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    Today, 10:53 AM
    Yeah - I'm kinda enjoying this story. And super glad it made national news. :D
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    Today, 10:28 AM
    Wouldn't matter. I know this cop. I used to work with him at another job (he was a part-time Buffalo Twp officer, back then). He's a jackass. The kind of guy that lives his life on a power trip. Couldn't have happened to a better asshole. Totally, not surprised he over-reacted when he got the chance. Just glad he's finally getting some retribution. (For point of reference, there used to be a bridge at the bottom of a really steep hill. The speed limit on the hill was like 45 or something, but you had to ride the brake to keep it down. At the bridge, though, the speed limit dropped to 25 right after a turn. Scott used to joke and brag about how many people he could ticket in a few minutes. They've since redesigned the road there, but it just goes to show what an asshat he is.)
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    Today, 10:04 AM
    Ok, now... someone spent a little too much time on that post... :p My wife is just glad it wasn't Shaun - so her fallback plan is still in effect.
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    Today, 09:32 AM
    Oh, I love it too! Imagine how much more enjoyable it's going to be when you take half the idiots off the road! Those who have no purpose being behind the wheel except that they need to get from point A to point B. And they'll be replaced with machines with predictable behavior! Goodbye, granny stretching to see over the wheel... Goodbye, soccer mom trying to get the kids to stop fighting... Goodbye, lazy fat-ass more concerned about eating his fast food than paying attention... Goodbye, ditzy teenage girl getting distracted by the butterfly on her windshield... The main problem I see is that it may become cost-prohibitive. I don't think the bans on human driving will come into play anytime soon, but you can almost certainly guarantee that insurance rates will go up. So then, it'll be a question of how much is it worth to you to enjoy driving?
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    Yesterday, 07:59 PM
    Man, I feel like addressing this from so many angles. 1. Economics: More efficiency always increases wealth and prosperity. This is a good thing. Don't worry about jobs going away - wants are unlimited. With the extra resources we'll have, more jobs will be created - even though their unidentified now. Automobiles killed the farriers, but I don't see anyone arguing against them anymore. Read post #20 2. Unions: Are we really arguing that unions should work to stifle innovation? In RPF? 3. Regulations: This is one of the things I'm most excited about! Our current regulatory state makes no sense in a high tech world. (It makes no sense at any time, but people are beginning to recognize its futility) Looking at the future, it seems that people will begin to realize that regulations are an impediment to progress. That is HUGE! Technology has always made regulation pointless; now it's beginning to happen in hyperspeed! Are we really arguing for stricter regulation in RPF?? 4. Safety: Once these things get on the road, they will learn on their own and become safer and safer. My main worry is that it will be incredibly easy to create a roadblock... Just walk out onto a road and all the cars will stop. Of course, they'll reroute themselves and let every other vehicle know how to reroute, but you have to worry about calls for "traffic interference" laws.
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    Yesterday, 12:47 PM
    Man, Barney Frank has got to be the luckiest bastard on the planet. He got out way before this all started. Imagine if his kerfuffle happened in this atmosphere?! It would have been epic!
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    Yesterday, 08:06 AM
    Agreed. But I find it perfectly humane (and cheap) to give the convicted criminal the option. They make suicide way too difficult in prison.
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    Yesterday, 07:46 AM
    Put him in a room with a cyanide pill and a small glass of water. Let him make the decision.
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    Yesterday, 07:38 AM
    CaptUSA replied to a thread #metoo in Open Discussion
    I think you have a pretty good case for institutional exclusion. (unfortunately, it probably doesn't feel like assault if you're enjoying it. :()
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    Yesterday, 07:05 AM
    'nother pro tip: It evens happens on this site. Begin to type a message and you will see a little "Auto-Saved" box pop up on the bottom right. It'll continue to do that every once in a while as you type. It's one of the "features" of vBulletin. EVERYTHING you do online is tracked and cataloged. Mostly, it is ever used for anything, but it's available. Just in case it is ever needed.
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    Yesterday, 06:56 AM
    So, then... what would a hypothetical tax increase on working do???
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    11-20-2017, 08:46 PM
    Sounds like a typical turf war. Gotta wonder whose crops just got a price bump.
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    11-20-2017, 08:17 PM
    Lol, from your own damned post... Thanks Up next: post something about utilities!
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    11-20-2017, 07:51 PM
    So let me get this straight.... I buy a box with my own money... stick it on a pole at the end of my driveway... Tell another company to deliver a package and put it the box... and they say, "sorry, we can't do that. We're not allowed. Another company has that right..." And that is not a monopoly?
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    11-20-2017, 06:34 PM
    Let’s see... post office, utilities, legal tender??
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    11-19-2017, 09:53 PM
    The best way governments can stop monopolies from happening is to stop creating them.
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    11-19-2017, 03:25 PM
    Giants pull out the upset over KC.
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    11-19-2017, 03:10 PM
    Damn, the Browns suck. Had every opportunity to beat the Jags and screwed up every chance.
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    11-08-2017, 06:05 PM
    Socialism. If you want permanent and rapid weight loss, I suggest socialism. Works like a charm.
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    11-08-2017, 11:43 AM
    So... You didn't really want an answer, then?? :confused: Either live under "their" form of authoritarianism or yours? Yeah, I'll keep advocating for individual liberty, thanks.
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    11-08-2017, 11:09 AM
    I'll play, but your strawmen terms are silly... 1. Please show me where I said that - otherwise, please acknowledge that you're making shit up. 2. Risk management??!!! Holy Shyte! Perhaps a little context of the risk level compared to the wealth and liberty given up to mitigate those "risks"! 3. I certainly have concerns. They just don't make me irrational. I can still see good individuals among the bad ones. 4. Same concern I have for any victims of senseless violence - not sure why we're bringing the thought-crimes into this. (Does is matter to you why a crazy kills?) 5. I have more concern about the authoritarian methods you would use, to be honest... 6. I have issues with the welfare state. Period. This is the real problem. End that and the other problems go away. But you don't solve a government-created problem with MOAR government. That's the statist fantasy. 7. I don't worry about mass immigration for that reason - I'm already swarmed in a nation of people that make a libertarian society impossible - you included. Should I collectivize all those people, too, and call for MOAR government to oust them, maybe??? 8. This is only a problem when you have governments with too much power. Take away their power and restore minority rights (you know... the smallest minority - individual rights) and that problem ceases to exist. You certainly don't want to give governments MOAR power!
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    11-08-2017, 10:38 AM
    Outta rep. But exactly spot on!
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    11-08-2017, 10:36 AM
    Finally addresses the real problem with immigration. Still thinks you fix a government-created problem by adding MOAR government. :rolleyes:
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    11-07-2017, 07:36 PM
    Listen, I watched your video yesterday (didn't bother with the rest). I'm not sure what you thought was going to happen??? Did you think I was going to stop treating people like individuals? Uh, not likely. Sure. There are a lot of bad Muslims. But there are a lot of bad Christians, atheists and agnostics, too. It's why rational people judge each individual based on the content of their character and not some ridiculous religious test. Maybe you should try watching your videos again. Check out the stats again. Only this time, think about the opposite numbers. The numbers of people that you feel justified in maligning because of the others. So even if you trust these numbers, if 27% of Muslims think apostates should be executed, that means 73% of them do not! And so on. Finally, if you are really worried about a terrorist killing you, then you are really falling for the boogeyman. You like statistics, right? You're far more likely to be killed by a shark - do you stay out of the ocean? Would you spend trillions of dollars and give up your liberty to keep sharks out of the ocean? If it's a political fear you have, your just as likely to have a college-educated secular white vote to take away your liberties as a Muslim. But no... You have a boogeyman to fear. Completely irrational no matter which way you cut it. Here's a tip. Just try to get to know people as individuals. When you do that, you can get down to real reasons to hate people. At least then it won't be based on some stupid fear you have about what segment of the population they share.
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    11-07-2017, 02:04 PM
    1. You 2. Are 3. Focused 4. On 5. Groups. 6. We 7. Focus 8. On 9. Individuals.
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    11-07-2017, 11:01 AM
    Exactly. I'd even take it further by saying that even within those sects, there is a wide range of opinions and a wide range of what the individuals find acceptable. I'm sure there are more than a few members of Westboro, that may not like what they see in the world, but they'd never speak out or hold up a picket sign. Go figure - no matter how unified a collective tries to be, people are still individuals.
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    LOL You're ridiculous. Go away, you globalist troll and race-obsessed collectivist hack.
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    You're lying again, and your obsession with race is pathological and also boring. Go issue directives to someone else, you globalist troll.
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    That is a lie, and on Good Friday of all days. Your obsession with dragging race into so many conversations is getting real tired.

