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    Today, 02:08 PM
    Related article I read today: Censorship And Suppression Of Free Speech Online Is A ‘War Against Ideas’ http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/censorship-and-suppression-of-free-speech-online-is-a-war-against-ideas_04232018 Propaganda has TWO major parts. Most of us pick up on the "Repeat the Lie" part, but there is another major half of Propaganda for it to work, and that is to OMIT any ideas which reveal the lie or promote / teach thinking for ones self. Belief, Money, Violence A persons system of Belief can be used to enslave them just as well as it can be used to Liberate them. If the voices of those who use their words to Liberate the minds of others while only allowing a subject to have access to is ideas that Enslave them, what is the likely outcome? Propaganda is used to empower smaller groups or individuals to control entire groups.
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    Today, 02:06 PM
    Proof That Men Do Remember A woman awakes during the night to find that her husband is not in bed. She puts on her robe and goes downstairs to look for him. She finds him sitting at the kitchen table with a hot cup of cocoa in front of him. He appears to be in deep thought, just staring at the wall. She watches as he wipes a tear from his eye and takes a sip of his hot cocoa. "What's the matter, dear?" she whispers as she steps into the room. "Why are you down here at this time of night?" The husband looks up from his cocoa, "It's the 20th anniversary of the day we met." She can't believe he has remembered and starts to tear up. The husband continues, "Do you remember 20 years ago when we started dating? I was 18 and you were only 16," he says solemnly. Once again, the wife is touched to tears thinking that her husband is so caring and sensitive. "Yes, I do" she replies. The husband pauses. The words were not coming easily. "Do you remember when your father caught us in the back seat of my car?" "Yes, I remember," said the wife, lowering herself into a chair beside him. The husband continued, "Do you remember when he shoved the shotgun in my face and said, 'Either you marry my daughter or I will send you to prison for 20 years?'" "I remember that, too," she replied softly. He wiped another tear from his cheek and said, "I would have gotten out today." Then the fight started!!
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    Today, 01:54 PM
    Yep, that is happening for sure. On the bright side... I think more folks are asking and answering themselves- The value of working within the official FRN value-bleeding system? Less than it was yesterday a second ago, so I should do what I can to get a foot out of the system and seek value.
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    Today, 01:46 PM
    Agree. "Do No Evil" is just as deceptive as putting the face of Andrew Jackson on the $20 fiat currency bill when his epitaph is "I killed the Bank", referring to the 2nd Central Bank of the US. Data on people is the ability to control people, thus, Data is a New Currency to be exchanged between the elite and powerful.
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    Today, 01:31 PM
    https://yro.slashdot.org/story/18/04/22/1828213/who-has-more-of-your-personal-data-than-facebook-try-google If you have a Facebook acct, then Facebook knows who you like and everything you do, on Facebook. Google on the other hand doesnt care if you have a Google account, but look at how hard they push you to have a Google account. Facebook is one website people go to. Google is one step higher, writing the software that serves many websites and other "free tools", like WP or Google Analytics. Due to the use of Google tools, Google phones, Google browsers, Google has the ability to collect an order of magnitude more information than Facebook. Much like Amazon is positioned not to take place in the market but to be the ENTIRE market, Google is positioned to BE the internet as almost everything runs on Googles "free" stuff.
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    Today, 12:55 PM
    I saw it with my sons and their friends (most of them white) the weekend it came out (it was their birthday weekend.) It was a GREAT movie! One of the best action films I've seen. Ben Shapiro had to admit, after he finally saw it, that he actually liked it too. All of the right wingers hating on it should actually see it. There were a few libertarian themes in the movie. Should Wakanda, which was walled off from the world, get involved in "humanitarian wars?" What about immigrants and refugees coming to Wakanda? Erik Kilmonger, the main villain in the film, got his military prowess being a CIA assassin in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries. (Blowback anyone?) Should vibranium be traded with the outside world or kept secret? It was a good movie with far more questions than answer. I plan to see it again. Much better then the overtly anti-family agenda in Wonder Woman.
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    Today, 12:48 PM
    Incorrect. You build from a foundation. No foundation, no building. A house built upon a foundation of sand will slip into the sea, as the proverb says. You'd be wrong. And so was she. Next?
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    Today, 12:45 PM
    The victims: https://www.insideedition.com/waffle-house-shooting-4-young-victims-identified-police-42702 The hero.
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    Today, 12:38 PM
    Some shocking un-libertarian shenannigans going on in this thread, Angie. :eek:
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  • jmdrake's Avatar
    Today, 12:34 PM
    They just caught him anyway. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2018/04/23/waffle-house-shooting-travis-reinking-manhunt-continues-nashville-police-say/?utm_term=.8f7816c4e0f1
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    Today, 11:46 AM
    I bet HB would volunteer for this one.
