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    Today, 10:08 AM
    The information was expensive to come by ... LOL ... When my daughter was in college, I sent her to Paris for a semester and to Arles in the South of France for a summer. These days I'll get a couple of emails a month from her where the subject line is "Because They Are French" (the implied tone being that of Robin Williams)
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    Yesterday, 07:51 PM
    Why would he? He was elected to his second five-year term as President in 2022. He'll be President until 2027. The snap election is for members of Parliament. Expecting him to step down because his party lost control of Parliament would be like expecting the US president to step down after his party lost control of Congress in a mid-term election.
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    Yesterday, 12:44 PM
    The US Lifts a Ban on Sending Weapons to the Azov Brigade
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    06-10-2024, 11:17 PM
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    06-10-2024, 10:03 PM
    I think one term presidents for the remainder of my life would probably be the best I could hope for.
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    06-08-2024, 07:12 PM
    Overtime: With Matt Welch and Abigail Shrier
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    06-05-2024, 06:42 PM
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    06-04-2024, 08:39 PM
    So, of the candidates from the two major parties: we have one that's a convicted felon, and another that was born closer to Lincoln's presidency than his own.
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    06-03-2024, 09:42 PM
    And all the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park were female.
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    06-02-2024, 08:22 PM
    But in reality, it’s not an issue at all … for one reason … the people who are doing it aren’t white. I hate to have to be the one to break it to you, kids; but non-white people can do bad things too.
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    05-30-2024, 03:35 PM
    I think they're New York State charges. Trump can't pardon those. He'll have to govern from Rickers Island.
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    05-29-2024, 04:20 PM
    I'm really surprised that SNL, Jon Stewart, Bill Maher or some other comedian didn't seize on a response to that straight line. We're talking about a porn actress here; the judge would need to have some pretty impressive equipment to gag her. But if Stormy was the one posing the question, then she probably already has the inside scoop on that.
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    05-29-2024, 03:22 PM
    In and of itself, that tweet is rather misleading. The jury has to reach unanimous agreement on whether or not Trump falsified business documents to cover up a predicate crime. What the predicate crime was is what Merchan told them they could disagree on, as long as they have unanimous agreement that there was some crime that an attempt was being made to cover up. I tend to disagree with Merchan on that; but I'm not conversant in the law on this. If the law is wishy-washy on whether the jury has to agree on the predicate offense, then I think there would be grounds to appeal a conviction (I can't imagine that the law would delve into jury instruction). It also strikes me that if there were more than a single predicate offense, then separate counts would have been brought against Trump for each of those predicate offenses. === Edited === Sorry; unnecessary post. acptulsa already covered that in his earlier post.
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    05-28-2024, 09:45 AM
    So what's the stumbling block? (per the story out of University of Michigan)
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    05-28-2024, 09:20 AM
    Note to self: BHP Group (NYSE: BHP) Freeport-McMoRan (NYSE: FCX) Teck Resources (NYSE: TECK) Southern Copper (NYSE: SCCO) Rio Tinto Group (NYSE: RIO)
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    05-25-2024, 10:46 AM
    "When the centerpiece of your party's convention is in theory the competition showing up at your convention, you're not a real party." ~~~ Kurt Bardella"
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    05-21-2024, 05:31 PM
    All I'm saying is to know what you're not going to be able to do if you don't get Real ID (or a passport). Doesn't look like Real ID will be required for the financial realm, as I had previously posted ... but financial institutions are free to demand the IDs they need, so I don't put it past them. I'm now retired, and one of the big things I always intended to do at this stage of life was travel - and most of that is by air (by necessity). If I have a trip of under 400 miles, I would probably drive (just so I could take as much of my stuff as I could possibly need). Between 400 and 1,000 miles, it's going to depend on how long I intend to stay at the destination. Above 1,000 miles I'm going to be flying unless I'm staying at the destination for a month or more. I've got four living siblings (one in an international location), an uncle, a daughter, and many friends - all of whom are over 1,000 miles away from me. Needless to say, I have been and will continue to be traveling by air; and that's going to require a Real ID (or passport). I already have a passport (my career required international travel), so probably won't need Real ID (I had been under the mistaken impression that my state would no longer be issuing driver licenses without the Real ID caveat - which is where my take on Real ID for financial transactions came from). Current compliance with Real ID includes 38% of all issued driver licenses (how many more than that intend to fly domestically?). 42% of the American public hold passports (how many more than that intend to fly internationally). I'm guessing that the market for those needing Real ID or passports to travel is already pretty well saturated; with just a few stragglers remaining. And it's those stragglers (who don't have those documents but will need them) that you're counting on to "defeat" the system. Real ID was originally scheduled to be implemented sometime in 2020. It was never resistance/reluctance on the part of the public that held it back. It was primarily due to the pandemic, as well as incompetence on the part of the states in implementing and funding the programs to make it happen (and that's been resolved). I'm not an advocate for Real ID or passports, but I'm not giving up the things that those things are going to be required for. If you live a simple, agorist life, you may be able to avoid Real ID and passports. I don't vote, so it's not like I can throw my voting support behind politicians that oppose Real ID (none of which are in my voting districts anyway).
