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    Today, 07:07 AM
    Blacks aren't getting the profits from the ice cream is my assumption why they're mad. If Wal-mart had assured blacks would receive x percent of proceeds from sales, we wouldn't have heard a thing other than mass promotions for this ice cream to increase sales and thus give blacks another check. Did I assume too much in this post? Nope, I don't think I did. Blacks and BLM have made it abundantly clear: they want white money. They want it for nothing. They don't want to work for it, they want to take it just like whites did to their ancestors hundreds of years ago. Clearly they've never opened a history book before, but whatever.
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    Today, 07:05 AM
    And you'd be correct. And now? Well now we see what's going on. We see that "half" of the country DOES NOT WANT TO GO BACK to the principles of 1776. "Educating" them won't work. The other "half" who would be more in line with this 1776 stuff are stuck in the past. Here's the problem with that: going back in time, to my knowledge, hasn't worked. Most people don't want to hold onto ideals 200+ years old. Some people may want to work within reasonable parameters that espouse similar beliefs but this 1776 stuff is a losing proposition. Even its labeling is now a loser, in my unprofessional, inexpert, and humble opinion. We've got to first figure out how to work with modern day words, ideals, etc. even if under the frame 1776 is there. But the public can't see that or know it, else they'll run away. And let's be real: most of the 1776 folks are going to be in their 60s-70s (just like the crowd in the video) when the majority need to be in their 20s, 30s. Good luck converting 20 and 30 year old Americans today that principles of 1776 need to be brought back or pushed forward. So, I'm not here to rain on people's parade. I'm not here to start an argument. I'm here to say that another strategy is needed, but I don't know what it is.
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    Today, 06:57 AM
    Remember, only cops and the military (tools of our benevolent government) should have guns. The same cops and military the left wants to defund. The same cops and military who kill innocent people daily. You can't make these narratives up.
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    Today, 06:54 AM
    Reasonable take: the LPMC NEEDS to swing to the right some more. Been telling people that the mainline libertarians and right of center libertarians NEED to work with right wingers in this ongoing war. Battle lines have been drawn and libertarians still floating around need to pick a side. I've picked mine and it's not with the communists. You don't have to kiss your allies feet, you don't need to wipe their asses, you just need them for numbers. Libertarians are NOTHING on their own. And if slander like this is going to happen anyway, might as well just do what's gonna be best. Libertarians, contrary to popular belief, aren't going to sway or "educate" people who take the SPLC seriously anyway. They aren't the target.
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    Yesterday, 10:55 AM
    Same here. I won't pretend like I remember everything or know every detail, but here are my assumptions that I'd love to have refuted, confirmed, etc. I thought the FSP's goal was to get 25,000-50,000 "liberty lovers" to NH and start having impacts on local and state elections. End goal being turning NH into a libertarian utopia. Last I heard, less than 5,000 people had actually moved there in a span of about 10 years that were actually part of the FSP. With that said, I have no idea if these people moved to a single area or just moved all over the state. If it's the latter, this plan was doomed from the start. If you don't have concentrations of people, you can't concentrate your power. That last sentences makes most of us here cringe, but that's the name of the game. The FSP would have been better off having 5,000 people move to a county (or two) where they could really start swaying numbers and elections, then building from there. To me, this is the same argument I apply to the California people - you're in a hornet's nest with no hope in hell of changing anything. Moving to another state with a greater concentration of people like you (us on here) could likely have a better impact long term. And then I'm kindly responded to about the weather, the wineries, the coast, etc. I get it. I understand. My point is still valid just as theirs is. Side note: Even so, I'm really starting to lose my patience with libertarians (not libertarianism, per se) and it's now all gone with the LP itself.
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    Yesterday, 10:17 AM
    I don't think we need to assume EVERYTHING is a false flag. Have there been false flags? Absolutely. Are there still? Very much most likely. Maybe sometimes we see that natural violent little tidbit of society pop up. This thing that committed this act against innocent children... Well, you can either believe in demons or if you don't, some humans are just wired very strangely. And here we are, even I'm wondering this morning what can be done to prevent these things. This, of course, is what "they" want - to have the millions of gun owners feel guilty and start inching toward a "compromise." Even so, maybe allowing high capacity assault rifles to 18 year olds needs to be reassessed and begin licensing in the 20s. Even still, that can be circumvented. And I have a question: how are we supposed to keep guns out of this country when we want an open border? Ask the lefties that and see what they say.
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    05-24-2022, 07:39 PM
    Maybe, maybe not. Time and time again that detail goes unanswered or unaccounted for during the post reactions and follow ups. It's very neatly put into the dustbin by the MSM and forgotten about. Then the narrative goes straight to gun control. Notice that picture has been whitewashed with the contrast turned way up. Maybe to make the shooter appear more white? - There is so much evil going around. All of you, love your families and close friends a little extra this week. Be the good this world needs.
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    05-06-2022, 06:43 AM
    Can we have videos showing the various methods of abortion shown during sex ed in schools? I'm being dead serious. It'll make everyone think twice about being promiscuous without contraceptives. And everyone in support of abortion should be forced to watch procedures videos as well. It's some sick shit, no matter what side of the abortion debate you're on.
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    05-06-2022, 06:38 AM
    Heh, small world D.C. politics is! Man, I really wish more people would see how things are really being ran in this country. It's a country club.
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    05-06-2022, 06:35 AM
    Has anyone else been curious why hybrids have been completely forgotten and dropped in favor of all electric? Hybrids can be argued as a "best of both worlds" type of vehicle - you use electric while in the city (most people) then kick over to gas for longer trips. Ah, but there's the possible rub, right? You see the mileage limits of these electric cars (despite the promises to put electric charging stations all over the place... by the way, what's gonna be the ecological impact of that?) and it sure seems to me we're being coerced into driving less and driving fewer miles. Some enviros will adamantly say "yes, exactly!" The WEF perverts would probably also agree. Then comes the question, why? The answer, they'll say, is simple: we have over colonized the planet and need to tamp everything back and get everyone to stay as local as possible. Traveling will be for the rich. Land and big houses will be for the rich. The common people will live in high density apartments, townhomes, etc. in the newly gentrified areas of downtown areas throughout the U.S.
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