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    Today, 04:46 PM
    "Anuzzuh one bites le doost" -Pepe Le Pew in his French accent.
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    Today, 04:42 PM
    Well, consider that within the last year the average American household (something like 90% of Americans have been eligible per their terms from my understanding) has been given thousands of dollars (when factoring in dependents as well) over the course of two rounds, and thousands more on the horizon for round three... I'd consider we're getting pretty darn close. This doesn't include the discussion of all of the pork and who gets that, either. Don't worry, those stimmies will soon be directly injectible!
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    Today, 04:37 PM
    Well, this is a bit petty. I agree about not wearing masks and all of that, but this is a private business and isn't it counterintuitive to make a call to have the staff arrested thus preventing you from their services? Just seems like a group of people who don't know when to stop and want to keep acting like the other side does.
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    Today, 10:52 AM
    I think that Thomas Jefferson had a quote or two about city life vs. rural life, didn't he? Let's see: https://historynewsnetwork.org/article/167732
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    Today, 09:35 AM
    Has anyone actually taken a moment to appreciate our long memed and joked about idea of helicopter money coming to fruition? I was explaining to someone the other day that all this is is about getting the masses very comfortable and used to the idea of "free money." Like an addict, once they're hooked it's very hard to ween them off peacefully. This is just more welfare coming down the road. We will soon be at the point Idiocracy was at - nothing but dumb people left who sit in front of their tvs all day doing nothing.
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    Today, 09:32 AM
    Indeed it is. And credit to "them" (whoever they are) for putting us in these positions. It's all about control and that's exactly what they're doing. Put the common masses in a catch-22 position where either outcome benefits them (the ruling class). It's clever. It's evil.
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    Yesterday, 08:17 PM
    Most of these so called hate crimes end up being proven to not have occurred. Or maybe that's specifically on college campuses... Hard to keep up anymore. I also have to wonder whether black people have thin skin when it comes to stuff like this and maybe misinterpret and/or exaggerate. I've been stopped by people before at various places (workers, security, etc. and not often, but it has happened a few times) and I was asked things like what was I doing, etc. I didn't take it as racism or whatever.
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    03-04-2021, 06:14 AM
    Loved him talking about priorities. The truth is, the vast majority of people that would watch that video if blasted to the masses, would bristle and start hissing at the mere idea(s) of building their own house/cabin, living in something less than 1,000 sq. ft., not have a complex cellular data plan, have a 15 year old car, pay cash for things, etc. Why? Because of comfort. These are "true" first world problems from a sense of people are too used to living the fine life (and not realizing it). And to a degree, that's completely OK. It's fine to reap the rewards of living a high standard of living. But people become so out of touch and start demanding things that offer them more comfort. That's where we're at as a country - people are comfy and think they deserve the fruits of someone else's labor while they complain about having to do the laundry (in a washing machine and dryer), worrying about dying (yea, that's life; it can be harsh but it seems like younger people are petrified at the idea of dying nowadays), etc. This is where the communists reign supreme. When the culture becomes lazy and complacent, they come in with promises of equality and wealth redistribution and everyone's the same.
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    03-04-2021, 06:00 AM
    I used to follow Cassandra on Twitter years ago (don't worry, I don't have a Twitter anymore) when she was hardcore ACAB and pretty much nothing else. I came across her again last year and saw she's expanded and became seemingly ancap/libertarian (if nothing else other than anti-leftist) and started covering much more. Past that, I'm not sure what she's been doing or how much of an advocate she really is for liberty (or if that's even her main focus).
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    03-03-2021, 07:44 AM
    I honestly don't know if this is satire or not at this rate, but I did notice via an article that the violence on Asians is being blamed on white supremacy or something like that, despite the FACTS that blacks are committing these heinous crimes on them. Unfortunately, stupid people will cling to this notion just because the television says so. On the note of Seuss, I've been reading a lot of comments saying this isn't censorship because the Seuss Estate is the one who initiated the study and made the efforts. Yea, whatever.
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    03-03-2021, 07:30 AM
    Came here to say this - I doubt this would have happened if not for the events of a few weeks ago and the aftereffects going on now (millions with broken pipes, etc.).
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    03-03-2021, 07:28 AM
    Not understanding that you're not supposed to be on minimum wage for life or raise a family on minimum wage is the biggest danger and precedent here. And notice how these proponents won't take anything less now because it's been propagandized into their heads that it's $15 or nothing; there's not even any debate on $11/hr., for example. Nope. The people DESERVE $15/hr. working fast food joints and getting orders wrong when all they do is listen to you and push buttons. AI and automation will be coming quicker than they are already if something like this grasps hold. Why pay morons and people with no skills $15/hr when you can pay a robot or computer less? Then these people will be on the streets demanding jobs and people like AOC will be promising them. Not understanding how economics works and expecting to live your entire life on minimum wage (when it's really for teenagers and people in the process of developing skills, etc.) is really the issue(s) here.
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    03-02-2021, 07:27 AM
    Weren't there literal billions donated to BLM in 2020? I'm pretty sure there was. They should get their money from BLM - it was mostly donations from guilty whites and celebrities trying to show people they were "doing something good."
