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    Today, 01:23 PM
    No man is fit to rule another man.
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    Today, 01:18 PM
    Indeed. There is a reason Hayek called his work about the destructive results of socialism, "The Road to Serfdom." Socialism is Monarchy and Monarchy is Socialism.
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    Today, 01:14 PM
    Interesting article. The writer takes a few shots at Locke, some justified and some incorrect. The whole tone of trying to pull down men like Locke to try and lift up others is unfortunate, I hate when authors try such a tactic because it is pointless. The real value of the article though is how it helps demonstrates that liberal ideals have developed independently of one another on every continent and in just about every culture on the planet. Liberty is not a European ideal. It is the yearning of the human soul. As a result we find it and its ideals in every place humans are.
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    Today, 01:00 PM
    There is no such thing as empirical history. But if you believe there is then it shouldn't be hard for you to actually present said evidence.
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    Today, 12:58 PM
    Your assumptions. Indeed, it seems clearer and clearer that there is no difference between Socialism and Monarchy. Farms B and C are really the same farm- centrally managed socialized land controlled by an authoritarian power who enacts its will "for the good of the people" who are held in check by overwhelming threats of violence- knights, KGB agents, it is all the same- and mass propaganda. In the mean time those in power drain the resources of said land for the good of themselves and the politically connected elite, leaving just enough that the serfs can continue to propagate and provide a continual productive class for the leeches in power to feed from.
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    Yesterday, 04:32 PM
    Maybe we'll finally get a good X-Men movie.
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    Yesterday, 04:28 PM
    I did answer your question. But I'll be clearer. Farm A is an anarchist. Farm B is socialism as you noted the land is owned by no one. Farm C is a monarchy.
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    Yesterday, 01:09 PM
    You forgot Farm C. C is a collection of farms really, but Fred claims the right to control all of them and demands that you swear to obey his every command for the privilege of working his fields. And if you complain too loudly he'll have his overseer, Carl, come out and kill you. Democracy is better than monarchy. Indeed, the problem with democracy is that it more and more degrades into monarchy, with a centralized state that claims ownership of all land and the ability to kill whomsoever violates its edicts.
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    Yesterday, 01:03 PM
    Scarcity is the only thing that gives money value. No one gives a damn if you work hard shoveling coal all day. You're only going to get paid $5 a hour. Why do people choose gold over say granite? Simple. Because granite rocks are much easier to come by. Gold is a more scarce commodity. As for Bitcoin, when gives it value is people want a scarce commodity that can be exchanged easily online. Bitcoin meets that demand perfectly.
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    Yesterday, 12:25 AM
    It’s not about winning for the sake of winning. It’s about avoiding the costs of allowing a greater evil to take hold. And not for my sake primarily, but the sake of my family and loved ones. That is the fight we have, the struggle we face, the cross we carry. Namely, to turn away from the darkness and towards the Light. Trump is not our Savior. Jesus Christ is. Whoever thinks Trump is our Savior is sorely mistakened.
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  • The Rebel Poet's Avatar
    12-13-2017, 11:12 PM
    Lol. War of the roses man.
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  • TER's Avatar
    12-13-2017, 10:50 PM
    Greetings my good friend. Sessions is not Ron Paul. Nevertheless, he has a role to play, and in time, I believe you will remember him fondly not for the things he did which you disagreed with, but for the things he did which you did in fact agree with.
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    12-13-2017, 10:48 PM
    Trump’s pissing is better than the globalist, elitist, Soros-bought, satanic shitting that has been dropping on us for some time now. His is a boot I much rather prefer than the one whose ‘leaders’ and their Marxists idealists have been choking us with and destroying this nation.
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  • TER's Avatar
    12-13-2017, 10:34 PM
    If we are dead inside, it is our own fault. It is we who choose death instead of life. I want neither one world government or the end times, so in my single case, you are completely wrong. What I want is freedom, however, because of the evil in the world, “freedom” has been subverted into acceptance and glorification of debauchery, selfishness, and all sorts of moral depravity. All these enslaving passions and base desires under the guise of “freedom”, when what they really are is death and darkness. True life, true freedom, only comes with obedience to Him Who fashioned us out of dust and Who grants us Resurrection. All other paths lead to emptiness, to corruption and to a name which is forgotten.
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  • TER's Avatar
    12-13-2017, 10:27 PM
    Pray for me, a sinner, and pray for our President, just as we do every Lord’s Day. Pray that the Lord blesses him and helps him do what is right and to the glory of God. Trump is a sinner, as we all are, but what he is fighting against is much more sinister. I hope you are well my brother. Stay strong and stay safe. Pray often.
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  • TER's Avatar
    12-13-2017, 10:21 PM
    Yes, but in death, not everyone will inherit eternal life. Neither the fornicators like Drudge who is compromised, nor the deceivers.
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  • TER's Avatar
    12-13-2017, 10:18 PM
    Trump is not the Savior. Jesus Christ is. Nevertheless, he is the best President in a hundred years. I don’t know much, but I feel certain about at least this one thing. In the future, the trolls here and elsewhere will be known by name.
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    12-13-2017, 10:05 PM
    Sessions is a white hat. He is one of us. All in good time.
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    12-13-2017, 10:04 PM
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    12-13-2017, 09:58 PM
    The clouds are gathering and the Storm is arriving. Woe to the Shareblue trolls and paid shills who commit subterfuge through deceit on election ballots and also on the internet. They will answer for their sins. 4000+ sealed indictments. Tick tock indeed...
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    12-10-2017, 04:38 PM
    Short marriage huh?
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    12-10-2017, 04:28 PM
    how well is your sister wife doing?
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    I think I've abandoned belief in the morality of usage of the death penalty.
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    People have the capacity to reason. You don't need to always show them the whole thing. A strong statement telling them that they are wrong is often all you need to do. Then they do the rest, at least when the other person can think.

