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    Today, 09:17 AM
    Pretty dramatic change: Republicans abandon tax cut message in Pa. special election It’s a sign they think the issue isn’t resonating — potentially a big problem in the midterms. By KEVIN ROBILLARD 03/13/2018 Republicans backed away from their signature tax-cut law in the final days of a closely watched special House election in the Pittsburgh suburbs — even though it's the very accomplishment on which they had banked their midterm election hopes.
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    Today, 09:10 AM
    2 New York City Firefighters Killed in Iraq Helicopter Crash By AL BAKER and THOMAS GIBBONS-NEFFMARCH 16, 2018 Christopher J. Raguso A day after a United States military helicopter crashed during a troop transport mission in western Iraq, the grim news traveled nearly 6,000 miles west, back to New York: Two city firefighters were among the service members killed. Fire officials spent the day working to gather details of the deaths — the first of New York City firefighters serving in a war zone since Christian P. Engeldrum, 39, was killed in November 2004, when a roadside bomb detonated near his convoy outside Baghdad. In Thursday’s crash, American officials could not immediately say why the aircraft, an HH-60 Pave Hawk, went down near the city of Qaim, killing all seven service members aboard, although enemy fire was not believed to be the cause. Officials did not immediately identify the dead. But in conversations among firefighters, in military circles and on social media, it became clear that the casualties had struck hard a band of colleagues attached to the New York Air National Guard 106th Rescue Wing, which is stationed in Westhampton Beach, N.Y., on Long Island’s East End. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/16/nyregion/new-york-firefighters-iraq-helicopter-crash.html
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    Today, 08:49 AM
    What is ironic is that it will accelerate automation.
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    Today, 08:45 AM
    So what, if he gets elected another term we are going to hit 30 trillion? Does anyone not understand why this is not sustainable?
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    Today, 08:44 AM
    Very concerned that this could spark Tea Party 2.0 movement since leaving massive debts for our grand childrens is highly unacceptable. Tea Party Revolts Against Obama's Budget as Debt Exceeds $19 Trillion thefiscaltimes Feb 4, 2016 - But Senate Budget Committee Chair Mike Enzi (R-WY) and House Budget Committee chief Tom Price (R-GA) issued a joint statement tonight saying Donovan wasn't welcome to testify because the administration wasn't serious about addressing the mounting national debt Ė which reached an historic $19 Trillion
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    Today, 08:40 AM
    I thought debt would decrease under GOP cut-spending/small gummit regime: Saturday, March 17, 2018 National debt hits $21 trillion Federal borrowing has been on the rise again since February, when Congress passed legislation to suspend the debt ceiling. (Mark HumphreyAP)
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    Today, 08:09 AM
    Do you believe Stormy Daniels scandal threatens Trump presidency/impeachment? Chatter has gone up sharply since yesterday after shocking claims by lawyers of both Stormy Daniels and Trump and after reports of CBS going ahead with airing of Stromy Daniels interview on March 25th despite legal threats. Stormy Daniels' lawyer says porn star was physically threatened to remain silent over alleged affair with Trump CNBC 11h ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPPdSnmY2Os
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    Today, 07:56 AM
    Let's wait till all investigations/studies are completed and conclusive facts come out. Study: America is on a binge - Excessive drinking claims 1 in 10 deaths in working-age adults
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    Today, 07:51 AM
    This study sends bit different message than the one in news few days ago that covered longevity promoting effects. http://abcnews.go.com/Health/america-binge-175-billion-drinks-worth-study/story?id=53795860
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    Today, 07:38 AM
    But unlikely that this could create any major political imbalance, there might be enough intel operations linked operators on GOP side to counter any effects. Some of following unconfirmed/speculative though.