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    Today, 10:49 AM
    Why don't we do a moneybomb to raise funds to file a lawsuit on behalf of Bernie Sanders supporters for Hillary stealing the nomination from him? I'd gladly pitch in for that. It would be worth it just for the chuckles. Fictionalized account of Bill Gates arguing with Steve Jobs. "Bill Gates: You and I are like guys that had this rich neighbor Xerox. And they just left the door open. And you went in to steal the TV set. Only you realize I got there first. I GOT THE LOOT STEVE! And you're yelling? That's not fair? I wanted to try to steal it first! You're too late. Steve Jobs: We're better than you are! We have better stuff. Bill Gates: You don't get it Steve. That doesn't matter."
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    Today, 09:56 AM
    She filled out the customs form that specifically asks if you have any fruit. And she marked "no." She has "Global Entry". so she is not new to international travel.
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    Today, 09:53 AM
    Maybe that is the reason you need to take it again. ;)
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    Today, 08:02 AM
    Yeah. I remember that now. But this is what is stuck in my mind from 2008. And: I guess that's why the official campaign at times disliked the grassroots. It's hard to control the narrative when the grassroots garners more publicity than you do.
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    Today, 07:56 AM
    I hope they find him. I wonder if he's still running around naked?
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    Today, 07:56 AM
    I will say this about the MNPD. There are some good cops on there (I personally know a couple) and there are some that are dirty as hell. True story I was once hired to defend someone on federal drug charges. His defense? He was initially busted by a Metro police officer. The police officer said he wanted this dealer to work for him so that he could "catch bigger fish" and let him keep $10,000. I was trying to cut a deal with the federal prosecutor and brought up the possibility of a dirty cop thinking the federal prosecutor would want to bust him. In negotiations, one of the DEA agents investigating this said "Oh yea. I talked to that officer. He said he let your client keep that money because it was Christmas." :rolleyes: Thankfully his mother decided she wanted a more experience lawyer, hired someone else and I got off the case. I was a guppy swimming with sharks.
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  • acptulsa's Avatar
    Today, 07:53 AM
    And is not giving SNAP and/or Section 8 to working people an intervention that distorts the labor market? There was a time--I remember it--when full time workers were not eligible for such benefits. There's yet another case of conservatives shooting conservatism in the foot. If people who don't work deserve it, how is it that people who do work don't deserve it? That's just a dog whistle argument for corporate welfare. If a person can work sixty hours a week and have to choose between being homeless and eating, or having shelter and starving, that person is not going to do that job. The only reason these people do these jobs is because the taxpayer is picking up the slack. Which means the taxpayer is enabling the CEO and the stockholders to pocket more. Yes, of course the CEO is going to do that, if the taxpayers are dumb enough to put up with it, and the stockholders won't complain either. There's nothing free market about it. People owing their souls to the company store, people working for a wage which doesn't allow them to meet their basic necessities for survival, does not happen in a free market. It does not happen. People do not work for the right to starve to death. Suggesting such a thing is 'free market' is laughable. The State is intervening in the labor transaction to Amazon's benefit. And Amazon is using political clout to ensure it continues. They are paying politicians with money that should be going to their employees. The labor market is distorted. If the State weren't making it possible for Amazon employees to survive, they would leave the company and find a way to survive. To say that libertarians should defend Amazon because it's an enterprise is laughable. When the corporations are in bed with the politicians, you have fascism, and fascism is no more free market than socialism. And the more libertarians babble about how enterprises are good no matter what--even to the point of winking at obvious distortions of markets and turning a blind eye to fascism--the less people looking for the answers the media obviously isn't giving them will look to libertarians for those answers.
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    Today, 07:50 AM
    Nashville has not had a gun run of mayors lately.
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  • jmdrake's Avatar
    Today, 07:46 AM
    The SWATZI defenders will just say "See? We told you all these alleged police shooting are just suicide by cop" and go drink their Starbucks.
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  • jmdrake's Avatar
    Today, 07:40 AM
    I didn't know an offer was extended for Russia to join NATO.
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  • jmdrake's Avatar
    Today, 07:39 AM
    Seriously? I thought it was "r3volution". :o I thought Obama was Hope for America or Hopey Changey something. Yeah. I guess you're right.
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  • jmdrake's Avatar
    Today, 07:34 AM
    You know that at this point it's been confirmed by independent sources that no chemical weapons were used right? It's not just "Maybe the rebels did it." There was no chemical attack period. http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?521562-There-was-NO-GAS-ATTACK-IN-DOUMA-SYRIA! Yeah. That would be nice. Of course that was before the fake chemical attack.
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  • jmdrake's Avatar
    Today, 07:34 AM
    Bumped for Zippy
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  • jmdrake's Avatar
    Today, 07:31 AM
    1) Total BS. There were no peaceful protesters. There were only ISIS front men. The KKK rallying at Charlottesville claimed to be "peaceful" too. 2) Hillary Clinton and her co-conspirators were encouraging violent regime change BEFORE the protests even started. https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/12601 If Gadhafi falls within the next few months, there will be another model for regime change: that of limited but targeted military support from the West combined with an identifiable rebellion. Not that this can be easily applied in Syria. It hasn't even been easily applied in Libya, and Syria would be a much harder nut to crack. Furthermore, the Syrian opposition is far from united or
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