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    Yesterday, 02:44 PM
    Yup, kid should be out there having fun doing normal kid things like undergoing gender reassignment surgery or reading about anal sex.
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    09-17-2017, 12:28 PM
    Stormfront and Daily Stormer are two completely different entities that hate each other. Stormfront is very much unfunny, but Daily Stormer is probably the funniest political website on the entire internet. This particular joke was not funny, but it wasn't meant to be funny. It was a pure troll to get the attention of the MSM and it worked beyond Anglin's wildest imagination.
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    09-13-2017, 10:50 AM
    Amazingly detailed reconstruction of Heather Heyer's final moments using video feeds from various media sources reveals why there has been complete radio silence from the MSM about this case. Not even sure this case is going to go to trial at this point: You need the Tor browser to view this link because the Globalists have censored this website from the normie web: http://dstormer6em3i4km.onion/charlottesville-reconstructing-heather-heyers-movements/
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    09-13-2017, 10:37 AM
    As race and politics become increasingly intertwined moving forward, the idea that you can't redistrict based on "race" loses all justification.
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    09-13-2017, 10:33 AM
    WAY too early for that. Kid Rock has universal name recognition and should wait until the very last moment before declaring himself a candidate. He is playing this absolutely the way that he should.
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    09-04-2017, 08:20 AM
    Just ending DACA does little in itself because the Cucks in Congress will be jumping all over themselves to pass legislation granting them amnesty. Trump needs to demand conditions for any amnesty bill. Minimum should be: 1) No Chain Migration for any relative of DACA Amnesty 2) Funding for Wall 3) Passage of Raise Act. But he should really add on to those pre-condidtions an end to birthright citizenship as well.
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    08-31-2017, 08:26 AM
    The Trump aspect yes. I believe Trump does want to reduce taxes. Problem is the GOP Congressional leadership, which wants only "revenue neutral" cuts that simply shift the tax burden from corporations on to the middle class. Can Trump defeat the Swamp? Maybe, but odds are strongly in favor of the Swamp.
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    08-29-2017, 07:49 AM
    Good luck with that since they control domain name registers and can deny your site a name, control the web hosts and deny your site access to the normal net, control the DDoS protection services and could keep your site dark even if they let you on, and control all the payment processors and can deny you access to the entire financial system. Even Protonmail has joined in the censorship orgy, so there is literally nowhere to go even if you wanted to switch. Have to either Alt Tech to be built or the people that currently run Tech to be arrested and their property expropriated.
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    08-23-2017, 07:17 PM
    This is an excellent point. And what works in the Defendant's favor in all these cases are that the media pummels the jury pool with such over the top lies about the case that are all internalize by the public, and then when the jurors here the case and nothing that the media told them ends up being true, they wind up feeling lied to. It isn't even limited to political cases. Same thing happened in the Casey Anthony trial. Nancy Grace and the rest of the MSM built that case up as some kind of overwhelming slam dunk based on all these lies and half truths and then when the thing went to trial and the prosecution presents a totally circumstantial case with none of the "evidence" the jury expects it boomerangs back on the prosecution. This case is setting up the same way. Media is presenting this thing as some kind of "act of terrorism" or "premeditated murder" which of course is completely absurd. Public has heard nothing about Antifa violence. Nothing about this guy getting assaulted earlier in the day. None of the photos of him covered in piss. None of the video of other cars in the area being attacked right before the incident. Most haven't even seen the video of his car being attacked right before it accelerated. All that is going to come out "for the first time" at the trial, which ends up working strongly in favor of the defense. Prosecution's case is going to be far weaker than what jurors were expecting, and defense is going to have "surprise" revelation after "surprise" revelation that will help Fields.
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    08-20-2017, 07:45 PM
    I think there is no question of that. This is like the Duke Case in that the theory of the case collapses the second you give it even the most cursory scrutiny. Media says it was a premeditated terror attack. But the event was supposed to be held in the park. Fields went to the park and would have been in the park with his mates if Mayor and Governor hadn't unexpectedly shut everything down. Nobody would have been in the streets. So how does a planned car attack make any sense? If he was a "terrorist" he would have brought a gun with him to the park and started shooting. He wouldn't have been planning to use a car in streets that everyone expected to be empty. Then you have the fact he was covered in piss, windshield was broken, people on video attacking the car even before it starts accelerating. Unless there is some hidden evidence we aren't privy too, this was either a guy who had been assaulted multiple times during the day finally snapping and striking back (which would be a crime, though not first degree murder) or it is a guy who legitimately feared for his life trying to escape and getting in to an auto accident (which wouldn't be a crime at all). There is no way this was "terrorism", "murder", or some kind of ideologically driven crime.
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