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    05-21-2024, 01:30 PM
    At first glance, this would mean: 1) Don't travel to/from destinations outside the U.S. (which would require a passport) 2) Work under the table (to avoid eVerify) 3) Don't drive a vehicle on public roads; or at least don't get licensed to do so (to avoid Real ID) 4) Don't own a vehicle for use on public roads; or at least don't register them (because registration is soon to require Real ID) 5) Don't travel by air to/from destinations in the U.S. (which will require Real ID starting on 07May2025) 6) Don't use banking/financial/credit services (most require state-issued ID, soon to be Real ID ... in addition to social security numbers) 7) Don't engage in real estate transactions (since most all of them require state-issued identification, soon to be Real ID ... and social security numbers) 8) Basically, live like Thoreau at Walden Pond, and hope no one notices your existence.
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    05-19-2024, 08:42 PM
    Here's where you can find the report out of the study; and no, it doesn't say what the headline implies. If it was the root cause, you'd be expecting a much higher number than 53%. At 53%, it's basically a coin toss as to whether mothers scoring high on Beck Depression Inventory (BDI - Interview for Depression) or on the Diagnostic Interview for Borderlines (DIB - Interview for borderline personality disorders) are the root cause. It's an interesting correlation, but the study size would caution reading too much into it. One would like to see much larger sample size, or at least multiple replications of the study producing comparable results.
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    05-18-2024, 10:11 AM
    What's more; Finke won by an overwhelming majority. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leigh_Finke Minnesota elections 2022: State Representative District 66A for candidate descriptions
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    05-17-2024, 03:09 PM
    David DePape sentenced to 30 years in hammer attack
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    05-17-2024, 07:48 AM
    Doing the same things and expecting different results. I could see it if it were part of some enormous, concerted effort to educate the public; but it's not. I don't see it making it to the House floor for a vote, much less passing to go on to the Senate. And if it makes it to the Senate, it's Dead On Arrival. And if it did actually make it to the President's desk, then Biden would veto it ... and there's absolutely no way it'd garner a veto-proof majority on the rebound. So, what's the point?
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    05-16-2024, 02:08 PM
    From the article mentioned on X ("Jeremy Clarkson, 64, is crowned the UK and Ireland's sexiest man") If you're wondering who did the rating: ... so if you're wondering who married women in the UK and Ireland are looking to hook up with, now you know.
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    05-16-2024, 12:20 PM
    Link to Snopes article
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    05-14-2024, 01:04 PM
    I've been looking into the publisher of the research - Scientific Research Publishing (SCIRP) which is usually described as a predatory academic publisher. This particular paper was one that is often used in pointing out SCIRP's lack of reputability. This study concluded that the number of babies born with thyroid problems in the western United States increased by 16 percent in 2011 compared to 2010, after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. Beyond what XNavyNuke mentions in his quote, there's something even more basic going on. The study failed to take into account the fact that 2010 was a year with an unusually low number of births with thyroid problems, nor was it even mentioned in the paper. You see, it turns out that, over the course of a few decades, 2011 was a pretty normal year with respect to babies born with thyroid problems - it's 2010 that was the outlier. SCIRP refused to print a letter criticizing the study, but offered to publish it as an article for a charge. It's a bit like the temperature changes that are quoted for global warming; they usually quote the temperature increase between the start of the industrial age (roughly 1760 - 1840) to the present ... without mentioning what immediately preceded the industrial age (the Little Ice Age ran from 1300 - 1850, so the starting temperatures were lower than what would be considered normal). Take a look at this story for more great SCIRP-published research. Oh, and yeah, SCIRP is a Chinese-owned publisher. Another name for these publishers is "Vanity Publisher" ... they're easy to get published in and get to see your name glowing in the proverbial lights. Think of Marquis Who's Who In America.
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