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    10-03-2018, 02:21 PM
    Now that sexual abuser and rapist are out, here is the pivot. Let's avoid the discussion and forget about the real reasons that he should not be confirmed and shift all of the focus onto this low hanging fruit instead.
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    09-28-2018, 09:10 PM
    Great thread. These current events are really testing the libertarian endurance and integrity. I can't see why it is mutually exclusive to both call Graham neocon opportunist scum while simultaneously admitting what he said yesterday somehow sounded more reasonable than almost anything else we heard during these ridiculous circus hearings. I will echo what some others have been wondering here.. There has been a growing trend on the boards over at least the last year or so and it started around the time Trump began running for office. This whole "ignore globalism, ignore immigration, ignore the deep state, ignore blatantly fake msm, ignore problems that are right in front of your face, because heck, you're being played anyways!" is getting old. We keep hearing that everything sucks, there is no hope, accept the truth, accept reality, accept your enslavement and too bad because there are zero solutions to any of this. Are these convincing liberty based arguments to rally people to your side of things? Based on the daily responses to these constant statements, no, but they persist regardless. I'm listening to these people and still waiting to hear a destination that we should be moving towards based on the fact that there is apparently not a single thing that Trump, any GOP member, any libertarian, or any member of this board can possibly do to help liberty, our country, or our cultures situation. We are apparently screwed, so the best thing to do would be to f*** off and die, since everything is super hopeless. I'm ready to hear more than just the whining, I'm ready to hear some kind of solutions even from people I disagree with, other than the argument "everything sucks" "Trump sucks" "GOP sucks" "libertarians suck" and "all attempts from all groups/parties are a farce." If all of this is true, then let's hear something productive, just for once, out of all of this constant negativity and whining!
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    09-22-2018, 05:19 PM
    She can be and maybe will be an ally to Rand in Congress down the road if we can start making a push to get out of these foreign quagmires. The same way Dennis Kucinich and Cynthia McKinney and a few others were sometimes allies with Ron. Did they have massive disagreements on a whole host of issues, primarily economics? Of course, but they always seemed to come together on some of the important issues regarding foreign policy. In fact Kucinich still serves on the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity advisory board and has been apart of it since day 1. There are next to zero politicians that are worthy of a citizens trust, especially at the cost of giving up personal liberty by force through investment into a "representative", but Gabbard is one of the better ones. Still, would never vote for her or 99.9% of the crap candidates we see all the time, but it is not unreasonable for Rand, Massie, or Amash, to align with her on foreign policy topics since she is already there and we are severely short on representatives and senators that advocate peace.
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    09-17-2018, 06:53 PM
    Shapiro has the appropriate connections to say the least, which has lead to his quick rise, although I'm getting the feeling a fall is coming sometime soon. Anyone paying attention and has managed to avoid the collective delusional brainrot of the masses knew he has always acted like a neocon Israeli firster through and through, despite appealing to some parts of younger American conservatism. Then comes this in the last couple days, which is mostly being ignored by the msm: Apparently listed in the plea agreement are references to Manafort working with a "senior Israeli government official" to push anti-Ukrainian rhetoric sometime during 2012. Manafort then used Shapiro while he was working at Breitbart to publish this article in order to bolster the sentiment. Could be fake news to gin up more support for Manafort collusion nonsense, but putting that aside, it looks like it is already damaging Shapiro's self declared image as some clean cut conservative that just concerns himself with facts. This story may grow.
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    09-14-2018, 09:29 PM
    At this point in time, September of 2018, is there an issue that has the libertarians more split than this one? I can't recall such an "ants going crazy on a stomped on ant hill" situation since maybe Rand in 2012 endorsing Romney.
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