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    Yesterday, 10:00 PM
    She is right, we have a ton of advantages. We will likely win in the end, but it's going to be rough for a very long time. Many are afraid of experiencing pain and that is what has put off this conflict for as long as it has. But we have already passed the point where avoidance of the pain is no longer possible. With that being said, I think we are beyond military and constitutional intervention helping us in any way, and the same could have been said 100 years ago. This isn't something that just took place. All safety nets built in by the constitution have been eroded over the last 200+ years to the point that they no longer are of much use and most positions of any importance have been taken over by globalist communist oligarchs seeking to expand their own power. The good news is that we are waking up to this at light speed. Once enough realize it is not going to be up to anything built by government, nor any single government institution, and will be dependent on each man and woman, then we can start shifting things, but I think many are still waiting for some kind of cavalry to arrive, and that's unlikely to happen. We are the cavalry. Hope should be placed in mankind, not in government.
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    Yesterday, 09:41 PM
    It's a similar thing that happened in 2017, 2018, and 2019. Once spring comes and things warm up a bit, these same groups come out of hibernation to do this type of stuff. In the 2020 case, however, we had the quarantine covid-1984 shenanigans going on, so they waited until things opened up a bit more before the hammer came down. People being locked inside and getting angsty has helped stir this on a good amount more than what we were accustomed to, some may have already been looking for a way to release their pent up anger as emotions have been running high, and this has been just the opportunity to unload for those unaffiliated with the organized groups. This type of behavior will continue on throughout the summer and through the years or until either the organizers/financiers are identified and somehow brought to justice (by the people, not the government) or they install their worldwide communist dystopia.
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    05-17-2020, 01:08 PM
    If memory serves correctly, he got hit pretty hard on his Facebook feed for this vote. He apologized and said he saw the error in his ways, not something a principled statesmen would do. He likely succumbed to the pro-Israeli foreign policy trap and agreement every single congressman is forced to sign upon entering the House, lest they never be supported again on any bills of consequence for the rest of their term(s) in office. Interesting seeing even back then, people scrambling to attack or defend him on this one. Either way, this is a great moment in history looking back, now that we have seen the direction he has taken.
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    05-16-2020, 07:50 PM
    Yes looks like a lot of people that were previously considered crazy were right or at least on the right track. And these people were demonized for years and decades. The amount of effort that has gone into concealing, obfuscating, shielding, hiding, and creating every possible distraction from this information has been staggering to say the least. It may be part of or is the world's greatest story ever told when it's all said and done, and we are probably just at the very beginning of that learning process. It's alright, truth is stubborn and will win in the end.
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    05-14-2020, 03:22 PM
    This is as uncomplicated as it gets. Amash screwed up (again), or was not advised well, or does not have good intentions, or a whole host of other possibilities.. whatever the case is, who knows, it's a moot point. He has become a known quantity now. Time to move on. I don't know if the people still supporting Amash are doing this out of some sense of loyalty or because they feel he is one of the few or only men left in Washington D.C. that is worthy to continue supporting. I can see some weight to that argument, but that would end up falling in the "lesser of two evils" category, something we have used for decades now to eviscerate fake conservatives. He jumped the shark just like Rand did in 2012. He can still do good things or vote well on controversial bills, and so can RINO republicans or even some Dems, but Rand and Amash are always going to have major deficits and lack the same kind of resonance with the common man Ron Paul always displayed. Massie is who we wish Amash had been, but never will be, and that probably hurts some people coming to terms with this. He will likely not represent the future of the libertarian movement and it's a sad state of affairs to see, seeing as many of us donated big time to many, if not all of his campaigns. It is what it is.
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    05-09-2020, 09:00 AM
    Try saying to anyone you know 6,000,001 died, or more, or less than that and watch the response. If it's not exactly 6 million on the nose then you are a bad person, with low moral character, your rights should be stripped, or you should at the very least be censored and never again listened to by anybody ever again. And this is effectively what has happened to most that have ever brought this topic up in the public sphere. The 6 million number predates world war 2, it did not just originate during these meetings.
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