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    Today, 07:26 AM
    Bow before one of the biggest financiers/enforces of radical extremist sharia law
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    Today, 07:18 AM
    Wow media, just when you think you've heard it all: Boobs on the brain: MSNBC host blames porn star Stormy Daniels for McCabe firing BizPac Review 1h ago
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    Today, 02:19 AM
    I see a sandwich in your future.
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    Today, 02:18 AM
    Well, Virginia could've at least waited til the 2nd round before going out.
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    Today, 01:29 AM
    https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-16/us-economy-really-growing Full article on link. --- Everything is awesome!
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    Yesterday, 08:46 PM
    With reports of Mueller interest, there seems to be quick escalation of this scandal. Mika Brzezinski of MJ today hosted various legal minds to dissect this case and warned public that there could be more White House firrings to create "distraction" from latest Stormy accusations. Stormy Daniels' lawyer says porn star was physically threatened to remain silent over alleged affair with Trump CNBC 11h ago
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    Yesterday, 08:28 PM
    US National Debt Hits $21 Trillion https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-16/us-national-debt-hits-21-trillion
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    Yesterday, 07:22 PM
    As US drone strikes with aim to defend our freedom, racial equality values are notorious for killing/maiming many innocent childrens of other countries as well, a very media image conscious POTUS would never allow any policy that could produce a very negative publicity worldwide headline like "A child named Trump killed/maimed by US freedom drone strike". These Afghan parents might be far more clever than generally assumed, they seem to have quickly figured out what drives current POTUS. They mght not be ready to build Trump Plazas in their villages yet but still they are not completely ignorant about branding value. Afghan toddler named after US President Trump Little Donald's father is a fan of the US leader's books and leadership style but Donald's grandparents are not as keen. 05:14, UK, Thursday 15 March 2018
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    Yesterday, 07:11 PM
    While there are tons of top headlines and in depth analysis in media these days about Stormy Daniel sex scandal, only saw brief reports on this if was covered at all by various outlets: U.S. Military Helicopter Crashes in Iraq-Syria Border, Pentagon Confirms By Tom O'Connor On 3/15/18 Updated | A U.S. military helicopter has crashed in western Iraq, killing all seven personnel on board. The Defense Department confirmed to Newsweek on Thursday that an "incident" occurred involving one of its helicopters in Iraq, as reports emerged that an HH-60 Pave Hawk helicopter crashed in the Al-Qaim region near the country's border with Syria. As more information surfaced in ABC News and CNN reports that identified the aircraft and potential fatalaties, the U.S. coalition elaborated. "All personnel aboard were killed in the crash," Brigadier General Jonathan P. Braga, director of operations for the coalition said in the statement. "This tragedy reminds us of the risks our men and women face every day in service of our nations. We are thinking of the loved ones of these service members today."
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    Yesterday, 07:00 PM
    While many top media headlines are about Stormy Daniel sex scandal, don't recall news like this making top headline in recent weeks/months in US media owners programming: Civilian Casualties Soared in Iraq and Syria in 2017. Was Trump’s Bloodthirsty Rhetoric to Blame? After three years of brutal fighting, the U.S.-led war against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is winding down, the U.S. military announced on Thursday, saying the coalition has “liberated” more than 98 percent of the area formerly controlled by ISIS, or Daesh, freeing “7.7 million Iraqis and Syrians once held under brutal Daesh rule.” By all accounts, this victory has come at a huge cost to civilians, but how huge depends on who you ask. The U.S.-led coalition says it conducted 29,070 strikes between August 2014 and January 2018, killing “at least 841civilians.” But that figure is much lower than independent estimates, raising questions about the conduct of the war and its disproportionate impact on Iraqi and Syrian civilians. According to reporting by the nonpartisan monitoring group Airwars, between 6,136 and 9,315 civilians have died in coalition strikes since 2014, with death tolls spiking sharply in 2017. A recent New York Times investigation on airstrikes in Iraq also found drastic underreporting of civilian casualties in official statistics, with thousands of civilian casualties undocumented by official figures.
