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    Today, 05:34 AM
    I'm pretty late to this whole thing, too, but I think it's more because I'm having trouble relating to the conversation as its being had. It's all about this group or that group and feelingz and sentimentz. When you see the people of the world as individuals and judge them each by their actions, this whole thing becomes so foreign. I'm certainly one of the most vociferous critics of Trump in here, but if I were in a car surrounded by a bunch of threatening people with bats pounding on my car, I would have gunned it. Trump did the right thing by focusing on the actions of people on all sides. He deserves credit for that.
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    Today, 05:27 AM
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    Yesterday, 12:56 PM
    No, it's usually this kind of tree. ;)
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    Yesterday, 10:29 AM
    I have no affinity for statues of any kind. Take 'em down, leave 'em up? If it's your own property, I don't care. If it's gubmint property, I certainly don't care! Hell, if they wanted to be truthful, they'd have Marx and Machiavelli statues everywhere. Don't tell me what to put up or take down on my land and I'll do the same for you. But this whole reaction is puzzling. It just tells me how easily people are manipulated by their media.
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    Yesterday, 10:24 AM
    Right?! I mean, I'm having a hard time even addressing this "controversy". I just can't even relate to the conversation people are having. I'm just an individual wondering what the hell everyone is so worked up about.
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    08-12-2017, 10:02 PM
    Monticello. My favorite place in the world.
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    08-11-2017, 11:03 AM
    Nah, usually billionaires are in a position to buy their wants from the State. Apparently, this selfish billionaire thought he was special. Let this be a lesson to all you billionaires out there - freedom has a price. You may have money, but the politicians have power. They will use that power in your interests - if you give them the money.
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    08-11-2017, 09:55 AM
    We are certainly set up nicely for a false flag. I mean if the financial system is finally at its breaking point, you can most certainly expect governments to do something drastic.
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    08-11-2017, 07:03 AM
    The only real difference I could see is that the left media would be singing her praises while the alt media would be up in arms. Other than that, not much else would change. Maybe worse SC judges. But Obamacare would still be the law. We'd still be intervening all over the globe. Spending would still be increasing at alarming rates. The police state would still be growing. The refreshing thing, though, is that if Hillary won, we wouldn't have RPF people trying to defend this crap. As far a Michael Moore goes, I read a book of his back in the 90's in which he talked about how much he LOOOVED Hillary. She was his ideal woman. :rolleyes: Would you expect anything different from a left cheerleader?
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    08-11-2017, 06:43 AM
    With the tongue in cheek righteous indignation, I'll have to give Mike Rowe a pass here. Once again, it is not the tool that is the problem but how it is misused. I find emojis to be a clever tool to succinctly express emotions in the written word. It's not meant as a replacement for language, but a supplement. One of the problems with conversational writing is that in order to express the emotions of the writer, he needs to use more words. All too often, messages are misinterpreted because the reader supplies his/her own emotions. Emojis solve this problem. "Great looking shoes, there! :rolleyes:" is easily distinguished from "Great looking shoes, there! :cool:". Tools are rarely a problem. How people use the tools, however... :eek:
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    08-10-2017, 01:12 PM
    The problem with adding years onto your life is that they're all at the end. The value of a life should not be measured in the distance between the beginning and end, but by the quality of the moments in between. In other words, dying younger ain't a bad thing if you're enjoying your time. Americans spend crazy amounts of money trying to extend their end years. Which really just means they live in pointless agony longer. But they'll accept that agony if it means they can put off facing their fear of dying.
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    08-10-2017, 09:48 AM
    I blame the Obamacare death panels.
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    08-09-2017, 04:02 PM
    You realize this is straight up neoconnery, right? Geopolitical gamesmanship. You would have blasted any other politician for doing what you're suggesting.
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    08-09-2017, 01:46 PM
    Yeah? I guess I'm not seeing your point. The guy is a straight up interventionist? Wants to use the power of the US military to get other nations to do our bidding? I guess you're thinking because he "warned" China before that his warning to NK isn't valid? How do you decide which warnings you think are real and which ones are just ploys to force the issue in other arenas? And how any of this a good thing? Really, I think you should try inserting someone else's name into the words and actions of this guy to see if you still find any reasonable logic in this mess.
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    08-09-2017, 01:33 PM
    :confused::confused: Where did you read that? I'm saying that if you listened to Trump without the rose-colored filter, you'd be criticizing him instead of trying to figure out what he really meant.
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    08-09-2017, 01:29 PM
    I just hope Trump keeps reading your polling data til the end of his term.
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    08-09-2017, 01:26 PM
    :rolleyes: There it is again. Those sympathetic to Trump are always trying to infer what is really going on. (I know you're not a supporter, but for some reason you harbor those sympathies for him.) I wish there was some way we could get you folks to apply the same standard as you use on other politicians. :( If Bush, Obama, McCain or Clinton made those comments, I'm sure you wouldn't be trying to rationalize it in your head.
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    08-09-2017, 10:50 AM
    No one loves war as much as a politician with low poll numbers.
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    08-09-2017, 08:07 AM
    Looks to me like it's ok even if they think drugs may be involved. The officer was acquitted and back on the job and she just got a fraction of what she sought.
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    08-09-2017, 07:38 AM
    100?! Well, there's an efficient use of resources! How many dogs did they kill there?
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    08-09-2017, 07:34 AM
    CaptUSA replied to a thread Robot rape? in U.S. Political News
    See, this is why they'll never catch on. Americans don't want to exercise. (until they come up with the fully-automated one that does all the work.)
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    08-08-2017, 09:26 AM
    CaptUSA replied to a thread Robot rape? in U.S. Political News
    Um... wut?? This guy is really concerned about people practicing rape on robots?? Something tells me mister professor spends a little too much time peeking behind trees on the quad. Hey, Prof... You're predilections are showing!
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    08-08-2017, 07:48 AM
    Oh please... Just because you keep repeating that line doesn't make it true. Trump is every bit as establishment as the rest of 'em. (you remember that word right? It's what got transformed into "deep state" by the "alt-media" once Trump got elected.) Most people within that establishment may not like him, but he's still promoting establishment policies - only now he's got you cheerleading for them. Foreign policy? Still droning. Still sanctioning. Still meddling all over the world. Spending? Still setting new records every day. Police state? Still police stating. Growing even faster than before. Free commerce? Still introducing new barriers to freedom. Regulatory state? Ok, Gotta give Trump a little credit here. The regulatory burden seems to be easing in some sectors. Health Care? Still controlled by government. Liberty was thrown under the bus and backed over again. "Oh, but Hillary would have been worse?!!" Sure, but at least we'd all agree that she was screwing us over. Talk about worshipping horse shit. :rolleyes:
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    08-07-2017, 12:15 PM
    It's all the same, regardless. It's just that all arms of the establishment will use whatever political points they think they can make to get themselves a bigger slice of the power. Policy means nothing to these people - it's all about the angle they can use.
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    08-07-2017, 12:03 PM
    Why wouldn't you know what side it's on? QUOTE] Seriously?! Because the Ron Paul rEVOLution is so far removed from either of those two camps, however both of those camps have grievances against their government which may have seemed to align with Ron Paul's. Of course, neither one of those camps really want the government to get out of the way - they just want the government to do things that benefit themselves. It's the difference between being liberty-oriented and self-interested contrarian.
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    08-07-2017, 07:32 AM
    Ahh, but you see, that's why our foreign policy is so brilliant! We constantly give money to all sides at the same time we're killing them. That schizophrenia is what prevents the differing factions from ever banding together. Our leaders are very more smarter than us.
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    LOL You're ridiculous. Go away, you globalist troll and race-obsessed collectivist hack.
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    You're lying again, and your obsession with race is pathological and also boring. Go issue directives to someone else, you globalist troll.
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    That is a lie, and on Good Friday of all days. Your obsession with dragging race into so many conversations is getting real tired.

