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    01-29-2023, 10:55 AM
    I don't think your take is accurate. These people tend to vote majority Democrat once they become legalized and/or their children (who were born here) tend to. Many of them are seeking government protections and welfare. Most seem willing to work, sure, but they come here to seek the benefits of living in a "successful" established country with a welfare system vs. their shit hole homes they helped wreck through their own ignorance and corruption... And while many of them are Catholic on the surface, many are also believers in witchcraft, gangbanging, drug smuggling, etc. Those number more than we think but I'm not saying they make up the majority. Cubans are the only ones who I think vote majority Republican and the government has long been disinterested in bringing more of them over vs. the Central Americans and Mexicans. Source: I live in Oklahoma (where I'm seeing robust growth in Mexican/Central American immigration. Some parts of Tulsa are entirely Mexican now) and have some friends and extended family that were/are illegal crossers or were anchor babies. Some stories I've heard do not match well with the existing American framework .
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    01-27-2023, 01:24 PM
    The LGBTQXYZ mafia knows damn well what they're doing by hosting these things in churches. It's a belligerent affront to historically sacred places. It's like teabagging in video games or desecrating a corpse because you can and it won't do anything back. Shame on these churches, by the way.
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    01-27-2023, 01:19 PM
    That's a good one. While I won't even attempt to sum world history, European history, etc. into a single sentence or paragraph, I do believe the spread of Christianity was something special and offered paths to non-violence. While many Europeans were heathens and murderers, when they encountered indigenous peoples around the globe, some of those cultures were still practicing ritual and mass sacrifices. Some of this is still on display to some degrees in Mexico and Central America and Africa (and the Middle East) with beheadings and dismemberings. And those are happening with more frequency the browner many European countries become...
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    01-25-2023, 05:38 PM
    What was that dog's name again? Oh, that's right: Bingo.
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    01-25-2023, 05:38 PM
    The browner this country becomes, the lower the IQ will be. Is that racist? No, it's not. I'm just following the science and statistics. Prepare for more of this, especially as more Mexicans with cartel ties move in and supplant what was once a great America. And of course, the disclaimer: No, I'm not saying all Mexicans are bad. I am saying they will lower the collective IQ, bring their ways of poverty up here, etc.
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    01-25-2023, 05:35 PM
    Well, what Ron said in that Larry McDonald speech above is pertinent: run in the party you think you can win. For some people, that may be the LP. But, that'll definitely be a local thing for you and your best chances will be in smaller towns in rural America. For everyone else, take your pick but Dems and GOP run the show. I sometimes think we need to go back to the 2007-2012 Ron Paul strategy: take over the local GOPs... We have to admit there were some successes there. If you want the more cynical approach: none of this really matters. The Doomsday clock is ticking away no matter what. Or a Christian approach: don't trouble yourself with any of this nonsense. Our kingdom is not of this world and we only have one Lord.
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    01-25-2023, 05:28 PM
    The U.S. and the global arms industry are doing their best to provoke Russia into striking first so a larger scaled conflict can be properly justified. It's plain as day. Now, if only the bleeding heart liberals could see this for what it is instead of pulling the line of "it's for Ukrainian sovereignty! They need guns! Putin and Russia are bad!" Putin has repeatedly said he'll come to the table to talk. I'm sure all of this will end if Ukraine formerly cedes the Donbas to Russia and pledges to not join NATO. Those are pretty much the only two things Putin has said are the stipulations. But Zelensky and his cronies are rolling in U.S. taxpayer money right now (with no way for us to track) and the arms industry is looking for new contracts... And I'm sure the U.S. military is wanting to roll out some of the older models that are close to being decommissioned. And it's also serving as one big experiment to see what Russia will do, study terrain, etc.
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