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    10-19-2020, 08:59 PM
    Does this mean that the "Schifference" profile will have the "Banned" Status Line removed like with "angelatc" ... cuz I think that's pretty cool - almost like reincarnation. Would "DiverseSegregation" be a higher or lower caste than "Schifference"? Also makes me wonder what "angelatc"'s sock puppet is. Naw, nevermind, "angelatc" doesn't have the self-restraint needed to pull it off.
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    10-19-2020, 04:00 PM
    The numbers that I posted were total deaths from COVID (as correlated by the NYTimes - which pretty much mirrors what gets shown on TV) ... which, one would think, would be somewhat close to the difference between total deaths in 2020 and the average deaths from the preceding year. But they're not - calling into question the validity of one set of numbers within the ones we're looking at (which ones I certainly can't say). The NYTimes dataset quotes 32,972 Covid deaths through 18OCT. Different again. I think I'd question the NYTimes figures due only to the chaos that's baked into this process. If you look at a graph of their figures, you'll find that it's a sawtooth chart - indicating that individual county morgues are probably bundling reports rather than reporting them daily on the day they occur. But even averaged out over the course of seven days, the NYTimes figures are higher than the "excess deaths" calculations. But even the "excess deaths" calculations have to be in question - because the CDC doesn't generally have accurate figures until three or four months have passed since the death, because it takes that long to make the final death evaluation and get the bureaucratic paperwork filed. It's frustrating trying to find numbers which represent reality.
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    10-19-2020, 09:25 AM
    I've update your table to show what the NYTimes and Wash Post are reporting as the daily deaths from COVID (in red font) for the same dates (see https://github.com/nytimes/covid-19-data). Note: NYTimes only reports cumulative deaths; so I had to do some spreadsheet work to get the daily figures from that.
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    10-17-2020, 07:53 PM
    The chart has the following link on it: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/14/nyregion/new-york-coronavirus-deaths.html ... but I didn't see the chart when I went to that nytimes webpage; so I suspect it was a "home brew" chart that someone put together based upon what was on the nytimes webpage correlated with data pulled from one or more CDC webpages. I saw the chart before - I think it may have been pulled from Facebook. I tried to find the data on the CDC sites, but didn't have the patience to wade through the various pages. Yeah, they really should have sourced their data a lot better.
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    10-17-2020, 07:27 PM
    Here in the MidWest, that'll only come after False Fall, Second Summer and Actual Fall. Actually, we may have already had False Fall and Second Summer - you never really know until you get to December.
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    10-17-2020, 11:19 AM
    Voluntarist replied to a thread Home Brewing in Freedom Living
    Not exactly home brewed, just a slightly off-kilter brew ...
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    10-17-2020, 10:52 AM
    So what's the conclusive proof (I didn't hear Tucker mention it)?
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    10-16-2020, 12:10 PM
    Biden's correct - subject to caveats. It's safe to say that it's less expensive to build green power generation facilities and supply green power than it is to do so with oil, gas or coal power generation for roughly two thirds of global power consumers (even without subsidies). It's primarily wind power generation that's brought that about; though solar is also less expensive (albeit, two to three times as expensive as wind). So what are the drawbacks: - Proximity of consumers to the power generation source; and the requisite infrastructure for transmission. It's the age old problem of metropolitan areas expecting rural areas to supply their every whim and wish. - There just isn't enough green power generation available; and won't be. Not In My Back Yard - For example, people in coastal communities object to windmills obscuring their ocean vistas; and object to the low-frequency hum that accompanies them, and there's the safety issues on top of that (windmills are dangerous). The benchmark timeframe for all these dreams is between now and 2050. Keep in mind that global energy consumption is expected to rise 50% during this period of time. So the question is not, "Which form of energy is less expensive?" - it's, "Which form of energy will be available?" See Net-Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions By 2050 Requires A New Nuclear Power Plant Every Day ... BTW: that translates to:
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    10-14-2020, 08:06 PM
    Average American Voter:
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    10-14-2020, 11:33 AM
    If it counted as an actual vote that might be worthwhile - so long as the requirement existed that a majority, rather than plurality, vote was need to win. But I'm still quite fond of Nobody, because Nobody will: - Balance the budget - Keep us out of foreign wars we have no business in - Ensure equal treatment for all under the law - Etc.
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    10-13-2020, 03:23 PM
    Is that a new category in your sig line? Cuz that's one I belong in.
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    10-13-2020, 10:17 AM
    Another thing that bodes well, as an indicator, is the number of new firearms applications. Just in June, for instance, the number of firearms background checks more than doubled over the preceding year.
