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    Today, 12:29 PM
    I merged DamianTV's thread with AF's because a separate thread for every iteration of "Google/Gemini rationalizes " isn't really called for.
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    Today, 12:25 PM
    Possibly caused by Chinese Hacker Group, Im not sure, could have also been another Near Miss Carrington Event Communist Chinese Hackers ‘Volt Typhoon’ Prime Suspects In AT&T Mega Outage https://www.banned.video/watch?id=65d7e5b1dcab3e9a7f52251b
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    Today, 11:18 AM
    https://www.banned.video/watch?id=65d69ba6dcab3e9a7f408f22 Lets be clear here. Its NOT Black People doing this. Its NOT White People doing this. It IS GLOBALISTS doing this to provoke Racial Conflict and CIVIL WAR.
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    Today, 10:38 AM
    AT&T blames coding error for hourslong network outage AT&T blamed the incident on an error in coding, without elaborating. https://www.wthr.com/article/news/nation-world/att-hit-with-massive-outage/507-2b35f093-be53-4a92-a23d-dfa98e9393e3 {Chris McCrory | 22 February 2024} WASHINGTON — AT&T said Thursday that all of its customers impacted by a nationwide service outage have cell service again, after an hourslong outage that appeared to be the result of a technical error, not a malicious attack. An AT&T spokesperson said all service had been restored in an update shortly before 3:30 p.m. Eastern, nearly 12 hours after customers began reporting issues. “We have restored wireless service to all our affected customers," AT&T said. "We sincerely apologize to them. Keeping our customers connected remains our top priority, and we are taking steps to ensure our customers do not experience this again in the future.”
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    Today, 10:21 AM
    THREAD: Does libertarianism require support for open borders? (Bob Murphy interview w/Dave Smith)
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    Today, 10:19 AM
    https://twitter.com/ComicDaveSmith/status/1761418253778436478 Does Libertarianism Require Support for Open Borders? https://odysee.com/@mises:1/does-libertarianism-require-support-for:2 {Mises Media | 23 February 2024} Dave Smith makes the Rothbardian/Hoppean case for government restriction on immigration, arguing that it's a second-best solution given the undeniable fact of government control of "public" property. Bob plays devil's advocate to raise possible objections to Dave's framework. Rothbard, "Nations by Consent": https://Mises.org/HAP436a
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    Today, 09:51 AM
    The last paragraph of that article: The scholars also warned that serious political instability and violence could ensue. That possibility was on Raskin’s mind, too. (Jamie Raskin-Israel-MD) He conceded that the threat of violence could influence what Democrats do if Trump wins. But, Raskin added, it wouldn’t necessarily stop them from trying to disqualify him. “We might just decide that’s something we need to prepare for.”
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    Today, 09:12 AM
    https://twitter.com/WallStreetSilv/status/1761303983719628959 1761303983719628959
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    Today, 08:52 AM
    https://twitter.com/NatCon2022/status/1761398406621048840 1761398406621048840
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    Today, 08:16 AM
    Like SS said, as far as I know TER is alive and well, just not active here anymore. Just like way too many other good folks we've lost over the years.
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    Today, 06:28 AM
    Drunk Police Chief Body Slammed AND Suspended https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQmpcTcrFYE {LackLuster | 23 February 2024}
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    Today, 06:15 AM
    Cellphone Data Contradicts Fani Willis and Nathan Wade's Testimony. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjsIxfu7o9E {Nate The Lawyer | 23 February 2024} Cellphone data obtained by Donald Trump's legal team appears to contradict Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis' testimony about an alleged improper relationship with special prosecutor Nathan Wade. Willis faces allegations that the alleged affair with Wade and his appointment to the Georgia election interference case financially benefited her.
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    Today, 06:07 AM
    New York Wants Non-Citizens To Vote https://odysee.com/@actualjusticewarrior:2/new-york-wants-non-citizens-to-vote:4 {Actual Justice Warrior | 23 February 2023} In this video I discuss the recent developments in the push in NYC to violate the state & federal constitution by allowing non-citizens to vote in local elections. I explain how this is unworkable, who is behind this & the ridiculous arguments they put forward, @actualjusticewarrior:2/new-york-wants-non-citizens-to-vote:4
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    Today, 05:42 AM
