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    Yesterday, 03:54 AM
    Translation: "I need to stay here and continue my oath to the lords, the deep state and military industrial complex, to vote for endless war, endless defense spending and also vote for every tax increase, demand expansion of every regulation, expansion of the intelligence apparatus, and slowly erode constitutional rights guaranteed by the founders, and most importantly ensure the power of the people represented through me, is never fulfilled or returned at any cost. I will continue all of these efforts indefinitely as I am blackmailed by the aforementioned bodies of de facto government and I lost any moral or ethical high ground decades ago, to the promise of wealth and power. And I must follow through with this promise as my establishment brethren continue to be shamed and defeated by these new upstart citizens that are filled with ideas of decency, peace, and freedom. We must hold the line, so it is here, in the District of Criminals that I will fulfill my duty."
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    10-13-2017, 02:07 PM
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    10-10-2017, 09:51 PM
    George Webb should have had a seat at that table today, but I suppose they consider him a "fake" investigative journalist not worthy of the time or consideration by our honorable congressmen, regardless of the fact no other journalist has been on this case as long or as intensely. I can guarantee the congressmen would have gotten better information out of him than Luke Rosiak, assuming they were taking this as seriously as they should be. George is conspiratorial minded and can go on long winded rants down deep rabbit holes and I'm sure that's the primary reason why they don't give him a second of their time, but when he has to, he has proven capable of presenting facts in a professional manner.
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    10-10-2017, 08:27 PM
    You got it right for the most part. The purpose (and hope) is to draw people into the thread, because the premise, while a raving hit at msnbc.com or huffpost, is nothing more than a trivial waste of time on a liberty based forum. Some do get drawn in and end up feeling compelled to point this fact out, point out something about the op, or they feel the need to attack others that are defending or attacking the op and each other. Division and disruption. This thread goes farther than the typical irrelevancy, so it thankfully is not achieving these goals to the usual extent, but many other topics have just enough relevancy to current affairs to pique someone's interest to get fellow members onto their teams, attacking each other, and the casual members see this, take no more than 2 seconds to make a decision, and opt to look elsewhere for pertinent liberty related information and discussion. You are correct to question the significance, given the platform.
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    10-08-2017, 03:31 PM
    I understand what you are saying and using new sources does not magically equal truth. The important thing to note here, is people are more willing now to search in areas for information, other than anti-truth mainstream news and government sources like the FBI that have been proven to be filled with lies and have built themselves up into largely propaganda selling organizations. If truth is a goal or a desired virtue that we and our fellow man hope to reach, then it is hard to argue against fleeing from such anti-truth sources. When these institutions are resisted by the man, and no longer relied upon, they lose their integrity and value, and therefore lose their standing as pillars of authority, which allows more people to free themselves from the shackles that were self implemented on their mind and make decisions that are less impeded or obstructed by those that wish to impede and obstruct.
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    10-07-2017, 11:54 PM
    Git 'er done Let us know how we can help.
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    10-07-2017, 03:21 PM
    It's interesting how this entire case is shining a light on the fact people are now more suspicious of the FBI and their narrative than ever before, and questioning just about every notion they push out. Even if there was hypothetically no false flag, no coverup, no 2nd shooter, etc., people generally don't seem to trust anything coming out of a major federal agency and are opting to find their own answers. Seems like progress to me.
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    10-06-2017, 11:58 PM
    The idea that allegations are only gaining steam and surfacing now is far fetched. The stories regarding Weinstein themselves date back decades, yet the "Iraq has WMDs" New York Times suddenly is very interested in taking down his reputation. He's a major Democrat donor, the Times wouldn't be taking this situation lightly considering the ramifications we are already seeing for the DNC. This sounds more like Weinstein lost favor with the wrong people and was not cooperating with them in some capacity, so they did what they do, reputation murder. Someone else is about to be promoted to top Hollywood producer, whose it going to be?
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    10-02-2017, 12:07 AM
    The illusion that a group of people and/or a state entity can secede from its larger state body keeps getting chipped away bit by bit. Peacefully voting to leave can apparently only be met with violence. This is waking people up as each body gets dragged down to the entrance and tossed into the street.
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    09-30-2017, 04:42 PM
    Almost everything in this thread sounds like a good argument for Puerto Rico to dissolve and abandon anything to do with what they deem a tyricannical bully and neglectful state. If they are getting screwed left and right, why would they possibly be encouraged to join such an entity? Become independent and sovereign, and free yourself from enslavement instead of hurling yourself towards the tightening of the shackles, especially when you are not happy about the current situation.
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    09-29-2017, 09:59 AM
    I would suspect all major avenues of entertainment in this country are decorated with war propaganda and may have direct ties and planning with various government agencies. Certainly the endorsement of big government and the "government solves all of our problems" mantra is present everywhere you look.
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    09-24-2017, 03:41 PM
    Noticed this for decades now and am urged to turn off any game, especially when without fail, the announcers continue to promote "bravery" and "duty" regarding soldiers after the national anthem is completed, as if given scripts directly by the warmongers running the deep state themselves. They have loved merging entertainment (football in this case) and the endorsement of war by our government, and it seems for some time, there has been a partnership between those two entities, whether a real or unspoken agreement was made. Your average joe football fanatic or sports fan, would often not put this together in their mind, or think anything more of it, but it's been there for awhile right in their faces, brought to you by the most popular sport in the US of the last 20 or so years. Other sports, no doubt, employ this link between sports and war, but it always seemed most evident with American football. Going to sit back and watch, grabbing a bag of popcorn or two, as this battle between Trump and the NFL commissioner, owners, and players continues to ramp up.
