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    Yesterday, 09:49 PM
    Snapshot stuff like this while you can, for posterity, of course. Even though it'll mean nothing.
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    Yesterday, 09:33 PM
    So, Q was likely a CIA psyop the entire time to get "in" with some of the Trump base it seems. The Nat'l Guard in D.C. was all a show, apparently some of them didn't even have magazines in their guns. It seems it was an excuse to "clear" the national mall because NO ONE was showing up to his lame inauguration. Also, did you all read that several lawmakers were wearing bulletproof vests today? #ProtectedClass
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    Yesterday, 09:26 PM
    Brennan is a disgusting human being. Take note how he's become the new MSM darling. I'm sure he's enjoying his close ups and make up parties in plastering his face all over the MSM. He won't even say Trump's name. See, I agree that Trump wasn't what some of us thought, but I'm telling you, he was certainly a thorn in the side of those like Brennan. I think we'll soon see that Trump was, in fact, the dam holding this crap back. He wasn't perfect, and yes he did push through "Operation Warp Speed" and other nonsense, but I don't think he was a team player all the way for them. Stuff's about to get real. The unity talk from Biden is just the sound of the axe being raised in the air. Their moves are already in play, it's all just for show at this point.
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    Yesterday, 09:20 PM
    It's gonna get crazier. Now's the time to start building our numbers. Families first, friends second if possible. Everyone else third.
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    Yesterday, 09:18 PM
    I'm downloading Brave now.
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    Yesterday, 05:03 AM
    That's a take I haven't heard yet. It's interesting and not out of the realm of whatever it is we have going on now to be unbelievable.
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    Yesterday, 04:49 AM
    I'm gonna be honest, I never took Q seriously, to the point that I never went down that rabbit hole because I thought something was suspect from the beginning. Interesting thread, this might be something I link back to if needed.
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    Yesterday, 04:26 AM
    I think deep down I already know this, but I am having some trouble coming to terms with it. Part of me thinks there may still be something worth fighting for, or there's some way some of us can still control our destiny. It's not like it's easy, cheap, or possible for most of us to leave the U.S. That's where a lot of us are screwed. So, all that's left is to fight for the "homeland." Edit: I should add that I think what's left of fighting for isn't in D.C. I think our next fight goes local/state level for some of us. This is why I am continuously finding myself thinking about the path of secession, but it appears it won't happen without violence at some point.
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    Yesterday, 04:18 AM
    I've been thinking about what's in bold since the "election." There's really never been a more crucial time for all liberty minded people to unite under a single banner of just that: liberty. That includes all conservatives, constitutionalists, libertarians, ancaps, etc. Simply, the gargantuan behemoth before us all will devour us separately, one by one. If we can band together and pool resources, there may be a fight worth having. Even from a mathematical point of view, I'd imagine the chances of success with such a coalition are increased. And I'm not just speaking about political alliances. We need to get into the culture before it's really too late. I just wish I was some wealthy person with resources and/or a platform to start uniting such folks. Or at least attempt to...
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    Yesterday, 04:13 AM
    Call me a racist, because that's what's en vogue, but I'm more concerned about the migrant caravans coming up from the South. Where will those people go? What skills will they bring? What else are they bringing into our country? Those are people who refuse to assimilate now. And there are just as many, if not more, of them than there are U.S. troops "coming home."
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    Yesterday, 04:08 AM
    I'd be lying to you if I said I wasn't at least slightly messed up a couple times throughout 2020. I'm better now, but I went through something at the beginning of the covid scare, then more recently seeing how things were still going. It was just so depressing to see the zeitgeist in the state it was (and is going).
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    Yesterday, 04:05 AM
    War on the way to secession, or post secession? I see both equally plausible, if there's anything left of either side after such a war.
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    Yesterday, 03:57 AM
    Yea, secession and the subject of States' Rights will certainly fire back up. The truth is, those are two things that should never have lapsed and should have always remained relevant, no matter the party of president. But now, more than ever, they'll be vitally important tests. It's an interesting dilemma we're in. On one hand, we're told politics don't/shouldn't matter as much as they do. But, they do. And I heard Daniel McAdams put it this way: "you may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you" or something to that effect. Understanding that's a barb in the hand of ancap, anarchist, agorist, and even some libertarians circles, it's the GD truth. How can we escape the leviathan? We can run, but won't it catch up to us at some point? Do we fight it then, or do we try to fight it now? What the hell are we doing? Where are we going? What are we supposed to do? Is there any hope for statewide or even nationwide libertarian pushes against tyranny? Or are we too far splintered at this rate not having a figurehead to make any difference? So, what do we do? The GOP can't be used anymore, we've tried that. Do we just sit back and wait for what's coming? I know Jeff Deist is very much trying to push the Mises audience towards rightful secession, but how are we going to really achieve something like that?
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    Yesterday, 03:44 AM
    Libertarians tend to be their own worst enemies, that much I know. I first recoiled when Michael Malice referred to libertarians as "autists," but I completely understand where he's coming from after thinking about it a bit more.
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    Yesterday, 03:42 AM
    Turn the majority male population (whites, in this instance) into sniveling, whiny, effeminate douchebags unwilling or incapable of reproduction. After that, you push homosexuality (I have no problem with this, for the record) and transgenderism to be completely normalized, even encouraged. And voila, you have a self de-populating people in no time. The number of white men I've ran into saying they don't want to pro-create because it's bad for the environment or simply because they'd prefer to play Pokemon at the age of 30+ is scary. Masculinity is now a crime in this country. It doesn't take long for birth rates to slow/halt once that sets in, which is exactly what's going on. To combat the dissenting voices and people trying to warn everyone that this is happening, you simply set up a narrative that they have "privilege" and are inherently racist.
