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    Today, 02:10 PM
    Perhaps people just don't get it. Hydrogen is the way out of foreign oil, provides jobs and is as green as ivy. A National Network of solar hydrogen stations has finally been proposed, by an upstart company. Even if they don't build it, someone else will. And a week of war spending could fund it. But in the next 24 hours, the criminals in Washington DC will spend ~$200 MILLION DOLLARS chasing a bunch of rebels around sand dunes. Who will benefit even if DC wins? Not you, unless you have "defense" stocks. Nikola One Hydrogen Semi-Truck – Game-Changer or Pipe Dream? The centerpiece of Nikola Motor Co.’s ambitious vision of zero-emission trucking is its Nikola One all-electric semi-truck, but the key is the nationwide support infrastructure that the Salt Lake City start-up plans to build around the sleek new vehicle. The electric semi-truck, unveiled last week, relies largely on an uncommon power source: a hydrogen fuel cell bolstered by lithium-ion batteries. To sustain the vehicle through cross-country treks, drivers need access to fueling stations along the way.
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    Today, 01:58 PM
    It would be great if she had some support. But sadly, Ron is AWOL. And....oh never mind...
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    12-02-2016, 12:56 PM
    Probably no one here took the time to watch, too bad really. Because this is the biggest thing to happen to energy in our lifetimes. Behold an example of the New America- a CAN DO place where energy independence is possible. Here's the complete Nikola introduction of their Hydrogen Truck and more- Trevor Milton is a great inspiration!
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    12-01-2016, 01:51 PM
    Nikola Motor Co. is set to debut its Nikola One electric semi-truck Thursday after months of curiosity and skepticism from the long-haul freight industry. Nikola reiterated official specifications for the electric semi-truck early Thursday but will wait until the evening to unveil the truck itself in Salt Lake City, where the company is headquartered. To build the vehicle, chief executive Trevor Milton said in a statement that Nikola will construct an advanced manufacturing plant supporting thousands of new jobs. The company is in talks with several state governments about the facility and will determine its location in the first half of 2017. Nikola also said that Miami-based fleet management firm Ryder System, Inc., with more than 800 service locations, will be its exclusive provider for distribution and maintenance nationwide. In Tennessee and Mississippi, Caterpillar dealer and early Nikola investor Thompson Machinery will supplement Ryder’s sales and services. “It’s exciting to see a small newcomer with a completely new concept that’s not just pie-in-the-sky,” said Antti Lindstrom, truck market analyst for IHS Markit. “What is impressive to me is that people you talk to in the business seem to look at this company seriously. They’re not laughing — it could be a game-changer.”
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    11-12-2016, 08:04 PM
    Not fantasies. There were 2 choices. One of these people was going to be the next president. Trump was a huge FU to DC- admitted by none other than Michael Moore. Who knows, the American people might just get the idea that they can fire these weasels at will. Imagine that. The work has just begun. This is a start, not an end. Maybe nest time the Libertarians won't pick a wack job to lead their ticket. The one time they could have maybe got the required support to be in the general debates their candidate Gary starts sticking his tongue out at reporters and falling on the carpet. Pathetic. Harry Browne is rolling in his grave. If Donald Trump has managed to stop the TPP he's already done more for the US than the last 3 jackasses combined. And maybe he'll stop trying to poke Russia. He's convinced many Americans that one does not need to spout PC BS while campaigning. He's called the wars for what they are and were - even if he's lying about where he stood. He's shown that candidates can go on Alex Jones and still win. Not ideal by any means but a start. The alternative was a horrid devil-woman that likely would have started WW3. Here's for those who think the US doesn't need to make anything anymore, while Wall Street crooks and scoundrels laughs all the way to their 40 room mansions. Many even on this forum don't see the importance of a nation being self sufficient. Right now the US doesn't even know how to make many things anymore, even if it wanted.
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    11-11-2016, 10:49 PM
    How much is sovereignty worth? Do you think the US should bother with manufacturing anything? Do you think NAFTA was a good thing? Have you read anything about the TPP from credible critics? How many of the thousands of pages are necessary to deal strictly with "free trade" and "lower tariffs"? Do you know specifically what tariffs are presently in place? There are very specific criticisms of the TPP from very credible people both on the so called left and right. If the Ron Paul of yesterday was around, you might have heard some. That Ron is MIA. Rand was for it, then against it, and who knows where he stands now. Who cares. Sir James Goldsmith spelled it out long ago. Back when Ron was Ron. This is about the concept of "free trade" in general not the TPP
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    11-11-2016, 01:37 AM
    FIll up at home Taking aim at the clean-energy holy grail: Turning water into fuel Philly.com NOVEMBER 8, 2016 It’s not exactly alchemy, but something magical is taking place inside an 8-foot-tall steel box at a Bucks County industrial park: The humming SimpleFuel machine is converting water into clean hydrogen motor fuel. Since September, a consortium of three companies has operated the device at PDC Machines Inc., an industrial manufacturer near Warminster. The prototype uses electricity and water to produce high-purity hydrogen, which powers electric fuel-cell vehicles.
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