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    Today, 10:56 AM
    And Democrats seem to get a bit light-headed at their conventions, forgetting basic things ... like that a 28 year old is too young to be vice president ... just saying that there's a chance that AOC's name night be entered into nomination as VP
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    Yesterday, 08:48 PM
    ... which she wasn't. She was never put in charge of the border or immigration policy. Nor was she involved in overseeing law enforcement efforts or guiding the federal response to securing the border. What she was tasked with was to oversee the "root causes strategy". She was to focus on examining and improving the underlying conditions in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras - which have been racked by poverty, war, chronic violence, and political instability for decades. The strategy relies on allocating billions of US $$$ for economic programs and stimulating private-sector investment in the region in hopes that these programs would ultimately lead fewer migrants to make the journey north. It's nothing like securing the border. She can probably be saddled with the "Border Czar" tag in states that are already going to vote red (which are sympathetic to conservative arguments and want to believe them), but doubtful in the tossup states (which is where the election will be won). Personally, I think it's stupid to believe you can solve other countries' problems for them - particularly when you increase the US deficit/debt to even try. Cripes, the US has had a war on poverty in the US since the 1960's, and it's gotten absolutely nowhere. So, if you're going to saddle her with something, then saddle her as supporting that Biden/Harris misguided and wasteful spending program ... because that's something that fiscal conservatives across the country can scream about. It's just not as sexy as saying that Kamela failed at securing the border.
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    Yesterday, 04:34 PM
    Hey Capt. I was just flipping through the Cable News stations and, lo and behold, there's Susan Rice on CNN (stickin' up for Kamela on the topic of being a DEI hire). Interesting coincidence, eh? CNN also listed her as a "former" Biden domestic policy advisor. I just checked Wiki, and she stepped down from her position over a year ago (2023-05-26). That kind of indicates that she was putting some distance between herself and the Biden administration. Interesting times.
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    Yesterday, 03:16 PM
    At this point, the only polling that counts is what comes out of the swing states: - Pennsylvania - Michigan - Wisconsin - Nevada - Arizona ... and maybe the "GOP by a hair" states of North Carolina and Georgia. I'm pretty sure New Hampshire and Minnesota are lost to the GOP this time around. There were sounds being made about Virginia being a possible GOP pickup, but I think that went out the window when Vance was chosen for VP instead of Youngkin.
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    Yesterday, 02:34 PM
    Biden put her in charge of the Domestic Policy Council I do suppose, though, that it would be embarrassing to Hillary if her "fall guy" were to be put in the public limelight.
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    Yesterday, 02:04 PM
    What surprises me is that the name Susan Rice never comes up in these scenarios. Woman of color (so she's not going to lose the Black or Female vote). She's one month younger than Kamela. And she's got a resume that would probably lure a hefty chunk of the never-Trump neocons away from the GOP. That the Democrats aren't even mentioning her tells me they don't think they've got a chance this election cycle.
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    Yesterday, 01:57 PM
    Biden health concerns persist as he makes first appearance after ending campaign Of course, given the way Biden shuffles, it might just be Disney animatronics (didn't Robin Williams simulate that in a routine on Ronald Reagan?)
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    Yesterday, 09:09 AM
    Reading up on her, from Wikipedia I usually try to hyperlink any footnotes, but there's so many of them in this article that I'll leave it to the reader to go to the Wikipedia article if they want to follow them.
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    07-22-2024, 06:18 PM
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    07-22-2024, 11:04 AM
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    07-21-2024, 05:18 PM
    There's an MOU circulating about how to employ F-16's to deal with this. And no, I'm not saying the kid was a patriot ... just pointing out that he didn't need an F-16 to overcome governmental power.
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    07-21-2024, 12:23 PM
    OK, so political suicide it is. Maybe they should do what Aaron Sorkin suggested in today's New York Times and nominate Romney.
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    07-20-2024, 02:17 PM
    Add two more to the list (up to 36 as of now): 2024-07-20 Rep. Mark Takano Calif. 39th 2024-07-19 Sen. Sherrod Brown Ohio 2024-07-19 Sen. Martin Heinrich N.M. 2024-07-19 Rep. Zoe Lofgren Calif. 18th 2024-07-19 Rep. Sean Casten Ill. 6th 2024-07-19 Rep. Morgan McGarvey Ky. 3rd 2024-07-19 Rep. Mark Pocan Wis. 2nd 2024-07-19 Rep. Marc Veasey Tex. 33rd 2024-07-19 Rep. Jesús "Chuy" Garcia Ill. 4th
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    07-20-2024, 08:11 AM
    I can't see anyone but Biden being nominated; for the simple fact that any candidate accepting the nomination after Biden dropped out would be committing political suicide. All of the available alternatives would be better served if they waited until 2028 - a path that wouldn't be available to them if they ran and lost in 2024. I suppose that's why Harris is being touted as the only viable option - no one cares if her career comes to an end. It'll be interesting to see if the big money donors continue to withhold their contributions through election day (down ballot as well as the top of the ticket).
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    07-19-2024, 07:28 AM
    I'm assuming that XITTER posting was tongue-in-cheek, because the Democrats changed their rules to allow a virtual nomination process. That was initially to allow them to get their nominee listed on the Ohio ballot (the deadline had been prior to the Democratic Convention). If Biden drops out, that virtual process is going to be "interesting" (probably fixed to nominate Harris). But, given that Ohio had "fixed" the ballot deadline issue, there are now calls from Democrats to do away with, or at least delay, the virtual nomination.
