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    Yesterday, 10:57 PM
    It is not RPF, it is some establishment shills that post here. It should not be forgotten the weekend in 2015 that the Neocons released the #nevertrump strategy it was echoed here full blast by a variety of so called self proclaimed Paul supporters.
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    Yesterday, 10:55 PM
    Spot on. It is obvious, yet the media continues to make fools of themselves further diminishing what little credibility they once had.
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    Yesterday, 09:14 PM
    As long as the mission is what benefits the people within the borders of the United States and I believe this to be true, then more power to him and he will finish the mission. Americans will support him every step of the way like they did Trump. But if it believed he is running in the best interests of some of the entities that fund him then we will see through it that he is a sell out that deserves to lose. We all will be watching and if he betrays us he will be crucified before he has a chance.
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    Yesterday, 08:53 PM
    For the last few hours switching bank and forth between Music Choice, Alternative channel and their Indie channel.
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    Yesterday, 08:40 PM
    Unless you can piece it together this seems like a whole lot of nothing. Stern is a piece of shit for making this an issue and I say this as someone who listened to him as a fan from the beginning and found him entertaining. The question is what was Trump thinking going on Stern if he ever thought of running for public office. Trump appeared as one the guys and down to earth. A guy you would never expect to run for office. Stern prompt's guests to respond outrageously. How else was Trump expected to respond considering the venue? Read the article, sounds like a whole lot of nothing.
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    Yesterday, 08:26 PM
    Well then congrats for not getting anyone pregnant at the time that would require you to be enemy of the state as a result of it. :eek:
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    Yesterday, 08:12 PM
    "he never had a job", this is simply not true,. If you read the article he did work at Bestbuy but was discriminated against as a single Dad. Mothers were given time with their children on weekends but he was denied the option. If we truly live in a gender equal society then this should not have happened. The parents offered to pay his health insurance but he wanted to stay on Medicaid to meet the poor person requirement for Medicaid and legal bills for which looks to be a child is involved. Do you have any idea how much lawyers cost and the draconian laws related to child support? People will do anything to stay out of jail due to their poverty and I do not blame them. We should not be prosecuting people and throwing them in jail for being poor. Not sure if that is the case here but in the majority of cases where children are involved it is. The real story here is not this individual but rather the scumbag media that rather than report real news are taking advantage of a poor man with problems for a story. They do not care who they hurt or who they take advantage of for a story. Again demonstrating the news media is the enemy of the people. Do you have young boys? If you do, how do you think they will react when they have a gun pointed to their head to produce rather than left to produce on their own? Which one do you want them to live in? A society that believes in the non-aggression principle or what we have now?
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    Yesterday, 07:22 PM
    The news media made him with their false narrative, again demonstrating who the real enemy of the people is in the US.
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    05-23-2018, 08:14 PM
    The difference being it will be the other way around. The cars hitting pedestrians I was speaking of are self driving cars. The driverless innovation will be welcomed and mandated, while self driving your car will be banned.
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    05-23-2018, 06:42 PM
    I know where this is headed. The media will begin regularly reporting cars hitting pedestrians and that someone must do something. After outrage after outrage some cities, like NYC will begin ban driving your car into the city in favor of driverless cars. The media will continue to hype every incident for this end result to make it a political issue at the federal level and of course Presidential politics.
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    05-23-2018, 03:01 PM
    Ghouls and they say Trump is Hitler yet they clearly have demonstrated they are literally closer to the beliefs of National Socialism that existed under Hitler's Germany.
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    05-23-2018, 02:58 PM
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    05-23-2018, 02:44 PM
    Bitcoin Price Faces Bear Indicator Not Seen Since 2014
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    05-23-2018, 02:28 PM
    $7661. Anyone care to speculate on the continued downward trajectory? mt.gox continued dumping? I remember reading somewhere that sale of their coins by the trustee would not effect the markets?
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    05-23-2018, 02:06 PM
    Knowing how society and government treats men maybe there is more to this story. Change his name to Michelle and everyone would look at this differently. Either this article or another I read said single mom's where he worked were given special dispensation yet he was not. This is flat out discrimination according to our laws but he is a man and no one gives a shit. Did this job loss and losing time with his son result in his loss of custody? Government requires a stable family home. He is not going to get his son back if he is homeless. Perhaps the man is on a quest to not lose custody of his son and trying to maintain a family home to satisfy the court.
