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    Today, 07:14 AM
    Texas should be ashamed that it isn't already on the list. And once they're on it, they should be ashamed that they weren't the first.
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    Today, 06:43 AM
    Defending The Guard w/ Dan McKnight - Part Of The Problem #723 On this episode of Part Of The Problem Dave is joined by Dan McKnight! Dan McKnight is a 13-year veteran of the military, including service in the United States Marine Corps, United States Army, and the Idaho Army National Guard. He served in Afghanistan from 2005 to 2007 and is founder and chairman of BringOurTroopsHome.US https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0p_MskczeY
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    Yesterday, 07:59 PM
    Probably just coincidence that well-funded Dem leader who was mentor/protege of guy who was called 'Founding Father Of ISIS' by Trump got in White House couple of months ago. "ISIS" news headlines in US media have dropped by 92% since Trump win
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    Yesterday, 07:53 PM
    'Merica is back : Biden sanctions Russia, expels diplomats over election interference The moves are sure to escalate already rising tensions and are likely to be met with some Russian reprisal. Russian President Vladimir Putin visits the Coordination Center of the Russian Government in Moscow, Russia. | Mikhail Metzel, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP By NAHAL TOOSI and QUINT FORGEY
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    Yesterday, 06:15 PM
    Click the "EMBED" button under the video at Rumble. Then in the popup box, copy the "Embed IFRAME URL" and trim off everything except the video code string. Then put that video code string between tags. For example, for the video at https://rumble.com/vek2vd-a-coming-covid-catastrophe.html the "Embed IFRAME URL" is https://rumble.com/embed/vbxwp9/?pub=4 and the video code string from that is "vbxwp9" - so use: vbxwp9 Like so:
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    Yesterday, 10:13 AM
    The sooner people get over the delusion that the "system" isn't broken beyond repair, the better. So bring it on and let the red pills flow ... https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1382723734872674311 1382723734872674311
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    Yesterday, 09:33 AM
    Easy enough to find out ... n-word: ****** c-word: cunt
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    Yesterday, 09:10 AM
    We ARE the experiment, and there is ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY if any injuries or deaths occur as a direct result of their experiments because as the LIARS keep demanding "there is no such thing as an unsafe vaccine" despite several companies having completely discontinued some of their vaccines. Im sorry, but I am not willing to play RUSSIAN ROULETTE with their fucking "vaccine" when it comes to my life, especially when I really think ENDING LIFE is their GOAL.
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    Yesterday, 12:57 AM
    Please all, keep in mind that the term "Propaganda" has been replaced with "Public Relations".
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    Yesterday, 12:56 AM
    The Demoncrats know damn good and well that the people of this country see right through their bullshit now that they have ramped everything up to a fucking 11, and the only ones dumb enough to vote for them is an illiterate replacement population. Like Tucker said, if the immigrants were coming from Poland, who on average vote Republican 11 to 1, there would be a border wall in place and enforced by next Wednesday.
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    Yesterday, 12:54 AM
    The mask is a SYMBOL of something else... SILENCE. Its not about a virus. Its about fully eliminating Free Speech and any semblance of Human Rights. If it were up to Fauci (which there is just something 'off' about his name, like it means "fake" or "false" or "phoney" somehow), if Fauci were the one in charge of granting Rights, no one would have ANY rights at all. The whole pandemic thing is and has always been about an excuse to oppress and control and extort and lie. Then they try to take your guns, and only "allow" those who are "True Pandemic Believers" to be granted guns, with which they are expected to shoot the Non Believers. They thrive on chaos and confusion and disorder. For the record, why arent they still required to wear masks in... of all places... CHINA?
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    Yesterday, 12:49 AM
    If the Masks worked, why do we need Social Distancing? If Social Distancing worked, why do we need Vaccines? If the Vaccines worked, why do the Vaccinated still need to wear Masks? --- It wont take long before those that have been really infected by the Vaccines become the SUPER SPREADERS of a truly lethal pandemic. Their intent is becoming more and more obvious, CULL THE HERD. In 10 years, I expect no less than 95% reduction in human population, because a smaller population governed by Militarized Police Robots will be so much more easily controlled.
