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    I wonder if that means we'll see a slew of laws making it illegal for a pregnant woman to transport a fetus across their state border for the purpose of aborting it. That'd be similar to the Mann Act. However, the Mann Act is a federal law; could a state do something like that on it's own? We better get the anti-abortion states working on this. They have a compelling interest in the eggs fertilized within their borders (women have no right to conceal their pregnancy information). Whoa, maybe those states even have a compelling interest in the fertilized eggs passing through their borders on their way from a state where abortion is illegal to another state where an abortion can be performed. We may need to start tracking the purchase of pregnancy test kits.
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    Today, 06:38 AM
    Voluntarist replied to a thread roe GONE in U.S. Political News
    I was going to ask why one state would have jurisdiction over a murder committed in another state, but damn if there isn't a precedent for it: Heath v. Alabama, 474 U.S. 82 (1985).
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    Yesterday, 07:01 PM
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    06-06-2022, 06:56 PM
    I think something like twenty females have lost out to males for NFL Cheerleading spots ... it's just that previously, the male cheerleaders identified as men. NFL Cheerleader ceased being a female-only profession in the 2018 season, so I don't really have an issue with a trans-woman entering the profession. I think it's all cool so long as the female cheerleaders get paid 85% of what the male cheerleaders do. LOL (figured I better add an LOL)
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    06-05-2022, 03:43 PM
    US May Never Build New Refinery Even With Surging Gas Prices Green policy push means billion-dollar investments may be stranded in coming decades
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    Genes code proteins with mRNA. Artificial mRNA codes proteins. Ergo, artificial mRNA is gene therapy (artificial gene, artificial protein.)
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    I am sorry to hear that. I hope this information helps.

    Effects of curcumin on bladder cancer cells and development of urothelial tumors in a rat bladder carcinogenesis model.

    Curcumin for Bladder Cancer

    12 Proven Benefits of Turmeric For Urinary Disorders
  3. Yes, please!! LOL
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    Just bored...lookin' around. Nice pic. That's not how I imagined you. I was thinking you'd look more like Lysander Spooner for some reason.
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    Your mailbox is full. In response to your pm...

    LOL, maybe because she's not drinking wine.
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    hahaha! I just logged on for the first time in weeks and saw your comment in my rep status. funny.
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    That would completely throw the Calvies into a tailspin. hehe
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    I don't exactly remember. But it wasn't scientific, it was an opinion.
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