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    05-11-2018, 02:24 PM
    If it was not for the North Korea nuke mountain collapse I could go either way between Zippy and what was posted above. But considering they might be in a desperate situation in needing of help and to head off tensions prior to everyone having a fit when radiation readings climb as a result, I am thinking a major change towards peace.
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    05-09-2018, 10:27 AM
    Now if only everyone else could pull their kids out of the BSA and into another program to put an end to them once and for all.
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    05-08-2018, 06:15 PM
    I do not think Rudy was behind 9/11 but I still cannot understand how this country gave him a pass for building the command center across from towers despite being warned against another attack after the 1992 one. (the emergency command center then got destroyed in 9/11). Then there is the issue with the air around ground zero which we all knew he was full of shit about it being safe. Trump spoke allot of truth about 9/11 so you would think he knows the history above but then hires Rudy anyway. So tough time trying to figure that out indeed.
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    05-08-2018, 08:39 AM
    Over time people forget these things or were not paying attention to him at the time like me.
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    05-08-2018, 08:10 AM
    Does his past foreign policy work even matter as long as he stands strong on 2A? Regardless GOA is far better on gun rights.
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    05-07-2018, 07:21 PM Some things never change but calling Paul supporters Antifa as got to me a new one. RPF member?
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    05-06-2018, 08:30 PM
    Conditioned behavior to a reporter. A 5 minute discussion with anyone from these forums and they would wake up. You see that is the problem, there is no national dialogue on this #1 restriction on individual liberty - the right to own private property. It is pretty amazing how the establishment with their fake political parties and their news media mouthpieces has managed to successfully keep this off the radar. They do this while managing to keep everyone distracted with lesser issues. There are property tax protests in various jurisdictions but it is rarely given coverage and time like most other issues. All by design since it is all controlled by blood sucking thieves. I would not be so quick to blame all those relocating to get away from high property taxes that are demanding services since the end result is pretty obvious. More like the rise of Progressive values taking hold throughout the country causing it incrementally. Those indifferent due to job relocation and I suspect the wives of the husbands that move them.
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    04-30-2018, 11:22 AM
    I agree with the substance of the video and the specificity of it however one could say it applies to some individuals of all races. Regardless a history of institutionalized racism against blacks has and does put blacks at a disadvantage. The solutions propagate the complaint as well as falsely accusing non-blacks and retaliation against non-blacks. With that said I believe the #1 issue facing white Americans <cough sarcasm> is having to be subject to listening to the plight of black Americans 24x7x365. Again only adding to the problem.
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    04-29-2018, 09:37 PM
    I agree. He could have also avoided all this by simply using any of the free open source Linux operating systems.
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    04-29-2018, 08:58 PM
    Yep, +1, out of rep.
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    04-29-2018, 06:47 PM
    How long can the establishment with their news media mouthpiece continue to rehash the same tired old issues over and over again before someone raises the most obvious restriction liberty? Private property rights. It is non-existent, we are not free, it is all just a blatant over the top obvious farce if one cannot own property. Every political issue discussed in our society is like look over here to distract us from the most important issue that denies us individual liberty and relegating us all to slave status. The social engineering is so great that one must marvel how society debates against authoritarian philosophies while ignoring this most obvious issue, private property rights - the ability to live a free man on ones own land.
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    04-29-2018, 05:19 PM
    You cannot change the country in one day to adopt any one of the many forms of Libertarian schools of philosophy. Removing illegals that statistics show by far oppose liberty is however a good starting point. So yes what I proposed results in more liberty. It does not matter where they go since they would eventually be rounded up and sent back. If I break the law I pay the price. What you are advocating however is for a special class of people that are above the law and who advocate policies that curtail my individual liberty. You cannot get anymore higher on the scale of liberty than living free on your own land through complete elimination of property taxes. Like I said above you cannot change the country in one day. You start with the elimination of property taxes selling the VAT or sales tax as an alternative. As I described some communities could opt out. So far solutions providing far greater liberty than we have now. Then over time you lead by Libertarian example of how the VAT could be eliminated.
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    04-29-2018, 04:58 PM
    That would deny the private property rights of US citizens. A Constitutional ban on property taxes would eliminate the incentive for local governments to do what you describe. The states could implement a VAT whose proceeds could be apportioned to communities and allow smaller communities to opt out for maximum liberty.
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