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    Yesterday, 03:36 AM
    Folks, call me what you want, but I was one of those who had a little hope he would do the right thing here. This is very disappointing, but at least now I can go back to proving to people he is what I thought he was, even though I was willing to play along and think he really was a bit different. This is not a smart move, at all. He could have solidified or won over a lot of people with pardons to Assange and Snowden. How pitiful.
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    Yesterday, 03:29 AM
    What other reliable and fast alternatives are there? I imagine the list is shrinking considerably by now. I see Brave and Opera mentioned. How are those? Any risks with those beyond the normal ones? Ever since Mozilla decided to take a political stance against Trump for whatever their silly reasons were, I've teetered on giving them up because I'm simply tired of him being their scapegoat for everything.
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    01-15-2021, 09:22 AM
    I was going to say, isn't it odd that both Romney and Graham, faces of the GOP RINO establishment, decided to take "normal person" planes home knowing there'd be Trump supporters leaving at the same time? To the skeptic, this could be loosely interpreted as they could have expected/wanted something to happen. I can tell you that if I were them, I would have waited or took my private plane to avoid all of this.
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  • Okie RP fan's Avatar
    01-15-2021, 09:19 AM
    The sad thing is that the American "empire" as we'll call it could have lasted for so much longer had it retained principled economics. Then again, would it have really been an empire in doing so? There can be some relief when examining most empires do decay and die off to a great degree, but they will remain intact to an extent. But, usually in a much smaller form. That said, the breaking up of the U.S. will happen if we see it play out like other empires. Parts of it will be ceded to other countries or they'll create countries of their own. U.S. territories will likely be handed back, etc.
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  • Okie RP fan's Avatar
    01-15-2021, 09:13 AM
    #ProtectedClass The veil has been completely lifted after 2020 on the true nature of this country. It's in its death throes as a decaying empire, people are catching on. More of this crap will happen until there's a wall once the people have really had enough. Everything up until that flashpoint will be warm ups.
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    01-14-2021, 12:22 PM
    Someone gets shot by the NG - Media: "Trump did this, not the 20,000 NG soldiers being used as a narrative tool to usher in the most popular president in history." For the record, I've only been reading conservatives telling each other to not take the bait and avoid D.C. altogether next week. I have no doubt this is some major false flag and/or Antifa/BLM is setting it all up.
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  • Okie RP fan's Avatar
    01-14-2021, 12:19 PM
    Thanks for summarizing. Keep in mind, the left and general populace have been clamoring to be more like the East Asian countries. I don't think they realize what that really entails, nor do I think they realize how unnecessary this is for a virus with a 99.8% survival rate... I wanted to go ahead and post this video by Chris Sky (I don't know who he is, but apparently he's made some waves up in Canada from what I've seen) and how he breaks down what this is all about: https://twitter.com/ZNeveri/status/1349460356595376133?s=20 And here's a UFC fighter, Bryce Mitchell, using his platform (as everyone else is allowed to do for their marxist fantasies) to protest against masks:
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  • Okie RP fan's Avatar
    01-13-2021, 09:22 PM
    Good summaries, I appreciated reading all of that. So is Trump playing his role by "trumping" up the Iran threat? Will this be the great uniting factor under Xiden?
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  • Okie RP fan's Avatar
    01-13-2021, 09:03 PM
    We shouldn't be able to count Syria since the proxy war is still largely going on there. So, outside of Syria, I'd guess somewhere in North/East Africa or South America, particularly due to China's recent investments there. We'll see how much the U.S. military's gonads have shrunk if they start picking fights with China. Edit: devil21 makes a decent case in this thread for Iran: http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?551967-Iran-thread
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  • Okie RP fan's Avatar
    01-13-2021, 09:00 PM
    This is something that I've been trying to keep an eye on since 2020 broke out. I've spoken to a few people over the last year who provide various services and they've noted there's been tons of transplants from CA, NY, and IL. Largely anecdotal, but I believe Oklahoma was one of the states that saw a measurable uptick in migration trends. This is, of course, worrisome because these people are moving away from blue states to red states, why? And will they keep their political views? I believe most people typically do. Thus, we'll have a purpling, then a full on blue in a matter of time in some cities/states around the U.S. Then, there won't be anywhere left to run. And for people who can't leave the U.S., this makes things interesting, to say the least. Link to the story: https://thefederalist.com/2021/01/13/leftists-are-colonizing-red-towns-like-mine-and-local-republicans-are-clueless/
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  • Okie RP fan's Avatar
    01-13-2021, 08:48 PM
    Well, it's not like you have much of a choice since it certainly won't be one of luctor's pizzas.
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  • Okie RP fan's Avatar
    01-13-2021, 08:42 PM
    I haven't had any sports on all year, I'm done with them. Something, something "panem et circenses" is all it is.
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  • Okie RP fan's Avatar
    01-13-2021, 08:30 PM
    Anyone else think one of the supposed groups's names was straight up made up by the FBI/CIA or Antifa? "Patriot Actions for America" I mean, come on. Try better, doofuses.
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