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    04-09-2024, 09:29 AM
    And yet they'll still offering new student loans under the same paradigm as they always have. It's a broken system that: - Doesn't check whether the course of study is one that will generate an income necessary to pay off the loans in a reasonable amount of time - Doesn't check whether the students have the aptitude to compete in the specified curriculum - Has no follow-up to ensure that the students are performing well in their curriculums - Has no follow up to ensure that students aren't switching curriculums to something that's easier to perform well in. If you have massive amounts of student loans being forgiven, you no longer have a student loan program. What you have is "free college education" without: - any checks on whether the students have chosen curriculums that allow them to be valuable members of the workforce - subsequent monitoring to ensure that those students are performing up to expectations in those curriculums.
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    04-06-2024, 09:58 AM
    Push for South Lake Tahoe Vacancy Tax Sparks Controversy
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    04-04-2024, 08:40 PM
    The first three minutes at least ... then some talk of AI.
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    04-02-2024, 12:13 PM
    Bunch of buff, sweaty guys taking warm showers together in the club's communal bath house. OK, sure, I can see where people could get that impression. Especially when they're seen slapping each other on the ass so often on the playing field. And what's with those Quarterbacks constantly groping between the Center's legs?
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    03-25-2024, 09:01 PM
    Say PAF, I'm not really an advocate of this "voting" stuff, and I know you aren't either. But I came through the government education machine when I was young, and I recall a lot of lip service being paid to the concept of "no taxation without representation"(the founders where evidently obsessed with that concept). So, following that concept, it strikes me that if you own a residence in Massachusetts and a vacation home in New Hampshire, and you pay property taxes on both properties, then you ought to have a single vote for representation in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire state and local governments. Likewise, if you pay sales taxes (or any of the other taxes levied within a jurisdiction) then you ought to be able to vote for government representation within that jurisdiction; regardless of whether you're a French or Mexican citizen passing through that jurisdiction or a resident of that jurisdiction. What's peculiar about that is that because the US doesn't have direct elections for President and Vice President, then I ought to be able to vote for electors for choosing the Pres and VP in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. This voting stuff has always seemed a bit confusing to me.
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    03-25-2024, 08:06 PM
    ... something that Nobody isn't interested in. You remember Nobody, right? Nobody will balance the budget. Nobody will end the never-ending wars. Nobody will ...
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    03-25-2024, 07:43 PM
    Until proven otherwise, I'm blaming this on Yoko Swiftie: NFL owners set to vote on wild new kickoff rule
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    03-18-2024, 05:25 PM
    If that bothers you, then don't use Google services.
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  1. Genes code proteins with mRNA. Artificial mRNA codes proteins. Ergo, artificial mRNA is gene therapy (artificial gene, artificial protein.)
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    I am sorry to hear that. I hope this information helps.

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    12 Proven Benefits of Turmeric For Urinary Disorders
  3. Yes, please!! LOL
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    Just bored...lookin' around. Nice pic. That's not how I imagined you. I was thinking you'd look more like Lysander Spooner for some reason.
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    I don't exactly remember. But it wasn't scientific, it was an opinion.
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