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    Today, 01:40 PM
    Their goal is to prevent an election from occurring in 2020 and cease total public control of the nation. Everything that has happened so far in 2020 would indicate that this is the desired outcome they are looking for, which is why they forcefully chose a throwaway candidate like Biden to be the nominee. It's far worse than them pulling some shenanigans in the Senate over this and the Republicans would also be pleased with this result, despite their fake resistance to tyranny. Secessionist movements are already building, like they have been worldwide, as a result.
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    09-15-2020, 01:05 AM
    This could be some kind of publicity ploy, because Trump may be going on Rogan's podcast soon.
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    09-14-2020, 02:03 PM
    He is what he needs to be in each interview, like a chameleon. He often sides with the establishment on the big issues always claiming we need centralized government to have a functioning society, but will pivot and say the government is crazy and out of control with their laws, especially against drugs. He has a New York Times columnist on and agrees with all of the globalist mainstream narrative talking points during that interview. In the very next interview he may have someone on like Glenn Greenwald, who has a history of challenging the narrative, from a left leaning, but counter government perspective, and he ends up agreeing with everything in that one as well. One could simply say he is trying to be a good interviewer and get the best out of the people he is interviewing, but he interjects a ton of his own personal opinions on many of these matters, often times in the form of comedy and satire. The Tim Pool and Jack Dorsey Twitter episode was probably one of the most telling, because you had 2 opposing views in a single interview, so he couldn't appeal to the interviewee and agree with everything they said, he had to in some way, choose a side, and he did. He always tries to come across as a guy that is like "we need to fight the machine bro" and has had Tim Pool and others like him on enough times to reinforce this notion, but during this particular interview, he resorted to mocking and belittling Tim throughout as Tim made excellent points against Twitter. He at no point did this towards Dorsey or his lawyer. He sided with Twitter through his comedy, but tried his best to keep the image of being some anti-establishment fighting tough guy simultaneously. It was awkward to say the least and is what lead a lot of people to doubting Rogan's integrity afterwards.
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    09-14-2020, 12:46 PM
    This. Since his podcast began, he has been pushing how "cool" doing a bunch of drugs is, mainly LSD, which is what is/was often used in MKUltra projects. Obviously Biden would never accept this offer, it would be too uncontrolled to be of any benefit for him. Right now his team is working on the reason why they will not show up for this. Or maybe they already declined.
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    09-13-2020, 06:53 PM
    It's up to you what the definition of credible is. He is a very optimistic guy despite having done more research and seeing how dark the world is than just about anybody and always has been telling what he sees as truth. Some of his stuff seems way out there, other stuff he hits the nail right on the head, like with the 5g stuff. He isn't some Trump supporter or hater, he is simply red/white pilled and wants to see the people be free, which seems reasonable enough.
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    09-10-2020, 07:45 PM
    Right now it has a 88% score on rotten tomatoes. And.. a 3% user score. Haha
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    09-10-2020, 05:51 PM
    If she said that, I agree with her 100%. There was another thread about a month ago regarding the NRA's failures citing basically the same thing. Any law made that restricts, regulates, bans, confiscates, destroys, or interferes in any other way with arms is unconstitutional, no exceptions, period. I'm guessing Jo thinks we can just deregulate our way back to a fully restored 2nd amendment right. Good luck with that. The destruction of the 2nd amendment is not the fault of those that want to bring tyranny to our land. It is the fault of the American citizen, that has done little to nothing to uphold his/her own laws over the last 100+ years and the tyrants simply sensed weakness and capitalized. And now that the tyranny is at the front door, and we are being forced to deal with it and there is no longer any choice in the matter. These laws will not be struck down or eradicated unless we force them to do so and that very may very well be what is going to happen.
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    09-10-2020, 05:34 PM
    Yes, it is promoting and making film like this seem normal. Once called out, Netflix apologized, but then defended the filmmakers for making content like this, basically not apologizing at all. There will be many more working titles like this in the coming years on nearly all major streaming platforms. Best part is, Obama and Susan Rice have been helping the direction at Netflix and this is part of that end result. Further confirming these are not savory people that share the same values as us. And they are trying their best to bring down others morality down to the level that they are currently residing at. That's the plan and people are noticing and this is a perfect example of how transparent their sickness is.
