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    Yesterday, 10:25 PM
    That's interesting. Calling this "Universal Basic Income" seems like kind of a misnomer. Everyone on the webbernets who's described such a thing in my experience has explained to me that it wouldn't have a work requirement in practice.
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    04-18-2018, 06:57 PM
    lean=/=fit. Pretty important distinction, IMHO. Even slightly above average people can get some decent striation with weight cutting and such. Doesn't mean they'll have good conditioning WRT strength, cardio, etc., which is the focus of most of the "fitness" world.
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    04-18-2018, 03:14 PM
    Should have attached a poll: o The Fed did it by accident. o The Fed did it on purpose.
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    04-18-2018, 03:10 PM
    LawnWake has a point. The problem is, libertarians are painted as being unfeeling wonks because we get to the heart of matters which are costing the poor. The liberals say 'I feel your pain' and 'Have some free stuff,' and those who have difficulty thinking bite. We tell them how they've gotten to the point where a day's pay doesn't make ends meet and how regulation has caused the prices of this and that to skyrocket, and they just get confused and/or bored. And when we say we're working all this out because we care about people, our comments get deleted from 99% of the world's websites. It takes some broadcast wattage to get our own propaganda out there. We were just getting good at it when Google demonetized us and shoved us down to page 17,452 on the search engine. The internet was nice while it was free, but they couldn't tolerate that. And now we're back to shouting from rooftops.
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    04-18-2018, 02:50 PM
    Now, see, there's where you and 99% of this forum differ. You think it's a lark having your grandparents spend you into insurmountable debt before you're born and leaving you to spend your life paying it back. Whereas many of us were in on that spending spree back in the day, we see what it's doing to the economy, we know there will be a day of reckoning, and even though we may not be around to see it, we actually love our children enough that we hate the fact. We opposed this lunacy back when it was actually benefitting us, and we hate it now. You say, gee, we can keep rolling this stuff over forever and ever. But first interest accumulates, and then interest gets charged on interest, and then it mushrooms. And we don't have faith in a bunch of short-sighted politicians who can't see past their next election to manage it. You say anyone can get all the raises they need to keep up with dollar devaluation, or at least you can and you could give damn-all for anyone else. There's another place you and most of us disagree. If you want to hang around, you're just going to have to learn to agree to disagree with the overwhelming majority of us on these things. Perhaps you heard someone say libertarians don't give a fig about their fellow man, so you thought you'd find lots of like-minded souls here. Sorry to disappoint you, but much of what we do we do because we can actually see how the poor got poorer, and we don't like it. He's the one treating this topic as a legal and moral issue with real-world consequences for real people. You're treating it as some kind of interesting mental exercise. Tell us again who is, and who isn't, being serious.
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    04-18-2018, 01:34 PM
    Doubt it, as BMI doesn't correlate with healthy body composition too well. (elite bodybuilders would be considered obese using BMI (Bodybuilding-era Arnold Schwarzanegger's BMI was 30.9) I would be more interested in stuff like body fat and muscle %.
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    04-18-2018, 11:53 AM
    An airplane with half its engines is an underpowered airplane. An airplane with none of its engines (as opposed to a glider, which is not the same thing) is a brick. That's, like, physics. Bringing down a brick without killing anyone is a slightly more remarkable achievement. Pilots bring down aircraft with one engine out often. None of them have gotten the attention Sullenberger got--regardless of race, creed, color or gender.
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    04-18-2018, 11:30 AM
    It's amazing that CSPAN isn't getting scrubbed clean the way YouTube is. I like the "false profits" phrase. How is it possible that people put up with being charged capital 'gains' taxes on investments which do not gain, but merely hold their actual value? Bottom line.
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    04-18-2018, 10:44 AM
    Cutting down old growth trees, which absorb carbon dioxide and turns it into oxygen, instead of leaving them standing and doing their thing and burning coal instead. Is this another example of legislation merely having unintended consequences, as all legislation does? Or is this... ...? Because even liberals can't be this stupid. This debacle must be serving someone's interest. It's too obviously counterproductive to possibly be an accident caused by well-meaning fools.
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    04-18-2018, 08:23 AM
    Well, first he said what happens after the bond is created, and now he has said what happens before the bond is created. You didn't get your question answered, but you got a nice pair of bookends.
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    04-17-2018, 08:51 PM
    Which government? De Soto Parish, Louisiana? Of course existing FRNs can be spent.
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    04-17-2018, 08:11 PM
    So, correlation equals causation? Or did debts generally get paid back during good times, and do good times generally end in recessions? So, is the fact that after the Great Depression, politicians grew leery of using the world, and coined the world 'recession', mean something? Anything at all? The less you actually say, the sillier you get. So, you're telling us debt is good. It creates liquidity, right? So, is your model sustainable? How much can the government sell, in the end? Is there a limit to the market for U.S. government debt? What happens when that market is sated? I know you think the market for U.S. government debt is inexhaustible, but humor me on this one: If the government is forced to choose between restricting liquidity by living within its means and trying to pump and dump its own debt on the world market, which do you recommend?
