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    Yesterday, 10:59 PM
    Halloween is a white, western, Scots/Irish, Pagan to Christianity, holiday. You are appropriating me. So fuck off. ADL Warns: Avoid Culturally Insensitive, Gender-conforming Halloween Costumes
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    Yesterday, 10:50 PM
    As far as I know, the Orange Man never said he would sic government on me or my employer and cause me to lose my job, get dishonorably discharged, or possibly go to jail, if I decided not to take his infernal shots. This current Resident and his controllers are much worse, than that of Trump. That's a matter of simple, indisputable fact.
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    Yesterday, 10:43 PM
    After Pushing Anti-Trump Vulgarity, WashPost Decries 'Let’s Go Brandon' https://newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/nicholas-fondacaro/2021/10/24/after-pushing-anti-trump-vulgarity-washpost-decries-lets-go Nicholas Fondacaro October 24th, 2021 8:45 AM In an amazingly tone-deaf and hypocritical Saturday article for the Washington Post, White House reporter Ashley Parker and reporter Carissa Wolf bemoaned how, across the country, President “Biden’s critics hurl increasingly vulgar taunts.” This, after the paper, spent four years actively promoting such comments against former President Trump. They even took issue with the non-vulgar “Let’s go Brandon” chant gaining in popularity. A simple search of the Post’s website for the terms “f---” and “Trump” together gets you a list of articles exposing the prevailing feeling at the newspaper toward the former President. Including: “Former Mexican president says he will not pay for Donald Trump’s ‘f—— wall,’” “She put an obscene anti-Trump message on her truck and was arrested. Now she might sue,’” and “YG’s political message is as blunt as can be.”
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    Yesterday, 10:11 PM
    We have known since April 2020 that the numbers on hospitalization and death are complete bullshit, and the numbers for reducing chances of hospitalization and death are being presented by the same people. The same people who have presented bullshit data for nearly two years have also logged thousands of deaths in the US that 'happened after vaccination' but refuse to admit there is a potential causal relationship and just like every other VAERS reported case going back to 1986, there is zero follow-up investigation. So they want it both ways. They want any dead body in any way associated with COVID antibodies to count as a COVID death, but they want every death that happens shortly after vaccination to remain an utter mystery. That's hard proof that they're playing faster and looser with the facts than most people can even conceive. Already addressed.
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    Yesterday, 10:08 PM
    Interesting to note that China announced it is starting to levy property taxes for the first time. https://www.globalsecurity.org/wmd/library/news/china/2021/10/china-211024-globaltimes02.htm
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    Yesterday, 09:52 PM
    CDC’s Walensky: Biden Administration Planning ‘Education and Counseling’ for Unvaccinated https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2021/10/24/cdcs-walensky-biden-administration-planning-education-and-counseling-for-unvaccinated/ PAM KEY 24 Oct 2021 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky said on this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday” that the Biden administration has a plan for the “education and counseling” of essential workers so they are comfortable getting vaccinated. Anchor Chris Wallace said, “Let’s talk about mandates for adults. President Biden was asked about the controversial mandates for essential workers at his town hall this week. Take a look at his answer.”
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    Yesterday, 09:37 PM
    Vulgarity is only problematic if you are critical of Biden. But it's a fine and admirable thing if you're a Trump-hating "artist" ...
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    Yesterday, 08:12 PM
    So it turns out that sometimes it's perfectly OK to consider trans-women to be men ...
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    Yesterday, 07:58 PM
    Some liberty circles, we'll say, have called out what's arguably one of the largest issues within American libertarianism right now in having an atheist problem. I tend to agree. Libertarians basically end up becoming directionless over the long haul because while, let's say half may be religious of some sort, the other half aren't. This leads to interesting situations where half don't feel they're governed by anything beyond man while the other half believes rights are ordained from God . We end up getting Penn Jillette's who talk the talk, but end up not walking the walk. I can also personally attest to some local libertarians I had the "pleasure" in meeting who don't want any religion anywhere, only SCIENCE, and think libertarianism is just letting people do what they want when they want. When you have such a shallow understanding of how basically everything works, you get these Penn Jillette types who flake out and libertarians end up back to square one. Quite frankly, I'm learning more and more that libertarians, who I've been proud to be a part of since 2011, are a bunch of dorks who can't pull their heads out of their asses long enough to come up with a reasonable strategy so they end up chasing their own tail and circle jerking about principles.
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    Yesterday, 07:52 PM
    oyarde replied to a thread Cowboys win the NFC in Open Discussion
    Colts turned it over twice in the first Half and get in with a lead. Another failed 2 pt conversion that was a mistake .
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    Yesterday, 07:16 PM
    Today's challenge - find as many elements of beclownment in this as you can: https://twitter.com/BCAppelbaum/status/1452308755090182149 1452308755090182149
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    Yesterday, 06:34 PM
    oyarde replied to a thread Cowboys win the NFC in Open Discussion
    Bengals and Bills look like the two AFC teams right now with the most potential.
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    Yesterday, 05:21 PM
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    Yesterday, 04:54 PM
    All speculation at this point and pretty moot. What we've got now, contrary to popular opinion around these parts, is demonstrably worse than another four years of the Great Cheeto.
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  • oyarde's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:41 PM
    Ive had a pretty low success rate with longevity any of the different brands Ive tried here at the cottage in the woods. I still cant see how a light buld should cost more than a couple bucks when mass produced . I must be missing something.
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    Yesterday, 03:00 PM
    Dr.3D replied to a thread LED lights overrated in Open Discussion
    Headlights should be cross polarized to the windshields. That would eliminate all of the problems with glare.
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    Yesterday, 02:54 PM
    It's not so much the light source as the optics. Headlights used to have diffuser lenses, like Fresnel theater lights. Now everything's ellipsoidal parabolic focused lens projector beams, even low beams. And they'd be all right if all roads were flat, everyone adjusted their lights and nobody ever overloaded their trunk/bed. But even then there's railroad tracks. And then there's new, improved high beams. Yeah, it's getting bad.
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    Yesterday, 02:47 PM
    They stopped Henry. They accomplished exactly nothing else. But they certainly slowed Henry down.
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    Yesterday, 01:29 PM
    oyarde replied to a thread Cowboys win the NFC in Open Discussion
    Bengals looking poised for first place .
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