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    09-03-2020, 10:42 PM
    These people can't be reasoned with, no need to waste your time anymore trying to, and I assume since you have taken long breaks from this site, you already know this. They aren't here asking legitimate questions that they are genuinely looking to get answers for or trying to have deep in depth discussions. They want to paint the picture that he is worse than Obama, Bush, and Clinton combined. They hardly ever said a peep about any of aforementioned presidents even though many of these accounts were here prior to 2016, but make sure to divide and conquer, demoralize, and shame anyone who dares even be neutral on the topic. And they are going along with the mainstream media narrative to a T, which is your #1 indicator to not listen to anything they have to say. Just like Trump is now being blamed for all of the violence and the rioting that we know is being funded by Dems/deep state/foreign operatives trying to destroy the election and the country, they like to say that it's Trump supporters fault that the boards lost most of their members, when in fact, it's the disingenuous people that came into threads for the last 5 years making sure there would never be unity here in any way shape or form. Cautious unity that could have been similar to how both Thomas Massie, Rand Paul, and Dr. Paul have at times supported Trump when he is doing good and called him out when he did something stupid. Same tactics for completely different platforms, accuse your enemy (real liberty loving posters at RPF) of what you (trolls) are guilty of and bring others to come to your side to embolden that stance.
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    09-03-2020, 10:20 PM
    Nope, you are directly over the target. This has been happening all over the country, people are being transported in, paid for hotels, transportation and accommodations to professionally protest. Leaked chat logs have already shown antifa being concerned that someone would catch onto this, and through this paranoia that they have, it verified for us what we already suspected. As for Reason magazine, it's some kind of counterpart to the Libertarian party, designed to misdirect good intentioned libertarians away from other good voices and put them in a more mild version of libertarianism where their effectiveness is almost nil. Sound familiar? It makes sense that they would not be interested in investigating this because the roots of the big L party and their larvae show connections with deep state players. Whether or not it was comped from the beginning, I don't know.
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    09-03-2020, 12:29 PM
    Fraid not.
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    08-30-2020, 11:00 PM
    Yes. It's easy to blame our oppressors and most usually do and don't self-reflect and examine what role they have played in their own personal allowance of their enslavement. Everything we are currently intertwined in is because we accepted it as a group. We consented. That's on us and nobody else. The elites are happy to give us clues and tell us exactly what they are doing to us, and we still accept what they are offering, and they laugh at us for doing so. We always have had a choice and do so at this very moment. If you are mad that these people and groups are cruel and destroying lives and sucking the life force out of everything around them like parasites, then you may feel compelled to do something about it. If you can't seem to do anything about it and make any kind of change, then you aren't doing enough. We all know this deep inside, that there is more to give, there is always more, but maybe if we hang tight for a minute and play it safer, we won't have to do what is necessary. Maybe we won't have to opt out of the entire system in order to accomplish this, or at least we keep telling ourselves that. As long as this is the prevailing thought, we will deserve what we are putting in. Once we get over the hump and mentality of hesitation to give up what has been a relatively comfortable life existing inside of the system, even though we are condemning said system everyday, we will overcome this, but not a second before.
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    08-29-2020, 10:05 PM
    Preparing the state for the false flag shooting which will continue to escalate the "race riots" and the resulting blame to Trump for using military overreach on innocent peaceful protestors. He's just ahead of the curve and quicker than most of the other governors to artificially create tension in his state.
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    08-29-2020, 09:56 PM
    Each passing day leads to less people supporting vaccines, let alone mandatory vaccines. By the time they are "ready" for the plebs consumption, and they pull the trigger on reducing the ability to participate in societal privileges, it's going to have insufficient support to make it worthwhile for them to push it unless they are planning on committing NWO agenda suicide. Which at this point does not seem that far fetched.