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    04-17-2018, 08:10 PM
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    04-17-2018, 08:01 PM
    OTOH, their parents consume copious amounts of mood and mind-altering pharma drugs while eating disgusting food and not exercising. Fuck it, nobody votes anymore till they can prove they're sane and competent. :p
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    04-17-2018, 04:21 PM
    You're painting the people on this forum with a broad brush. You've also been here far too long to be perpetuating the myth that there is no middle ground between forcing the use of a fiat currency and establishing a gold standard. And we've had constant banking panics since. 1919. 1929-1932-for a freaking decade. 1958. 1973 for nearly another decade. 1987. 2008 for yet another decade (don't go all Zippy on me and tell me the recessions didn't last that long--a modest amount of growth after falling into the bargain basement does not a recovery make). The fiat has not done one single solitary thing to prevent them, and has generally lengthened the recovery time greatly after they hit. So?
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    04-17-2018, 01:34 PM
    So, you're saying the banks don't loan the government money, the government sells banks its debt. Now, tell us how that doesn't, as a purely practical matter, amount to splitting hairs. Splitting hairs is a wonderful thing. You aren't lying. But the casual observer can sure look at your statement, and come away believing something that isn't true. That sure is handy, isn't it?
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    04-17-2018, 01:29 PM
    Bad guess. Whatever did I say to lead you to that? Here's a quick test: Does advocating for sound money sound like an argument for what you just guessed? True. They're safe enough so far, they almost keep up with inflation, and almost any idiot can do it, and has enough sense to do it. Almost. So why don't you tell me what's the matter with sound money?
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    04-17-2018, 12:28 PM
    LOL Since whether or not the person deserved it is in the eye of the beholder, I doubt there's an answer to that question. The point is, once upon a time even an idiot could save. Now, however, being an idiot is reason enough to "deserve" being fleeced. That's the sort of attitude which has led to people winking at this fiat money. Who does it hurt but morons? Therefore, even if it does hurt me, I can't admit it because I'll be admitting to being a moron. Hearing Republicans say these things is one thing. But it's really funny to hear liberals, who set such store in being compassionate toward idiots, defend the Fed using the same 'deserves it' logic. It's a tribute to the Fed's propaganda program over the decades that they get such a bipartisan defense. And I'm not even taking into account the bubbles this rubber currency has helped inflate, and the people who have been hurt when they popped. Much less what could come if it does happen to collapse. It may not be guaranteed to happen, but when you play with fire... This is the bedrock upon which a true civilization can be built? Or is this the "morality" which is leading to the fall of an empire?
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  • acptulsa's Avatar
    04-17-2018, 11:52 AM
    Who cares? Q is just a distraction. He's just a Nostradamus being so vague that he's not worth a damn. He won't give us news we can use, but he'll sure distract us from what we know needs to be done. To hell with him.
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    04-17-2018, 11:47 AM
    He's just pulling a Beck. Just another tool trying to regain his tattered credibility so he will again be believed when the next election comes around, because without credibility he can't betray us again. And, of course, you're doing all you can to help. Better you should make the investment in your own tattered credibility. You haven't cussed Trump enough to convince me yet.
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  • acptulsa's Avatar
    04-17-2018, 11:43 AM
    How many times have I seen voters who sprung for the horse race leader in the primaries, and the lesser evil in the general, clinging to this or that issue and saying, 'At least he hasn't betrayed us on this yet,' like freezing people clinging to bits of the Titanic's fancy woodwork? There has never been a moment of my life when those people were not all around me.
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  • acptulsa's Avatar
    04-17-2018, 11:11 AM
    Because he, she or they want to have wiser, more loyal, less distracted, longer term, more invested, and happier people on the workforce than the competition has. And at the end of the day, people get fleeced. They either lose value to devaluation, they get taxed for capital gains when their stores of value maintain (not gain, merely maintain) value, or they get fleeced (at least from time to time, at least in brokerage fees) by insiders in the stock market. You seem to be saying this is desirable. What is desirable about it? Other than some vague fears about there being an insufficient amount of something or another to handle all the transactions of a thriving economy (and even you must admit that they will get the job done, but demand raising their value will just lead to smaller amounts being used), where is the catastrophe that lurks down that road? You keep saying the system has troubles, but the only thing worse is any alternative. But you aren't saying what makes the alternatives worse. We've said some of the things that make alternatives better. What makes the alternatives worse? If repealing the legal tender laws won't make a difference, then can you say why they don't get repealed?
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    04-17-2018, 11:08 AM
    Considering the Trump campaign coined the catchphrase, "Make America Great Again," and people will forever associate the two, this business of talking about the "MAGA Movement" having a life of its own above and beyond Trump is simply a propaganda trick. It's a way of giving Trump credit for things Trump did not do. Trump tapped an existing attitude, rode it long enough to get elected, then threw the people he was pandering to under the bus. How does this justify essentially renaming the existing movement he manipulated slightly and rode for a little while like a surfer after him? Why are you here trying to give Trump credit for something he did not do? Why are you here, of all places, trying to give Trump credit for things he did not do when the people here know better than anyone how little Trump had to do with this new wave of thought?
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    04-17-2018, 10:58 AM
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