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    09-22-2017, 12:35 PM
    It's going to be interesting to see if anything changes now that Channing Phillips (Obama's lackey) no longer occupies the DC AG office and Jessie Liu has finally been confirmed. Phillips had seemingly been obstructing certain aspects of the case from moving forward, like blocking the ability of the FBI to pursue investigations into Awan based on congressional related activities, which is the crux of this case. No one cares about these petty bank charges, except the Washington Post, which in its first article on the topic just a few days ago, deemed this entire notion that Awan is a spy or doing nefarious deeds within the congress, nothing more than a farce and likely related to unfair racism aimed at his Muslim faith (DWS used same tactic). They failed to mention the names of any of the home renters of Awan and potential witnesses (Andre, Laurel) even a single time in their article or the IT/server equipment containing government labels that was handed over as evidence to the FBI and Capitol Police. Thanks for the thorough and unbiased reporting. It seems Ms. Liu wants to reform the legal system, but reforming it to whose benefit, the government or the people? Mr. Webb is pushing the issue and I believe showed up to her office to file some motions to see how she handles it.
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    09-22-2017, 12:10 PM
    It seems this may be a systemic problem in many states. We knew something was fishy in the 2012 GOP primary and it amplified even more in the 2016 general. Going back to paper ballots is an easy way to reduce some of the fraud in those electronic voting states, but that seems to be only the beginning to addressing this. It's good to see that many states are more active than ever on cracking down on this, but will it be enough?
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    09-21-2017, 05:45 PM
    Just looking back at the last few pages, it reminds me of how effective Dr. Paul was at bringing people together that were coming from vastly different political backgrounds and beliefs. There had been strict constitutionalist and libertarians that had been following RP for decades leading up until 2007/2008. There were also Republicans in 2008 that were tired of the neocon republicans abandoning their stance on a humble foreign policy or on economics as they spent hugely and maximized executive power. Then there were the liberals that were maybe reluctant Democrats or Nader Green Party folk that hated anything having to do with war and knew the Democrat anti-war policies were a farce. Some just wanted to watch the world burn in a sense and have a guy that would blow it all up. Ron Paul was the only politician anywhere at the time basically saying he literally wanted to destroy most of the departments and replace them with nothing. Then there were the Obama voters in 2008 that got fed up, wanted change, and went all in for RP because he was the best person for the job by that point that was actually talking about making change happen. There was an abnormal and surprising amount of these that rallied behind RP in 2012. And then you had even a further amount of furious conservatives that saw the failures of the Republican Party during the Bush years, compounded by the same failed strategy with a super neocon McCain in 2008 yelling war everywhere he went and drove even more out of the clutches of the GOP establishment. I think the bias by the media by this point was almost self evident after watching the 2008 elections, furthered by 2011/2012, and this awakened yet another group that just wanted someone that was not from the establishment/msm backed empire, a true outsider. All these groups wildly different, but supportive of the same free thinking, honest, and principled Ron Paul that met many of their needs politically speaking. There are still echoes of who we were before we came to get behind this man. Some are libertarian purists, others like to be more pragmatic about making change happen, and yet others prefer to build coalitions with people even if they have disagreements. I'm sure there are many more factions that merged to all support RP that I missed. I think when you have these kinds of discussions, it's important to remember just how much RP united so many different factions. Liberty comes in many different forms to a lot of people and we really have only just begun to have discussions on a larger scale about what it means after nearly all being indoctrinated by the public education system for at least the last 5 decades. Not everyone started off supporting RP as a constitutionalist or a small government loving person or got home schooled and had a more direct path to understand what liberty and Ron Paul were all about without having the enormous baggage of propaganda they needed to disperse with. We each came from unique backgrounds and had to experience our own set of failures with trial and error decisions in choosing the philosophy we supported and who was best to actually carry out said philosophy before we were ready to wake up.
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    09-20-2017, 07:33 PM
    Across the board, the triumvirate of Paul, Massie, and Amash have no comparison within the Democratic Party as far as adhering to the constitution. The Democrats have a couple decent people now and in the recent years, but they generally only cared about the constitution when it came to singular issues like wars or civil liberties and largely ignored it when it was inconvenient, economics being a big one they could care less about. Gabbard is big with the disaffected Bernie/Stein voters that want Hillary put behind bars and the deep state exposed/ended and Kucinich is in on doing what he can to make that happen as well. So yeah, nobody comparable, but only having 3 folks there following law and the constitution is not promising either as rights and culture continue to disintegrate. Love seeing those vote counts of 97-3 and 525-6. You can usually guess who those minority votes are.
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    09-16-2017, 08:46 PM
    No doubt. I was just referring to those reading these boards that should already be aware of most of the content he talks about in the video. Getting more people speaking about these topics, like Mr. Shipp has done, puts more information out there for the head in the sand masses to potentially look at.
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    09-16-2017, 07:37 PM
    Yep, we already knew most of this stuff or had a general idea, but it's great to see more people are gaining the courage to come forward to continue to expose these institutions and reinforce the notion that the fight is much greater than simple party politics.
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