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  • enhanced_deficit's Avatar
    04-14-2021, 11:43 PM
    Don't know if he has what it takes to launch such a business (has also been dipping his toes in too many waters since the unfortunate coup that caused MAGA exit) but there is a fast growing market for "Made in USA" and foreign made products with stringent quality controls. On leading ecommerce platforms, products lately seem to be displayed and ranked based on sponsorships and laced with fake reviews, sorting crapware from genuine quality products is becoming more and more challenging. Although there could be political risk of such a business model being attacked by likes of ADL/globalist outfits that had opposed Trump's "America First" slogan in 2016.
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  • enhanced_deficit's Avatar
    04-14-2021, 11:11 PM
    It would be sadly ironic if in coming decades some White House occupant got replaced by someone of Iraqi semitic race and forced Foxnews owners to tell Tucker exactly what he told some civilians of other races in 2006. Quote: As the war turned sour, many commentators came to feel regret, and even shame, for having supported it. In one 2006 recording, Carlson says that although “I hate the war … I just have zero sympathy for them or their culture. A culture where people just don’t use toilet paper or forks.” When his interlocutor says it’s understandable that Iraqis want Americans “off their soil,” Carlson responds, “They can just shut the f*ck up and obey, is my view. And, you know, the second we leave, they’re going to be calling for us to return, because they can’t govern themselves.” https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/03/racism-made-dove-out-tucker-carlson/584746/
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  • Occam's Banana's Avatar
    04-14-2021, 11:10 PM
    Words, words, mere words, no matter from the heart. Th’ effect doth operate another way. Go, wind, to wind! There turn and change together. My love with words and errors still she feeds, But edifies another with her deeds.
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    04-14-2021, 09:39 PM
    https://twitter.com/Not_the_Bee/status/1382490033169567747 1382490033169567747
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    04-14-2021, 07:53 PM
    “The only remedy to racist discrimination is antiracist discrimination. The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.” -- Ibram X. Kendi (Wokester icon)
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    04-14-2021, 07:46 PM
    Thread: Boston hospital launches priority medical service to coloreds, whites to wait.
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    04-14-2021, 07:44 PM
    Thread: Medical Lysenkoism & Racially Preferential Care: Coming to a Hospital Near You?
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    04-14-2021, 07:28 PM
    falafel: "Am I a joke to you?" algebra: "Hey, what about me?" falafel: "Shut up, algebra! You're an Anglicization of an Arabic word. Go pound sand, half-breed!"
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    04-14-2021, 02:13 PM
    Nancy Pelosi describes the impact the Derek Chauvin trial has had on her, calls George Floyd’s death a ‘public assassination’ Ledyard King and Susan Page, USA TODAY Apr. 14, 2021 WASHINGTON – As she watched the Derek Chauvin murder trial, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was struck by the teenage girl who took the viral video of the Minneapolis Police officer as he knelt on George Floyd for nearly nine minutes in what Pelosi called a "public assassination." Darnella Frazier, 18, testified March 30 that she remains haunted by the tragedy, staying up some nights "apologizing and apologizing to George Floyd for not doing more and not physically interacting and not saving his life." Pelosi, D-Calif., said it hit a nerve. "I feel sad about the spectators, and that that young woman who said she's up all night because she wonders what she could have done differently," Pelosi said. "I think if any of us was there, we would have gone up and just pulled him off him. But we might have gotten shot, and that's probably why somebody didn't pull him off."
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    04-14-2021, 01:52 PM
    Only slight surprise would be the admission, otherwise it was obvious as they are allied with powerful lobbies with deep pockets that helped with coup against Trump. Serious infighting between left/rights wings of neocons also relates to this. To give credit where due, ss had broken the story of deep lobbies coup against Trump.
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    04-14-2021, 01:46 PM
    Things might not be as monolithic. There were also reports of Biden win made possible by 'rural vote'. Many urban Trump supporters also seem to live in urban areas (Proud Boys, Rapper fans of Trump, Blexit/Hexist, pro social justice/diversity groups etc). Urban/rural divide is not as partisan thanks to Trump's strong minorities outreach/pro social justice & diversity leadership.
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