    If they're feeling like idiots, they will feel bad. Feeling bad makes people try to do something different to feel better. So they might just go ahead and think and stop being idiots.
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    Damnit. I'm trying to keep people from getting banned here, including you. And no, you're wrong. Being attacked in a forum is part of being a part of it. Get thicker skin.
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    If you can't "let it pass" then that is your problem. You should resolve it through private messages. When you use public threads you make it everyone else's problem. Just use your head is all.
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Libertarian arguement for open borders

by PierzStyx on 10-09-2017 at 03:59 PM
Quote Originally Posted by PierzStyx View Post
Quote Originally Posted by Swordsmyth View Post
Ron: What the country does need, he said, is "a much better immigration service" fed by more resources. Not that he'd "vote for extra money." But he does, he told the crowd, have a plan.
And what is his proposition for a "much better immigration service" exactly?

The solution to really addressing the problem of illegal immigration, drug smuggling, and the threat of cross-border terrorism is clear: remove the welfare magnet that attracts

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Links To Libertarian and Anarchist Reading Material Part III

by PierzStyx on 09-25-2017 at 12:19 PM


Living in a State-Run World by Murray Rothbard
May a Libertarian Take Money From the Government? by Walter Block
Is there a Human Right to Medical Insurance by Walter Block
Hobbes, Minarchism, and Anarchy by Stephen Krogh (short audio, 12 mins)
Anarchy and Democracy by Stefan Molyneux (video)
Taking Care of the Poor in a Free Society by Stefan Molyneux (video)
Mises Panel Discussion

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LInks To Libertarian and Anarchist Reading Material Part I

by PierzStyx on 09-25-2017 at 12:17 PM
Quote Originally Posted by Swordsmyth View Post
That might make you equal to Krug IF you provided links to the people you claim can counter the arguments he linked to, go ahead enlighten us.
Meh, Krug is weaksauce like you. This subject has been covered many times since '08. I sometimes forget y'all are n00bs here, sorry.

This was complied by our friend Wesker back in 2011. You should have read it long ago. (other people like Conza have compiled lists too, I just can't find them ATM)

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Excellent Quotes From Lincoln And Others About Civil War causes

by PierzStyx on 09-18-2017 at 05:09 PM
Quote Originally Posted by 1stvermont View Post

Preserving the Union

“The war now prosecuted on part of the federal government is a war for the union”
-Secretary of war Simon Cameron August 8 1861

"My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone

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