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    erowe1, are you seriously taking the position that cops are "innocent until proven guilty"? Or are you just messing with people here to see if they are parroting what they've been told without thinking about it?

    Mind you, I'm not talking about the not-so-subtle "Let's lynch 'em" attitude. I tend to think that's a bad idea, even if I philosophize in weird directions sometimes (its part of my efforts to stay sane while surrounded by statists IRL, give me a break). But, there is a difference between saying "we shouldn't condone harming X for Y or Z reasons" and saying "X is actually innocent."

    Note, also by "innocent" I don't even mean morally sinless, I just mean per the NAP. I'd honestly be shocked if there is a single cop who's been on the force for more than a week who isn't an NAP violator. Do you disagree?
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    You should comment on this thread: I am curious about your argument.
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    I know you said you agreed with me that the sex = marriage argument is wrong, so you might want to get involved in this thread... I could use some help here as I don't know as much about this as I probably should.
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    I genuinely wonder how that would have gone over in my church. Probably not nearly as well.
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    Thanks for the sermon. Good stuff. I passed it on to my parents. My dad's a pastor so I'd love to see him converted to the view of Romans 13 that you take or a similar one.

    Just out of curiosity, how well received was that message in your church?
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    Thanks. One of my brothers in Christ who I respect and love told me that a Christian man should spend more time with his brothers than people in the world. I was spending so much time on the forums with these unbelievers, and when he said that, I was extremely convicted. There is nothing like spending time with brothers who build you up in the Lord and sharpen you.
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    I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your insight on topics like we just discussed. (existence, god, reality, etc) You give me much to mull over.
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