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    07-18-2024, 07:34 PM
    I think this was the Big Bang episode that gave him his Emmy
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    07-17-2024, 06:45 PM
    Cover for another dementia episode. If you hang around this internet message board too long, everything becomes a conspiracy
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    07-14-2024, 01:36 AM
    Both the New York Post and New York Times report him as being registered as a Republican, though the Times reports that he made a small donation to the Progressive Turnout Project in 2021:
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    07-13-2024, 12:39 PM
    Depending on the state you live in, you may already be automatically enrolled in the military draft when you apply for a driver's license or when you enroll in state-funded higher education ... see link
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    07-12-2024, 09:48 PM
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    07-11-2024, 05:25 PM
    After having introduced President Zelensky as President Putin, I almost expect he'll come out on stage and pull a Lyndon Johnson ... "I shall not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination of my party for another term as your President"
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    07-10-2024, 10:03 PM
    Just to add something to my previous post (above) ... comparing Biden to previous presidents on candidness and openness
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    07-10-2024, 09:26 PM
    Biden takes on a rare challenge: a solo news conference
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    07-10-2024, 03:06 PM
    I've been seeing that on TV as well; and I was saying to myself, "Didn't Trump move his official residence to Mar-a-Lago in 2019?" LOL ... from Rubio himself!
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    07-10-2024, 09:26 AM
    I used to love that area, but I've noticed with each trip I take there it seems to be getting closer and closer to Boston
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    07-10-2024, 06:13 AM
    And he read the instructions on the teleprompter, but was drown out by audience applause.
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    07-08-2024, 10:56 PM
    I'm wondering at what point did this thread veer away from "Will Biden be replaced". What was the "SQUIRREL!!!" that Fido responded to. Ever since the debate I've had the same feeling that I had during the Nixon impeachment. And I'm betting that a lot of Boomers (not in the Liberty Movement) are having the same emotional response. They've gotten complacent about government and politics. They didn't see JAN6 as an insurrection (having personally gone through the sixties); but were appalled by what they saw as a riot anyway. They figured that government was "safe" and just chugged along. And now they're seeing that the Commander in Chief is showing signs of senility and they're wondering WTF is going on. They're thinking, "How long has this been going on, and what have I been ignoring?". The Nixon impeachment scenario left most Boomers feeling like either Nixon would be ousted (by impeachment or resignation), or the government would collapse. I was rooting for collapse - but most weren't. But most people were fixated by it - and the internet didn't even exist then. The Democratic Party of 1968 was fractured over Vietnam. The Democratic Party of 2024 is fractured over Israel/Hamas - Biden is simply being used by the Hamas faction as an accelerant to the chemical reaction. But most middle-of-the-road are simply saying, "WTF is going on" ... especially with the mainstream media using everything that's going on to boost their viewership ratings.
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    07-08-2024, 01:18 PM
    It looks that way in the Assemblée Nationale, which is the lower house of the legislature (based upon Wiki): In the Sénat, which is the upper house (Wiki Link), the elections seem to be indirect: The US Electoral college seems to be the basis by which US government became a binary system controlled by no more than two primary political parties. Most parliamentary systems seem to deal with more than two political parties - which results in alliances between parties to gain the control of government. In France, it's a given that there are going to be runoff elections every election cycle.
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    07-07-2024, 03:27 PM
    What does it take to "close" the border? Are we talking about an impenetrable wall along the land borders. A wall with gaps obviously doesn't work. In fact, you'd probably need two parallel walls with a "No Man's Land" between them. You'd probably need manned towers at intervals (like you'd see in those WWII Staglag movies) to catch the stragglers who enter the "No Man's Land" by climbing over or digging under the outside barrier (barrier walls don't stop people from crossing, they just slow those people down so they can be caught by security forces). And you'd need "gates" in the walls, manned with some security personnel to assure that only citizens could pass. I suppose the existing passport system would be a sufficient bureaucracy to identify citizens - though maybe that "Secure ID" thing they're rolling out would work too. And the existing visa bureaucracy would probably suffice for granting access to non-citizens; though you'd probably need to majorly beef up the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Service to keep up better monitoring of non-citizens once they're inside of the US (so they don't slip out of the system). What about the sea borders? An undersea barrier would be quite impractical; so you'd probably need some type of barrier a few hundred yards or so inland. Again, a double barrier with a "No Man's Land" between them with gates/openings to allow citizens with access to/from the beaches. It'd be basically the same thing as the infrastructure and bureaucracy for the barriers used to secure the land borders. I can see people with beachfront properties complaining about this though. Maybe we should just ignore putting barriers along the coast; but the thing is, once you secure the land borders from leakage, the flow will move to those areas that aren't secured. But I really think you'd at least have to check every vessel entering a seaport to assure it's not smuggling in non-citizens. We've probably already got air travel covered with the existing TSA system using passports or "Real ID" to identify citizens, and visas granting access to non-citizens. But you'd have to set it up at every landing strip that a plane from across the border could touch down at. It could get a little dicey controlling entry/exit of non-conventional aircraft (I can remember flying my hang glider in close proximity to the US/Mexico border - often unsure of who's airspace we were actually in). And of course you're not just interested in securing the border, but monitoring and controlling what non-citizens do within the US once they've been granted access to enter. You don't want them working or attending school when they haven't been granted such privileges. So you're going to need a governmental bureaucracy that's large enough and adequately funded to perform the monitoring of non-citizens within the US, as well as periodic monitoring of US schools and employers to assure that they're following the rules. The current system isn't funded well enough to do that (the violators they catch now are just the tip of the iceberg). === Edited to add===
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    07-07-2024, 12:44 PM
    France's left-wing alliance is projected to be largest bloc in parliament in surprise result
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