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    03-02-2021, 07:25 AM
    I thought Q was finally termed to be nothing but a psyop the entire time, likely ran by leftists or the CIA and there was a mass exodus? Either way, I don't even know why I'm taking the time to comment on these people. They were wrong around every corner because they never had anything going for them to begin with. It was all a farce.
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    03-01-2021, 07:43 AM
    China and Russia are trying to finally bring that down, and it seems like it'll finally happen in no time. Each day they're taking steps to ween themselves off of the petrodollar. When that more or less completes, the U.S. will likely be screwed in many ways. And instead of being forward thinking, our benevolent leaders are thinking and acting like the gravy train will never stop and are encouraging handouts, UBI, and $15 min. wage. Instead, they should be backing out, freeing things up, and letting the markets work. I'd love to GTFO of the U.S. at this rate, but I can't find anywhere suitable enough (there's really only a handful of places that aren't messed up when you leave out pretty much all of Africa, most of South America, Australia, and much of Europe and Asia...) and have family here that's too enamored with living in the U.S.
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    03-01-2021, 07:39 AM
    I can't argue with this. It holds as much water now as anything. We've tried, we were ignored, here we are.
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    03-01-2021, 07:36 AM
    My tax preparer told me this. They also said 2020's returns could take 6-9 months via paper, or possibly as little as a few weeks if we signed up for the auto-deposit.
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    02-28-2021, 09:21 AM
    Bought some more physical silver. Not much - the prices and delivery times are nuts. Even the run in 2008-2009 doesn't compare all that well to what's going on right now.
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    02-28-2021, 09:18 AM
    Education is key with secession. The pampered and ill-educated masses in this country don't want to rock any boats or cause any waves, so to speak, so the thought of secession frightens them to near petrifaction. If more people were taught that life would largely go on as normal, but arguably more free (in most of these cases) from a governance point of view, then I'm sure more people would hop on board. And right now is the best time with as many people who are disenfranchised from the current system. The selling narrative can be "the current system is FUBAR, so why not try this?"
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    02-26-2021, 08:02 AM
    Yes, I'll agree with those points (exception progressive website comment), BUT - I honestly don't think Trump was allowed. Take this, for example: https://www.zerohedge.com/political/final-days-trump-gave-forcing-release-russiagate-files-nunes-prober-says
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    02-26-2021, 07:45 AM
    Ahhh... the life of a perpetual victim. What a life it must be! Helmet laws - RACISS! Being white - RACISS! Being able to read and speak English - RACISS! Owning a house in the suburbs - RACISS! Walking around and doing a good job at work - RACISSSSSSS!!! Funnily enough, the solution to this crap they espouse (helmet laws here) would be free and sovereign societies with limited governments in place. These morons want more laws to try and correct a system so overburdened by its own laws and bureaucracies already, in order to right some perceived and petty wrong that was put in place by the nanny state they want imposed.
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    02-26-2021, 07:05 AM
    If that thing was a right winger or appointed by Trump (or someone not part of the Cathedral), the MSM would be having a field day plastering the repeated non-answer in our faces. But, alas...
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    02-26-2021, 07:02 AM
    Yay, more flags. South Park should do an episode on everyone walking around with their own flag(s) and getting into fights about it. I'm just enjoying them eating each other now that it's unfair for transgender men to compete against biological women in sports. A lot of us tried, ya know, warning about this, but were met with resistance and were called bigots. But, what do we know? It's frightening to see what the end of the road of all this looks like. How can people not see it? The goal seems to be for everyone to be something that they aren't, take a bunch of pharmaceuticals, have your genitals mutilated, and voila! In time, we have a population so messed up that we either a) become very easily conquered by another country/entity, or b) we de-populate ourselves in a matter of a few generations. Notice this is really happening to Western countries. African, Asian (exception Japan and South Korea), and Middle Eastern countries continue to see population growth and are migrating to Europe...
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    02-24-2021, 09:25 PM
    Yea, exactly. It's like we're being pushed into a corner and the last stand will be here.
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    02-23-2021, 08:45 AM
    Came here to say these things. - About that Young Pharaoh guy, he seems like an uber goober. I thought it was funny that he said caucasians are animals and brought up the whole melanin argument. I thought it funnier that he said whites kill and don't lose any sleep. Does he care to address black on black murders then and how many are done without the perps losing any sleep, going at lengths to brag about it in some cases? Like I said, uber goober.
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    02-23-2021, 08:23 AM
    I'd take a guess most people around here probably don't listen to Jason Stapleton anymore (if they ever did), but last year he did a few episodes in which inflation and spending were brought up and he always hammered the same point: it's not going to matter in the end who did it or when it finally happens. The politicians will essentially stick their thumbs in their butts and point the other fingers everywhere but themselves and they'll insist it's "unprecedented." The latter being an excuse to do even more radical things that screw the common people over in the end. Despite warnings from the Austrian Economists, some investors/traders, hedge funds, etc. the politicians and Fed will say "we didn't know" or "we didn't see this coming." - Also - look around you, the topic of inflation has broken mainstream. I'm reading more and more articles on it just about everywhere. You all know what it means when something breaks mainstream, especially on a topic like this: a) it's already been happening and the veil is now being lifted or b) they're allowing the narrative to slip out on purpose to play the "we tried warning you" card. Start taking precautions where able, folks.
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