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    Today, 07:51 AM
    phill4paul called this last week. Let's hope this holds true.
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    Yesterday, 07:42 PM
    Culture wars drive clicks. That’s why EVERYTHING becomes part of that war.
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    Yesterday, 02:36 PM
    Take multi-vitamins and extra vitamin D. Stay vertical as much as possible - even when sleeping. Get fresh air and sunshine (harder to do this time of year depending on where you are). I took ibuprofen to help with the headaches and achiness. Took about a week and a half for me. The first couple of days were the worst and they tapered off from there. It seems to hit overweight people harder, but there's not much you can do at this point. It's all about how quickly your immune system can respond. If your wife has pneumonia, she's already pretty far down the bad path, so it can take longer to clear. Most likely, you'll both be fine. Good luck and check in to let us know how it's going.
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    Yesterday, 12:24 PM
    My bad. Forgot about that one. Fair point. Having that game on the schedule makes a big difference.
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    Yesterday, 11:40 AM
    CaptUSA replied to a thread Who has Tripped? in Open Discussion
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    Yesterday, 09:13 AM
    It's the unconstrained vision - no matter who uses it. When the left uses it, they think they can foster a utopia by controlling the actions of dissenters to their master plan. When the right uses it, they think they can create the same result in global affairs. Individual liberty is always in trouble when the unconstrained vision takes hold.
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    Yesterday, 06:22 AM
    Let me guess. "India Bar Association" is an insignificant gaggle of yahoos who gave themselves an official sounding name so that they could put out press releases like this as clickbait.
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    Yesterday, 06:20 AM
    They have not played any good teams yet. I haven't seen any evidence that they're in the same league as the other teams in the playoffs. But they'll have a chance to prove me wrong when they're tested for the first time against Alabama, and I don't object to giving them that chance.
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    12-06-2021, 02:02 PM
    Just remember that it's a perspective thing. Here, I'll give you an example... Most libertarians agree that sex between consenting adults is none of the government's business. Even if someone is getting paid for it. But depending on our own perspective, some people may find it in bad taste for, say, a Las Vegas Congressperson to flaunt it by having whores draped over his arms. One could make the case that the more it is "normalized", the more effective it will be for liberty. But you could have others (who also support that right) that may not like it being portrayed at "cutesy". Both points of view can legitimately be held. It's one of the things that make liberty so great. Billy could learn that lesson, but so could all of us.
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    12-06-2021, 01:51 PM
    Agreed. His statement was stupid. And narrow-mindedly focused on his own limited perspective. Especially, since Massie is taking a lot of heat for posting that. My preferred method is to deal with that through education instead of mockery. Those who hold libertarian views are so rare these days that I'm not fond of driving more wedges between us.
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    12-06-2021, 11:27 AM
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    12-06-2021, 10:32 AM
    I agree, but since they're undefeated, I think it's reasonable to give them a chance to play in the playoffs.
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    12-06-2021, 09:18 AM
    If Michigan keeps playing like they did in their last two games, I don't see any team beating them.
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    12-06-2021, 08:59 AM
    I don't understand the question. What is meant by "an exemption"? There is no legitimate constitutional or just reason for the government to mandate vaccines to anyone as a prerequisite for employment of any other kind of public interactions. There's nothing here to balance out. Of course we have a right to refuse the vaccine. And this shouldn't be by way of an exemption, because there shouldn't be any mandate in the first place that anyone might claim to be exempt from. The mandate itself is the problem. Constitutionally and ethically 100% of the population is exempt from it. Whether you base this on the First Amendment, or the Fourth, or the Ninth, or the Tenth, or the Thirteenth, or the Fourteenth, or justice itself, or all of the above makes no difference to me.
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    12-06-2021, 05:55 AM
    So, I'm going to say this knowing it may not be the most popular opinion... I think we need to be a little careful defining what "true libertarians" will say. We run the risk of pushing these people into the hands of the Marxist left. Based on his articles, this guy seems to be focused on the criminal justice farce of government. That's a good thing. To me, his dumbass Twitter comment is clearly centered in the urban/rural divide. Many people who grow up in the cities have been taught to fear guns - not just to respect them. When they hear shots in their neighborhood, they're not wondering who is practicing or if someone bagged a deer. They can very easily equate gun use to crime. From my perspective, this guy is suffering from the "fear culture" of the cities. But I can recognize that he's not viewing the world with the same perspective as I am. From his perspective, proper gun use (and gun display) is to protect people from their fears. Let's not fall into the trap that all true libertarians have to share the same perspective. It's never going to happen. What's worse is that we end up in a circular firing squad going after those who would support us instead of the true enemies. He started it by making a stupid statement about the rural perspective, but no need to cast him aside so quickly or turn him against us. It'd be better to educate him on how different environments create different viewpoints, but we all need the freedom to allow different viewpoints to exist. In other words, expanding the range of libertarian thought rather than reducing it.
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  • CCTelander's Avatar
    12-05-2021, 06:28 PM
    So, Brady Bill Bob Dole has finally shuffled off this mortal coil? Makes me wish I believed in Hell.
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  • CaptUSA's Avatar
    12-05-2021, 10:34 AM
    So Sarah Silverman and Seth Rogen, Jews, are appropriating Christian culture for ridicule? Interesting how this woke stuff works.
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    12-05-2021, 10:25 AM
    There is so much we don't understand about viruses. Hell, scientists can't even agree if viruses meet the definition of a living being. What we do know is that they transmit information. We also know that sometimes that information is valuable to life. Not all viruses are bad. In fact, even viruses with high death rates may not be "bad" - it's just that a large percentage of our bodies haven't figured out how to process the new information yet. One thing is for sure... Messing around with things we don't fully understand is a recipe for danger. Whether creating new viruses or trying to genetically sequence blockers to prevent transmission. As acptulsa said, the previous method of taking weakened viruses and infecting people to trigger an immune response still allowed for transmission of (potentially) vital information. We're in new and unknown territory now.
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    12-04-2021, 05:57 PM
    Fixed that for you. Do NOT comply. Period. You want this to ever end??! Do NOT comply.
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    12-04-2021, 05:48 PM
    Could it be that Kellog's is trolling these people by putting that on a box of Fruit Loops?
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    12-03-2021, 09:39 PM
    Yeah, I saw this today... So the author of that NY Times piece is saying it would have been better for everyone if she was killed in utero? Sometimes, their logic is actually pretty tight.
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    12-03-2021, 09:13 PM
    We have more to learn, but this is the hope. The problem is that the corporate press, corporate government, and corporate medical industry are not really interested in "cures". The promising thing (again it's really early) is that you may get spillover protection from Omicron that would cover you against other more dangerous variants. Just imagine if Mother Nature mutated a cure for a man-made virus... That would be spectacular.
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    12-03-2021, 04:18 PM
    The left will be cheering this until inner city single moms start getting prosecuted
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    12-03-2021, 06:52 AM
    What were the personal reasons?
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    12-03-2021, 06:46 AM
    Where are you getting that?
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