Tech for the win.. Or go to war with the Saudis instead of fighting wars For Them.
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    11-22-2022, 04:32 PM
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    11-22-2022, 11:10 AM
    The First Tidal Generator in North America Is Now Online
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