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    10-12-2020, 09:14 PM
    Well yeah, the Russians have been posting messages on Facebook about ballot contamination and procedures for disinfecting them since at least as far back as August
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    10-12-2020, 09:10 PM
    May indicate where the enthusiasm lies in a battleground state where the race is close. GOP rides voter registration surge in key state
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    10-12-2020, 02:18 PM
    Or have purchased or are renting telecommuting homes in NH for jobs within the Boston beltway ... and will vote in both locations.
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    10-11-2020, 09:38 PM
    Not the polls I'm seeing. The polling averages that 538 put together for Tennessee show Trump leading 54.5% to Biden's 41.1% Trump has problem areas with some states he carried in 2016 (5 states worth 86 evs): Arizona (11 ev) is leaning towards Biden 48.7% to Trump's 44.8% ... Trump was up in 2016, but within margin of error Florida (29 ev) is leaning towards Biden 49.0% to Trump's 44.6% ... Clinton was up in 2016, but within margin of error Michigan (16 ev) is leaning towards Biden 50.3% to Trump's 43.1% ... Clinton was up 4% to 6% in 2016 Pennsylvania (20 ev) is leaning towards Biden 51.0% to Trump's 43.7% ... Clinton was up in 2016, but within margin of error Wisconsin (10 ev) is leaning towards Biden 51.2% to Trump's 43.2% ... Clinton was up by 6% to 8% in 2016 There are a couple of other states Trump carried in 2016 that are leaning towards Biden (Iowa, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio) - but it's within margin of error ranges (kind of like 2016 was).
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    10-10-2020, 11:37 AM
    Unless the public sees no connection between who's in power and how well off they are. As George Carlin said, "Look at the average person, and realize that half of them are stupider than that"
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    10-10-2020, 08:56 AM
    Yeah, they're for higher taxes ... on other people, not themselves.
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    10-10-2020, 08:47 AM
    Boo boop be doop
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    10-10-2020, 08:36 AM
    Jeesh, resurrecting a twelve year old thread. Something traumatic must have happened to you yesterday, something that got you seeking relief by reminiscing about the glory days when we still had hope. Now I realize that the thread is about "what'd you'd do as President rather than getting elected President; but you did mention 70 million write-in votes. And reminiscing aside, unless you have slates of electors in the individual states, your write-in votes in those states are simply going to be spoiled ballots - and aren't going to get you to the Oval Office. Still, I'd have to applaud your accomplishment at getting 70 million voters to tell the two major political parties that they're not buying the horsesh*t the parties are selling..
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    10-09-2020, 05:31 PM
    I had to post this for Anti Federalist. My son wanted a reusable cloth mask, rather than the single-use medical ones we've been using. So my daughter sent him a pack of three. On the warning label for the package was the following clause:
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    10-08-2020, 06:11 PM
    There has been criticism of Yan Li-Meng's assertions, which basically point out the clear genetic similarities between SARS-CoV-2 and the other naturally occurring coronavirus genomes in the public databases (six of them). She has responded to those criticisms by claiming that all of the "genetically related" database sequences are instead fabricated disinformation inserted into the public databases by Chinese bioweapon developers. Now, if her initial assertions had any credibility, don't you think she would have revealed that at the time she made her initial assertions rather than waiting to be "called on it"? Additionally: 1) The Chinese bioweapon developers don't control those genome databases 2) The more additional special hypotheses, explanations and special pleadings that must be appended to the initial theory in order to counter criticisms and wallpaper over the inconsistencies with the objective facts - the less credible the initial theory becomes 3) The more people that are required to secrete the facts of a conspiracy theory asserted by a single person, the less likely it is that the whole operation can be maintained - that is to say, there'd be other people to back up her assertions. So I don't give it a whole lot of credibility. It's like with Anthropogenic Global Warming and Russiagate - I'd really like to see some hard facts and proof rather than emotional tugs on people's prejudices before I start believing it.
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    10-08-2020, 10:36 AM
    Honestly, I don't understand the cloth masks at all. You don't see reusable cloth masks being used in surgery. The whole concept is that they capture spittle and large water droplets that contain pathogens; the weave isn't small enough to capture the virus particles themselves. And then you dispose of the masks while they're still wet. If you're reusing a mask, then the water droplets from a previous wearing evaporate into smaller droplets or dry completely. In either case you then have dried pathogens or small water droplets which the mask no longer provides a barrier to; and normal conversation can break them free from the mask where they can be sucked into your conversation partner's lungs. So unless you're disposing of your disposal mask after a short period of using it, or washing your cloth mask after a short period of using it ... yeah, it's pretty useless.
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