    The Return Of John Stewart | Part Of The Problem 1096 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdV0v2IaK0w {Dave Smith | 22 February 2024} On this episode of Part Of The Problem, Dave and Robbie take a look at John Stewarts first episode back on The Daily Show, and his take down of Tucker Carlson. We then hear from Nancy Pelosi on her thoughts on Donald Trump and the decision against him, and finally we watch Morning Joe have a meltdown about China and Taiwan.
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    Today, 05:37 AM
    Because he is not the OmniGod of Argentina who can just do whatever he pleases across the board. He has had to coalition with other more establishmentarian elements, to whom he must make concessions in order to get their support for the other things he wants. IOW: Because politics.
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    Today, 04:10 AM
    1 Corinthians 6:12 All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.
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    Today, 01:42 AM
    My first thought as well. Everything's been coming up The Count these past few days. Oh yeah, totally legit. :rolleyes:
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    Yesterday, 10:32 PM
    https://twitter.com/libsoftiktok/status/1761153568432635997 1761153568432635997
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    Yesterday, 08:19 PM
    My brother is a trucker he said that only independent drivers will be boycotting NY. If they work for a big company they will take the loads. I have a woke family member living in NYC and he says NYC is just fine nothing to see there but, he sure is glad as hell Trump has to pay.
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    Yesterday, 04:32 PM
    Hold on. He’scsaying that there’s “good sex” after marriage? Or, for that matter, ANY sex after marriage? Nobody believes that whopper, do they?
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  • Working Poor's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:23 PM
    I did not know that TER died. When did this happen? I was thinking about bumping up a thread that he participated in with me just the other day. May he rip and his family be comforted.
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    Yesterday, 03:29 PM
    Believe it or not: https://www.amazon.com/Little-Black-Sambo-Uncensored-Reproduction/dp/1640321411/ref=sr_1_1?crid=34VT6H5EF912V&dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.Hkx1yM5PUHmnFkGrBks0i-yz6vvamjyt9R5tAPRm0U7BWWcdiTtW4NVVHA3F3wFna8wJXnVDBTqMUL2ZDeFd9otER1hzjsepbIlVprRVpGMnmSG7t0-bcx8FtxNVqzwLQrO1aKsOfQ9KpmrEtbstrNFlxMk2bQzujWx--i8mtxnn-y0YMHoTauf_sqM4evRzyjtF0uVIG97alYB1WYRTlK_r5aIO8KaI6y-jL5wYvE39_CnA_Ki6jj5BLFdBdBO2c6YUniYjyI9TkLnbR6siHirnpVQePPbOk6Fnas9XW7U.TeI_GgD8-yhOYXSOmKOEQZfBMVng8jkx5AevrJpiuwE&dib_tag=se&keywords=little+black+sambo&qid=1708723597&sprefix=little+black+sambo%2Caps%2C109&sr=8-1
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    Yesterday, 03:23 PM
    Ford had an upgraded Country Squire version in the mid 70s that had three bench seats in that space, one facing aft, and two facing inboard, with room for 6 small humans, for a total of 10 manpower units.
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    Yesterday, 03:11 PM
    I'm bumping this thread because of this: http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?565837-My-Daughters-Husband-was-in-a-Rollover-accident This is an infuriating result of government meddling in car production. Full size station wagons would be very unlikely to "roll over" in an accident, even if at high speeds. But because Uncle Sucker made it impossible to produce and sell a full sized, V8 powered, heavy and low center of gravity station wagon anymore, that forced everybody who needed more vehicle into an SUV, which are now nothing but cookie cutter copies of each because of government "safety" mandates, and they are STILL top heavy and prone to deadly high speed rollovers.
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    Yesterday, 03:07 PM
    https://twitter.com/DailyMail/status/1761057912590397902 1761057912590397902
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    Yesterday, 02:55 PM
    I miss TER prayers...he had a real knack for distilling the spirit into human terms. May the power of God almighty bless this man and his family, may He, in his infinite wisdom, ease their pain and suffering, may he grant healing and recovery to all, this we humbly pray, in the name of the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit, amen. Please keep us posted. ETA - The condition is called a "flail chest" or "flayed chest". It is very serious but very treatable.
    15 replies | 352 view(s)
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    Yesterday, 02:34 PM
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    You’ve got a mind like a steel trap.
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    Hey old friend. Your inbox is full or else I'd have sent this there.