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    erowe1, are you seriously taking the position that cops are "innocent until proven guilty"? Or are you just messing with people here to see if they are parroting what they've been told without thinking about it?

    Mind you, I'm not talking about the not-so-subtle "Let's lynch 'em" attitude. I tend to think that's a bad idea, even if I philosophize in weird directions sometimes (its part of my efforts to stay sane while surrounded by statists IRL, give me a break). But, there is a difference between saying "we shouldn't condone harming X for Y or Z reasons" and saying "X is actually innocent."

    Note, also by "innocent" I don't even mean morally sinless, I just mean per the NAP. I'd honestly be shocked if there is a single cop who's been on the force for more than a week who isn't an NAP violator. Do you disagree?
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    You should comment on this thread: I am curious about your argument.
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    I know you said you agreed with me that the sex = marriage argument is wrong, so you might want to get involved in this thread... I could use some help here as I don't know as much about this as I probably should.
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    I genuinely wonder how that would have gone over in my church. Probably not nearly as well.
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    Thanks for the sermon. Good stuff. I passed it on to my parents. My dad's a pastor so I'd love to see him converted to the view of Romans 13 that you take or a similar one.

    Just out of curiosity, how well received was that message in your church?
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    Thanks. One of my brothers in Christ who I respect and love told me that a Christian man should spend more time with his brothers than people in the world. I was spending so much time on the forums with these unbelievers, and when he said that, I was extremely convicted. There is nothing like spending time with brothers who build you up in the Lord and sharpen you.
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    I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your insight on topics like we just discussed. (existence, god, reality, etc) You give me much to mull over.
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