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    08-29-2020, 09:51 PM
    Stop all support for the NRA, bleed them dry. They are apart of the entire corrupt system to give gun carriers the illusion that they have your back, but are nowhere to be seen when it truly matters. They don't care about you, your rights, or the 2nd amendment, never did, never will. There are plenty of alternatives out there.
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    08-28-2020, 10:07 PM
    Yes they were surrounded, we have video evidence to confirm this. Yes they felt their lives were threatened, both Rand And Kelley testify to that here in this video.
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    08-28-2020, 01:58 PM
    These groups and many other groups like them are the definition of "too big to fail". If they go down, the entire system goes down, and that's intentional. We cannot operate our society as is without all of the investments groups like this have done. We let them build it up for too long without questioning why the same people always seemed to be in charge. Taking them out would be the same as eradication of the system that we and everyone we know operates inside of. Coming to terms with this will be important as their time nears an end, the system they built for us and we took for granted and assumed would always be there to carry us through life will no longer exist. It's for the best in the long run, but like Dr. Paul always said, we will have to take some extremely bad tasting medicine to get through the harshest of times to come out the other side healed and ready to exist as free people.
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    08-28-2020, 01:51 PM
    Right. The Gates Foundation combined with the Rockefeller family fund pretty much all of the medical research and "breakthroughs" we are aware of during our lifetimes. The Gates Foundation is likely a Rockefeller larvae. We haven't seen anything major that these groups did not first approve of in the field for the last century. And this dates back to the 1930's and before when they made sure Royal Raymond Rife's inventions that were curing the worst diseases at the time using focused sound waves that never came to full fruition as his lab was burned down to the ground and most of his research documents destroyed. They made sure antibiotics won, which they had full financial backing of, and we are still using this body destroying crap to heal ourselves at present. They own all of the major medical industries and research groups and have the money to shut down any opposition through the media they own or have influence over, which we are thankfully seeing exposed in broad daylight during this covid-1984 hoopla. We are going to continue to learn more and the people that have been asleep their entire lives are going to wake up. They already are, I have family that never gave a single damn about any of this and I am getting constant questions now. Better later than never. Thanks Ben Swann for always doing great work.
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    08-28-2020, 09:02 AM
    Rand is hinting at some of the things many of us have been trying to state here. These are not organic riots or mobs of people, far from it, these are well organized and funded operations in order to stir up civil arrest in the country. It's why these people cannot be rationalized with to any extent, they have been trained to get in people's faces and start fights, destroy property, and prevent healthy dialogue and discussion, with the goal or attempt to break down social order. Some are MKultra'd, others have literally been trained by the same people that helped train other mob outfits around the world. More than 10+ countries are involved with training and sending these groups here and Rand alluded to this without getting into finer details. We already know there are groups here from Venezuela that were the same members there that helped topple that country into communism more than 2 decades ago. Those people are here now, on our streets, doing the same thing they did to their own country.
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    08-28-2020, 08:43 AM
    Yup. We can still wake people up that already had 1 foot out the door or speak with people that have long been apolitical but have decided enough is enough due to the craziness of the times, but you can't rationalize with mobs like this. It will never happen, it's not supposed to happen by design. My naive former self believed this, and recent events have been more than enough to be a wake up call. Some people just want to watch the world burn and that's all this is about. These people are not self-aware rational thinkers, they are minions, in some cases literally MKultra'd, for well funded elites that are sending them out as their personal human shields to do their bidding for them so they do not have to have their own blood spilled to enact their doctrines. You cannot have a conversation or talk sense with people that have been twisted into this false state of humanity.
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    08-28-2020, 08:31 AM
    This pretty much sums it all up. You can see the terror in Rand's face as this is happening, despite the fact he has worked harder than pretty much anyone else in both bodies of Congress to restore people's rights and preserve their liberty, including doing more for the supposed causes that BLM is fighting for than BLM themselves. Why is it Rand continues to be targeted in dangerous situations over the last 3-4 years? Is he really just that unlucky? Gut instinct is telling me no.
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