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    Yesterday, 05:18 PM
    Well, it's in Paris and the French are already major cynical assholes. I'm gonna bet we'll see something that is very obviously NATO/Russia/Ukraine themed, wink wink. I'll also wager that we'll see something about climate change and perhaps a nice inspirational bit about free and open immigration of lower IQ peoples to established western communities.
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    Yesterday, 05:16 PM
    I think it prudent to understand this will be a major test in the ongoing dumbing down of America campaign by our educational institutions and media. Kamala Harris CAN win a legitimate election with the amount of jackasses and deranged feminists this country now holds. Add that to the amount of people who simply hate Trump (in large part because of the aforementioned institutions) and she'll have the numbers to win outright, I think. The covid years taught me how stupid America has become. She is the perfect candidate for today's USA.
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    07-19-2024, 04:20 PM
    Dear God...
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    07-16-2024, 09:21 PM
    That's exactly what it was: condemning with mighty faint praise. I'm aware, sadly. Nothing you said was incorrect.
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    07-15-2024, 09:29 PM
    Thanks for posting them. I really hope people are keeping those receipts.
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    07-15-2024, 09:18 PM
    I think, in the simplest of terms, he's telling us the playbook that he believes he's deciphered. I, and many others had similar spiritual awakenings since 2020. We're full on against demonic forces, plain and simple. And I'm not even coming at that from like a bible thumping "rapture's a-comin!" perspective. No, just in plain terms: good vs. evil has finally bared itself in front of us like it has in the past and will again in the future. It slept for awhile and is back but this time with new technologies to spread itself. Edit: look into Rene Girard and mimetic theory. Fantastic book called "I saw Satan fall like lighting" where he explains how humanity throughout all of history in tribal form through our modern era loves to create scapegoats to cast blame towards as a method to "fix" the current wrongs within the tribe or society at the time. The Gospel of Jesus Christ, Girard argued, was the only thing in history that finally transcended all of that scapegoating nonsense and held power above everyone (but most importantly held power over hate).
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    07-15-2024, 07:49 PM
    Interesting... A Rand and Massie endorsement?? He met with Kim Jong Un and tried to cool relations. He didn't overly expand our existing wars anymore than his predecessors. He began the Afghanistan withdrawal. He pissed a lot of establishment D.C. creatures off for a variety of reasons.
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    07-15-2024, 07:44 PM
    Dang, you hit that nail right on the head.
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    07-15-2024, 07:43 PM
    Let's be honest, a Tulsi Gabbard or Ben Carson pick would have drawn more minorities and showed us that Trump is willing to take those gambles. Vance is fairly boring, but also doesn't quite have the background that can be picked apart. He's also young and has Silicon Valley ties, which I don't think is a good thing. But, it could be Trump trying to get more of the "techy" crowd or something, I'm not sure. Then again, it could also be just as simple as Trump thinking Vance is popular, has potential, and helps him in a battleground swing state like Ohio. Trump did say he'll put Vance on the ground in Ohio, Wisconsin, etc. Without thinking that Vance is awful (because I don't know enough about him), Trump has always sucked at picking those around him in politics.
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    07-14-2024, 05:18 PM
    Ah, in that case sure, small l still has a little bit of backbone and merit but I do think that's waning every day. The more I go out in public and see the creatures that want more government in their lives (and thus ours), the more hopeless I tend to become. So yea, maybe a lot of us are pessimistic. I admit I didn't listen to the conversation.
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    07-14-2024, 04:55 PM
    Massie has been great. Happy to have had him so far and I hope he keeps things going. Sad to hear about this and best wishes to him and his family.
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    07-14-2024, 04:48 PM
    Can't rep you again right now (if we're still doing that around here), but thanks. And can't agree more on your last part.
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    07-14-2024, 04:45 PM
    As for the actual thread itself... Libertarianism in America is, to be plain and simple, a joke. We cannot get out of our own way and we'll never be taken seriously as a legitimate party. And thus, we will never wield the power necessary from a wide angle in order to advance liberty. I'm probably going to be changing my party affiliation at some point with how the LP convention went this year. I honestly don't wish to be associated with it at this point. Edit: of course, I'm not suggesting any of the parties are worth associating with. It really is just a giant mess right now.
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    07-14-2024, 04:42 PM
    Gen Z is going to end up being the most different of the previous generations going back to at least the Boomers. The boomers through millennials still have memories of certain things like people working with their hands, time just before modern cell phone adoption, playing outside, there only being 1-2 "weird" kids in class instead of half, etc. This is why personalities like Jordan Peterson, who are apparently making inroads with young men in particular, are so critical right now (like him or dislike him, doesn't matter - he's telling young men "there's another way out there..."). It's for that same reason that the left hates people like Peterson and want him gone: because he's pulling a lot of people out from their communist hypnotism. They've put in a lot of work over a long period of time in our schools and culture only to see a couple guys come in and tell them "modern life is fake and gay. Real life is this way."
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    07-14-2024, 04:22 PM
    Listening to his opening rap monologue, all I could think about was the communist playbook. That's what they do.
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    07-14-2024, 04:01 PM
    I've been trying to bring this up in conversations since the 2020 covid psychological operation. Am I the crazy one and I don't realize it, or are they? I ended up having a conversation with someone around this subject and others a few years ago and his sage advice was to simply "always try to examine things from the angle of purest truth you can and always argue from truth's side as much as you're able. After that, you'll be fine and nothing can harm you, per se." That begs another question: what is truth? Is my truth the same as the lefty's down the road from me? Where is the check performed between the two of us in a conversation? Having said all of that, I am 100% certain that my perspectives aren't always "right" but comparatively to a modern American leftist who simply cares about the government providing for them and receives their marching orders from their MSM overlords, I've grown more confident that I think I'm trying harder than they are and that my side is the "right" side. Then again, I could be completely wrong. I don't think so, though, considering I'm not the one who was pushing for complete dominance over my political rivals during covid (and still to this day) like the leftists tried.
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    07-14-2024, 06:23 AM
    It’s super easy to apply scripture to major events like this. I personally find it almost always leads nowhere, ultimately. In part due to the various interpretations and personalities behind them. Anyway, well here we are folks! It was quite something perusing various popular Internet forums and sites yesterday. Key findings: -Many (but not all) leftists are disappointed Trump survived. -Many continued to make disparaging comments towards Trump himself and his supporters after the event.
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