    This election has me at the point of no hope for the future of this nation. And I occasionally remember the good people from RPFs and all the time we had exchanging ideas and creating our own little online community.

    I read a bit of your latest comments about holding the line so maybe we can gather a counter-force. Whelp. Time is up. I'm a bit sad the forum is not as active as in days gone by, but things change.

    Thank God Ron is still alive to be a voice of reason in a sea of dystopian technocrats.

    Just wanted to drop in and say hello and I hope all is well with you and yours.

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    Hey what's your facebook?
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    Your inbox is full.

    Happy Father's Day!

    Hope you have a great day!
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    Thought of you the other day. I saw a misspelling on Poshmark. The girl was selling shortallls (overall shorts) and had them listed as shartalls, lol.
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    Swiss gun ownership: one of the perks of maintaining a healthy, national identity, while remaining cosmopolitan, liberal, and rather open. Legal immigration there is actually well regulated and up in the past 30 years, according to some articles. Its a shame our national ethos is immature or nonexistant by comparrison.
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    HAHA! I just saw your post in another thread (I was catching up on forum drama) about Mr A putting me on a leash. I don't think he would do that to me if he could. Even though he complains about my oversharing sometimes (not on the forum but IRL. I'm not good at filtering), he knows I'm a good girl and despite my outward personality, I'm a surprisingly solid and committed person underneath. We've been together since I was 23 (24 years/married 20), he knows everything - even stuff he'd rather not know.
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Why we are taxed so much

by Anti Federalist on 06-09-2017 at 01:07 AM
Quote Originally Posted by Anti Federalist View Post
Some interesting history.

Beardsley Ruml is the man who came up with the idea of income tax withholding during WW2 as a "temporary" wartime measure.

It worked so well in fleecing the people, and AmeriKunts, being idiots for the most part, were happy to see big fat "refund" checks show up every April, so there was, and has been, no real effort to repeal or remove income withholding policies after the end of the war.

I have said for

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“Toning Down The Rhetoric” Means Obeying Big Government

by Anti Federalist on 01-10-2011 at 05:32 PM
Quote Originally Posted by Anti Federalist View Post
“Toning Down The Rhetoric” Means Obeying Big Government

Despite the fact that Jared Lee Loughner was a psychotic loner with “left-wing” beliefs according to those who knew him, the establishment has hastily exploited yesterday’s tragic shooting in Tucson to demonize conservatives, libertarians and gun owners while ordering Americans to “tone down the rhetoric,” which is nothing more than a euphemism for stifling dissent and coercing people to roll over on Obamacare, bailouts and

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(Older post - bumped)Chinese made fluoride damages Mass. town's water supply machinery

by Anti Federalist on 01-07-2011 at 07:56 PM
Quote Originally Posted by Anti Federalist View Post
WTF, I mean, really, WTF...we have to import our poison from China???!!!

Chinese Fluoride In Mass. Water Raises Concern


Team 5 Investigates After Amesbury Pulls Sodium Fluoride From Water Supply

AMESBURY, Mass. --

Fluoride is added to the water most of us drink because the government believes it's a safe and inexpensive way to prevent tooth decay.

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Leading Conservatives Openly Support a Terrorist Group

by Anti Federalist on 01-06-2011 at 04:28 PM
Quote Originally Posted by Anti Federalist View Post
Leading neo conservatives, Glenn.

Leading Conservatives Openly Support a Terrorist Group

Glenn Greenwald at Salon.com


Imagine if a group of leading American liberals met on foreign soil with – and expressed vocal support for – supporters of a terrorist group that had (a) a long history of hateful anti-American rhetoric, (b) an active role in both the takeover

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Aaron Zelman - Director of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership - dead at 64

by Anti Federalist on 12-30-2010 at 02:59 PM
Quote Originally Posted by Anti Federalist View Post
Aaron was a tireless, ferocious defender of the 2nd Amendment.

Apparently he passed away last week at 64.

His activism will be sorely, greatly, missed.

Shalom and R.I.P.

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