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    Israel is a globalist European land grab. Jews are not race of people, it is a religion. There was negligible 'Jewish' population before the advent of Zionism in Europe. They were Semites who believed in Judaism and lived in a Semitic land, Palestine and other areas like Yemen, Oman and Iran, but those classified 'Jews' were originally immigrants from Spain. They interbred with the local population and thus considered themselves Semitic over the generations. Semites, not "Jews and Arabs", can live side by side in peace when there is no forced land grab invasion by the colonialist European scum.
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    I despise imperialism, I despise racism, I despise the belief of superiority over another man and most importantly to this discussion I despise Zionism. Perhaps it's because you (and a few others here) have defended despicable policies and actions that I've become more frank with my tone but it is what it is. You look at broken bones, mangled corpses, and blown apart children and justify it slyly or marginalize the tragedy. It is offensive.
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    I'm actually on Mexican land, but that's neither here nor there.

    Your trollish ignorance deserved a neg rep, and indeed, Fuck Israel.
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    No sorry, I should definitely get one though.
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    As many as the Lord wishes to give him. It's not uncommon for people to live past 90 these days.
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    No its because youre trying to pass off false information as your opinion/accurate. I dont appreciate it.
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    Rick Santorum is 100% right on abortion.

    Abortion is ALWAYS murder.

    Now piss off.
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    And I'll keep neg repping you whenever you make disgusting comments like saying you feel nothing when an unborn child is murdered because they aren't a person or saying I hate women because I'm against murder.
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    A few were and still had 'hold ups' from relationships with families, particularly mothers (a common psychological manifestation of angst), though most of those people weren't so much much anti-theist as they were 'angry at God' (a big different in my opinion). Most are simply people who (I assume) grew up with the internet or adapted to it quickly and really just love to see people get angry. Their tactics have no philosophy behind them, and remind me entirety of trolls getting in a cheap shot wherever they can, even if it makes little sense in context, is factually incorrect, or is said when it should have been kept to themselves.
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    I'm not accusing you of ignorance, but the mass majority of anti-theists that I have worked with- and this is going to have to be anecdotal since I've never even heard of any statistics on the matter- are simply ignorant, militant, puffed up fiends, and are similar to many of the trolls you see on the internet. Same goes for people who are anti-atheist (and I've met a large number of those kinds of people too). Many are either consciously or subconsciously looking for reactions.

    As an objectivist you are different from most, and though I disagree with Ayn Rand (and therefor you) in most things (and I believe she was a terrible writer) I do see where you are coming from.

    That was longer than I expected it to be, heh.
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