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    Yesterday, 06:53 PM
    That's great but the headline is bit confusing. White House top diplomat was fired yesterday by the disruptor-in-chief: Trump says Rex Tillerson out as Secretary of State
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    Yesterday, 06:51 PM
    To be fair, they are free market guys.
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    Yesterday, 03:53 PM
    Agree, it can not continue without a major correction. What it proves? In and of itself, not much. Its the overall trend of many stores from many different companies that needs to be observed. Im sure a lot of the stuff sold in Toys R Us is not made in the US. If the Tariff Trends continue, this could be bad for those overseas manufacturers, which could be good for us. Not sure on that either. Thing is, thats 33,000 jobs (according to the article) which is a good chunk of "new jobs created every month" that now have to be "created" to handle the people that lost their jobs. Not that they were great jobs to begin with, but they were jobs. That, in and of itself is something that the country can handle. But like I said, its the overall trend to watch, not just one chain. Lose 10 chain stores like Toys R Us, roughly equal in size, and thats 330,000 jobs that go bye bye. That is more jobs than the US "creates" every month. A major economic downturn wont hit only one chain, or a limited number of chains. It will hit EVERY business in the US. Again, watch the Trend. A severe major economic downturn or correction will hit hundreds and even thousands of businesses, and tens of thousands of individual stores. If we dont want to look at Toys R Us as the small sample, but bigger picture, try watching this related thread: The retail apocalypse has officially descended on America http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?508915-The-retail-apocalypse-has-officially-descended-on-America
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    Yesterday, 03:39 PM
    Ink Cost to Consumer: $59.95 Ink Cost to Manufacture: $0.23 I think this is something we all already know about! At least on some level... So, lets hear some Libertarian solutions! Right to repair? 3rd Party Ink Cartridges at lower cost? Stop buying their garbage with a Boycott? How can we use a Free Market to have a solution that does not completely screw the customers over while not destroying ethical businesses and without govt interference?
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    Yesterday, 03:04 PM
    Trump's cabinet tends to have a reputation of being squeaky clean (with exception of few bad apples), so allegations in this report about a widely respected war hero and top cabinet official come as a a big surprise: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/03/16/james-mattis-is-linked-to-a-massive-corporate-fraud-and-nobody-wants-to-talk-about-it.html
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    Yesterday, 02:32 PM
    Here we go again, this was top headline again today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=769&v=qdV7f-K7dSc This is probably just coincidence:
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    Yesterday, 02:16 PM
    Wow, in that case a major apology from WaPo, NBC and all MSM outlets publishing this report is warranted. This would also disprove controversial narratives emerging of late that current leader in chief was a puppet of zionist lobbies with deep pockets. Maybe these lobbies are not as powerful as sometimes claimed by critics. On related note, if zionist lobbies can't get General McMaster pushed out, it means they can't touch General John Kelly either and rumors about his exit are also fakenews?
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    Yesterday, 07:31 AM
    I also blindly hate SJWs and progressives (of which Trump is a progressive). It is an effect that happens when you advocate stealing my money. Did Trump not give politial cover for raising the age limit to purchase long guns?
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    Yesterday, 06:07 AM
    https://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2018/03/the_600_compani.html https://yro.slashdot.org/story/18/03/15/2224238/the-600-companies-paypal-shares-your-data-with (quoted article)
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    Yesterday, 06:01 AM
    Not sure. If all the tariffs that Trump is putting down causes these things to be made over here again, it could be a good thing. Honestly what worries me more than anything else is a flat out repeat of 2008 where its our jobs that are going away, and really still havent come back. Im sure Zippy will be in shortly to say otherwise as he always does. Overall, this does make me think there is a possibility that another economic downturn is right around the corner. One thing is for sure, if the economy does have a major downturn again (as happens every 7 years and we are overdue for our next), they will try to pin the entire thing on Trump. Not that I actually trust him to not have his own agenda either...
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