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    06-12-2020, 12:22 AM
    Perhaps we're saying the same thing in different ways. At some point, the names, dates, places, evidence and testimony that pertains to specific crimes committed by specific individuals and groups is going to come out. Jesus said exactly that (Luke 12:3). Perhaps Q is just another of the devil's tricks. That is possible. But in the meantime, Q is naming specific names and his batting average is pretty much 1000 so far. He could be a fluke that just goes the way of all things since the Fall. That is possible. But it is also possible that this is the first salvo in the house-cleaning that God has promised is coming and that this world desperately needs. Either way, it's not about Q, it's about Jesus... but we don't get to tell God how he's going to bring about his plans. All we can do is try to understand what he's doing and how we fit into that.
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    06-11-2020, 12:12 AM
    Let me put it another way -- we know that God is going to redeem the world at the end of the Age and simultaneously, he will destroy the wicked. As Isaiah 11 says, "they will not harm or destroy on all my holy mountain." So, please explain to us what that transition looks like, in detail. If you don't know, then who are you to say that Q is not part of that? If you do know, then please share the prophecy that you have. If Q acknowledges that Jesus is Lord, then he (they, whatever) is not from the Antichrist. That's a very low hurdle to jump and there's a reason it's that way. The spirits of those who are working in the dark in rebellion against God cannot acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord because they already worship another "Lord" -- that is, Satan -- and they will be thrown with him directly into the pit of hell at the end of the Age. And even if you're right, this proves nothing. Remember that Saul was zealously putting Christians to death when he was struck down on his way to Damascus and turned to the light. Satan has no power, only God has power. Satan's plots and schemes are pointless and will come to nothing:
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    06-10-2020, 12:25 PM
    If you believe the MSM, Q = UFOs = AI = LARP ("live action role-playing"), etc. The LARP accusation is, possibly, the most enlightening because it is a blatant projection. The MSM has been caught red-handed on multiple occasions flat-out making up news, whether by bribing/coaching people to spout a line, filming crisis actors from unknown sources, playing tricks with the camera to make tiny crowds look enormous, and on and on. The MSM is the LARP. And the amount of energy the MSM expends trying to discredit Q only goes to underscore Q's rebuttal to that accusation: "All this for a LARP?"
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    06-09-2020, 01:29 AM
    I think it's best to stick to the source (Q's actual posts) rather than delegating the simple task of reading the source material to a third-party. I briefly reviewed a couple "Fall of the Cabal" videos and these are clearly the products of counter-intelligence and have nothing to do with the substance of Q's posts. Q has hinted or touched on a few of the topics raised in these videos but the videos themselves take these side-issues and place them front-and-center, as though Q is about Monsanto or dirty subliminals in Disney videos. Full disclosure: I do not "believe in" Q. As far as I can tell, Q is ahead of the news, often by several years, and he provides correct and verifiable predictions. So long as he keeps that up, he is a valuable asset to anyone who is seeking the truth. Of course, we already know the truth, which is explained in the New Testament. But the New Testament doesn't give the names, dates and places of the criminals who are responsible for the ongoing destruction of our world. The concrete, material destruction of spiritual wickedness in the world will not happen by hand-waving. It will be brought about by the power of God. To be clear, when this actually begins (whether in our lifetimes or in some future generation), it will indeed be the end of all things -- the Apocalypse-as-such. The Bible has already given us the broad outline. At some point, all the details (names, dates, locations, motives, evidence, testimony, and so on) will be filled in and not only this, they will be trumpeted from the rooftops: Can anyone in this thread say, with certainty, that they know that God is not working through Q in some way to bring about his will, which is the complete destruction of evil?:
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